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Knoldane near Ickham, Kent

Two 13th century land grants mention Simon Bole's land in the field of teaghe either in or bordering the demesne of Cnoldane held by 'Dominus' Reginald de Cornhell

Around the end of the 12th or the beginning of the 13th century, Reginald de Cornhull [sic] acquired the charter for the “whole land of Knoldenn” from Adam de Talewurd for an annual payment of 1 pair of gilt spurs.  ref.  Among the witnesses were Osbert son of Hervey and Osbert de Wachesham.   Based on an examination of the prominent Osberts I’ve identified from that time, Osbert son of Hervey would likely be either Osbert of Langdon or Osbert de Molendino.  In 1227, Reginald de Cornhill [sic] was granted this same property, “a moiety of 1 carrucate of land (about 80 acres) in Cnolden” by Eustace de Burne in exchange for Reginald’s quitclaim to his right to common pasture land in Eustace’s land in Bekesbourne.  ref.  Reginald returned the charter he had held from Adam Talewurd to his son Robert Talewurd. 

Between 1228 and 1238, Reginald granted the 20 acres in the field of Teaghe adjacent to Simon Bole’s property to the Priory of Canterbury Cathedral and relocated the existing tenants on the land, including Simon son of Osbert, to land which the priory bought from Reginald at ‘Heghe’ according to the portions which they had at Teaghe.  See the reference in The Boles of Ickham.

Reginald was succeeded by his son a few years later.  Reginald de Cornhell, son of Reginald, disposed of the whole of his manor of Cnoldane as well as several plots of his land in Well to the priory by 1248 for an annual payment of 29s 3d and 1 pound of cumin.  ref.   and a further 33 acres of land lying on the north side of Cnoldan and one small piece on the north side of Simon Boles land.  ref.  The Prior then leased that land to Thomas of Cooting, Reeve of Adisham.  ref.  One of the plots involved is described as “½ an acre lies at 'Pinkeberhe', with Herlewin's land to north, the land of Simon Boles to south, the land of Eilfrid Rochel to east and the king's highway to west, and ½ an acre lies 'Huppehell' with Simon's land to south and the land of John son of Susanna to north.  Note that Bole has become Boles.   

The Kent Lay Subsidy Roll of 1334/35 lists Knoldane under the Hundred of Ham(me). 

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