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The Bolle’s Neighbours at Hoffleet

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Be it known to all, &c., that I, Alan son of Osbert de Olleflet, have given, and granted, and by my present charter confirmed to the commons of the canons, &c., the whole half of the meadow, which was Osbert's, my father, in Ravenestoft, which has come to me as my reasonable share and 4 selions (note: a selion was a 1 acre strip of cultivated land) of land of which 1 lies in Lefstanquentoft between the land of Thomas Palmer to the south and the land of Gimer son of Herward to the north and abuts on the feeland of Robert Grelley to the east and on the common way to the west another lies in Mikelholm (Michelholm) Wra between the land of William son of Alexander to the east and the land of William son of Goderich to the west abutting on the flet to the south and on the land of Godefrey son of Raven to the north the third selion lies along Bretland Gir’ de Bicra between the land of Rannulf Cantelot to the north and the land of Grim Hoog to the south and abuts on the land of Robert Grelley to the east and on the land of Norman son of Halte to the west and the 4th selion lies in Litteltolfland between the land of Swineshead monastery to the north and the land that was Gir’ Cotstam’s to the south and abuts on Litteltoftgate to the east and on the common way to the west to be held with all their appurtenances, liberties and easements in the town and out of the town in pure and perpetual alms free of all exaction and worldly service I Alan and my heirs will defend acquit and warrant this grant for all time And to guarantee this I have attached my seal 

Witnesses: Conan, Walter the chaplain, William nephew of Gwarin, John son of Jordan de St Botolpho (Lincoln), Robert son of John of Wigtoft, Thomas Bolle of Redic, Thomas son of John of Wigtoft, Reginald son of William de Lincoln and others

After Alan of Hoffleet’s death his land was left to his sons Simon and William.  At some time between 1272 and 1307 Simon sold his share of one piece of their father’s land in Hoffleet Stow to his brother William.  This plot was described as lying just north of Godfrey Bolle’s land. The tenants on this land included a Robert Bolle and his sister Lucy.

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Additional Deposit transferred from the Public Record Office Grant and Quitclaim Simon, son of Alan de Hoffleet to William his brother.  
All right and claim to land which he held of the fee of the Earl in Hoffleet, and in a certain house built upon the said land, with their appurtenances, lying between the land of Godfrey Bolle on the south and land of the aforesaid William on the north, and abutting on the common way on the west, and land of the aforesaid William on the east; with annual rents which he was accustomed to receive or ought in future to receive, namely rents from Hugh son of Beatrice (1d.), Walter Long (1d.), Jocius Bacun (½d.), Robert son of Bernard (½d.), Hugh Mendecurt (1d.), Robert Bolle (1d.), Lucy his sister (1d.), Alexander son of William (1d.), the sons of Lambert Palmer (1d.), Nigel son of Gynner (2d.), and Nicholas Cut (1d.); and also with as much common as belongs to the fourth part of a bovate of land in Dreytun hundred, to have and to hold the premises freely and quietly from the lords of the fee, rendering to them annually the service due for the same.
Witnesses: Lambert atte Bridge [ad pontem], Thomas de Campo, John Gynn', Nigel his brother, Gerard son of Robert son of Toli, John Sprot. [temp Edw I].
Date: undated [1272x1307]
Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]
Date: undated [1272x1307] BOSTON/4/1

For the Bolles' neighbours we have:

Wigan of Hoffleet

1.   Osbert of Hoffleet son of Wigan (d. ca. 1202)

1.1  Alan son of Osbert of Hoffleet (d. bef. 1272)

1.1.1  William son of Alan of Hoffleet

1.1.2  Simon son of Alan of Hoffleet

1.2  Asti son of Osbert of Hoffleet

Osbert’s meadow was in Ravenstoft which is mentioned in the Huntingfield Cartulary as a plot of land in Pyncebek (Pinchbeck about 8 miles south of Hoffleet Stow) (National Archives).  Osbert is an old pre-conquest English name.

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