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Who Married Abigail End?

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The given name Abigail appears frequently in Richard Boles' family tree but its origin has incorrectly been attributed to an Abigail Ende.

This belief is based on an error in Burke's Peerage and repeated in the Davis Pedigree of the Boles Family which is based on Burkes.

Burke's Peerage states that the elder Richard Boles' (1614-1693) wife was named Abigail Ende. 

"Richard Boles, brother of Capt Thomas Boles, b 1614, had a grant of lands confirmed to him as one of the officers who served before June 5, 1649, in the Barony of Orrery and Kilmore, and co Cork, md 1645, Abigail daughter of Ende, merchant, of Cork, and made over his property by deed to his eldest son, Thomas, in his lifetime, reserving an annuity for himself and his wife. ......"
(Burke's Landed Gentry, 1917 - "Bowles of Ahern", p 57)

There are many references for Richard's wife being an Abigail; for example: (from the register of the Holy Trinity Church, Cork)

John, the sonne of Richard Bowels and of Abbygall his wife, was borne the last (31) of October and baptised the second Nov'r 1655

The idea that she was Abigail Ende seems to have come from only one document I know of which used the surname Ende.  This was the Will of Francis Boles of Moyge, drawn up in 1734, which refers to his father Richard Boles, his cousin Thomas, his grandmother Abigail Boles and his Great Uncle Michael Ende.

Cloyne Will of Francis Boles of Moyge, refiner, signed 17 May 1734, proven 6 June 1738.  Grand Uncle Michael Ende, Senior, Wm. Sleigh, Wm. Eburn (all of Cork), and Cousin Thomas Boles of Moyge to be trustees.  Father Richard Boles.  Brothers (unnamed).  Grandmother Abigail Boles of Liscarroll.  Wits.: John Murdock, Samuel Upton, Ann Boles

The obvious implication was that his grandmother was Abigail Ende (i.e. his grandmother's brother would be his Grand Uncle and his Grand Uncle Michael was an Ende).  That fit the known tree of the time in which 2.1 Francis had a father named Richard, a cousin named Thomas and a grandmother named Abigail.

Richard Boles (1614-1693)
m. Abigail
1.  Thomas (?-1749)
m. Ann Warner
1.1  Thomas (~1680-1749)
2.  Richard II (1656-?)
m. Abigail
2.1  Francis (1675-?)
2.2  Mary
2.3  Richard (1680-1735)
m. Catherine Rogers
3.  Francis (?-1675)
4.  John (1655-1731)
m.(1)  Sarah Baker
m.(2)  Susannah Nicholson

So it looked like it was the eldest Richard Boles' wife who was Abigail Ende.

The only problem at the time was the mention in the Will that Francis had other unnamed brothers.  2.1 Francis only had the one brother, Richard, as is stated in their own father's Will. 

I had a bigger problem with this solution when I discovered this reference in the Quaker Archives in 2008:

This states that John Boles mother, Abigail Boles, had died in 1711 at age 87.  Therefore she had been born in about 1624 which seemed right to be Richard I's wife.  However, how could she have been referred to as a beneficiary in Francis' Will drawn up in 1734 if she had died in 1711?  The response from other Bowles researchers was that Richard had possibly married twice, both times to Abigails, and that John's mother was the first Abigail and Francis' father Richard's mother was Abigail Ende.  But that didn't work if John's mother only died in 1711 since Francis was born in 1675. There was no watertight solution to the problem.

Then I found another reference in the Quaker archives:



Richard Boles Kathryn his wife Co. Cork

Francis Boles born at Ballynalty, co. Cork, 11-21-1704

Richard Boles at same place 5-12-1706

William Boles the same 9-21-1707

John Boles ye same 8-1-1709

Robert Boles ye same 1710

They are all gone from Friends. (i.e. they are all no longer Quakers)

This provided the first record of another Francis Boles, the son of Richard Boles II and Catherine Rogers.  Considering him as a possible candidate for the Francis of the Will of 1734 we have: he was born in 1704 so he would have been an adult in 1734; his father was named Richard;  Thomas Boles of Moyge would be his 2nd Cousin but would still be referred to as a cousin; his grandmother was also an Abigail.   This also explains the reference to Francis having other brothers, they were the previously unknown Richard, William, John and Robert.

So with that as a potential solution we have:

Richard Boles (1614-1693)
m. Abigail (b. ca. 1624)
1.  Thomas (?-1749)
m. Ann Warner
1.1  Thomas (~1680-1749)
2.  Richard II (1656-1735)
m. Abigail
2.1  Francis (1675-?)
2.2  Mary
2.3  Richard (1680-1735)
m. Catherine Rogers
2.3.1  Francis b. Nov. 21, 1704 Ballynalty, co. Cork d. 1734
2.3.2  Richard b. May 12, 1706 Ballynalty, co. Cork
2.3.3  William b. Sept. 21, 1707 Ballynalty, co. Cork
2.3.4  John b. Aug. 1, 1709 Ballynalty, co. Cork
3.  Francis (?-1675)
4.  John (1655-1731)
m.(1)  Sarah Baker
m.(2)  Susannah Nicholson
Abigail d. 1711

So that's a pretty good fit but this doesn't explain Francis' Grand Uncle Michael Ende unless Richard II's wife was an Ende.  We didn't have her last name so far either but then I made a really interesting find in the Quaker Archives.  This is the marriage declaration of Richard Boles and Catherine Rogers in 1703 with their signatures and their witnesses' signatures:

The very first witness to sign as a witness in the men's column was a William End along with a known Boles relation, Daniel Crone.  The first witness in the women's column was his grandmother Abigail Boles.  Strange though that there were no Rogers as witnesses so I researched the Rogers family a little.

Note also that the next witnesses to sign were a Joseph Pike in the men's column and an Elizabeth Pike in the women's column.  Below Joseph Pike is an Ebenezer Pike's signature.  Remember these three names for the next section below.
I found a Francis Rogers who married an Elizabeth Ebury in Cork.  They had one child Elizabeth who later married Joseph Pike.  "The said Francis soon buryed his 1st wife Eliz. Erbury and married Jane Dring out of London by whom he had issue viz ..." followed by the list of Francis' children shown here:

From that we see that Francis Rogers had  four children in Bristol then went back to Cork where a daughter Catherine was born on the 5th day of the 1st month 1685 (the Quaker date would be March 5, 1686 by the modern calender) then four more children were born in Cork and their last child was born back in Bristol in 1694.  Then there is this note on the next page which tells us that Francis Rogers and his wife returned to England and died there after which their daughter Mary returned to Cork and married Ebenezer Pike and their daughter Catherine married Richard Boles.  So Catherine had an older half sister Elizabeth who married Joseph Pike and a sister Mary who married Ebenezer Pike.  Those were the next three witnesses on the above marriage record.

So this is the right Rogers family.  They are often confused with a marriage reference for a Richard Boles and Catherine Rogers, daughter of George Rogers of Ashgrove and wife Anne Atkins in 1717 but that was Thomas Boles and Anne Warner's son Richard (ca. 1686-1752) in that reference.

Francis Rogers is stated to be a merchant of Bristol and Cork

From the above there is still no Ende connection.  Nothing that would explain Richard and Catharine's son Francis' reference to his Great Uncle Michael Ende.  But there are more references for Francis Rogers in the Quaker registers.  It turns out that his wife Jane did die upon their return to England after those first four children were born in Cork but then he returned to Ireland where he married a Catherine End who was the mother of his next 4 born in Cork, including his daughter Catherine, then they returned to Bristol where they died after which  Catherine and Mary returned to Mallow, co. Cork where their grandfather, William End lived.  This is his full story:

(references for these entries are either in the above or in the reference section below)

Francis Rogers m.(1) Elizabeth Erbury (or Ebury) 1660 

daughter Elizabeth Rogers b. 1662 (who later m. Joseph Pike)

Elizabeth Ebury d. soon after
Francis Rogers m.(2) Jane Dring (?) 1666 in Bristol

children b. Bristol: Francis (1668), Mary (1670), Isabell (1671), Rachel (1674)

Jane d. 1679 (place not given but probably in Bristol)

Francis Rogers m.(3) Catherine Dowlen alias End (see below) 1684

children b. Cork: Catherine (1.5.1685/86), Anne (1687-d. 1689), Francis (1688-d.1689), William (1690-d.1692), Francis II (1691-d. 1703)

daughter Mary b. Bristol in 1694

Francis Rogers and Catherine End d. Bristol sometime after 1694.


Reference for Catherine Dowlen alias End:

James Dowlen of Somersetshire m.(1) Elizabeth Farmer of Youghal 1669 Cork
Elizabeth d. 1674

James Dowlen of Youghal m.(2) Catherine End (William End, Ann of Moyallow (Mallow), co. Cork) 1676

no children in Quaker register

James d. 1682

Catherine End m.(2) Francis Rogers 1684


Reference for Francis' Grand Uncle Michael End:


William End m. Anne

daughter Catherine b. 1657 (she m.(1) James Dowlen, m.(2) Francis Rogers)

son Michael b. 1664 (he m. Sarah King 1690)

William, husband of Anne d. 10.4.1704


Frances Boles whose Will dated 1734 was the son of Richard Boles and Catherine Rogers born in Feb. 1705.  The Grand Uncle Michael End mentioned in his Will was his maternal Grandmother, Catharine End's, brother.

There is no indication of an Abigail End in the Boles of Cork Family Tree.

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