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Bowles in Saskatchewan

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There have been several different Bowles lines in Saskatchewan which I have not fully researched yet but the following family may have the most unexpected origin.
(under further construction)

The Bowles of Maple Creek, SK

A Bowles family arrived from the Bahamas in 1910 to homestead in the Cypress Hills. 
'Frederick H. A. Bowles owned a large pineapple and tomato farm and a canning factory on Eleuthera in the Bahamas Islands.   After incurring some business losses and seeing few opportunities for his boys in the Bahamas he heard about the free land being given to settlers in Canada so he and his oldest son, Fred, visited some relations of his wife’s in Hamilton and then followed them out to Saskatchewan in 1909.   Liking what he saw, he returned to the Bahamas and moved his family to Murraydale, SK in 1910 and homesteaded NW ¼ 25-8-25W.'  (p. 378, Between and Beyond the Benches, Ravenscrag; Ravenscrag History Book Committee)
When the 1911 Census was taken Frederick's wife and children were resident at 25-8-25 W3 of Moosejaw District.  I have no idea where Frederick was at the time.
Their story from 'Maple Creek & area : where past is present. Vol. One'
The Bowles of Maple Creek Family Tree
see  Frederick Henry Augustus Bowles in The Bowles of Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire Family Tree for this family's earlier tree and The Bowles of Great Gaddesden for their origin in England.
My thanks to Carl Peter Carroll of The Bahamas for connecting up this Saskatchewan line with the Bowles of Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire and their Bahamas line which he has researched extensively.

Frederick Henry Augustus Bowles b. Mar. 16, 1853 Eleuthera, The Bahamas

m. Sarah Jane (Ann) Griffin (b. Jan. 17, 1868 Eleuthera; Thomas William G., Mary Ann Sturrup)  Frederick Bowles b. Dec. 10, 1891 Governors Harbour, Eleuthera; d. Aug. 30, 1892 Governors Harbour  Francis (Frank) Melbourne Alvord Bowles b. June 16, 1893 Governors Harbour

m. Annie May Matilda Lawrence (b. Mar. 8, 1894 Maple Creek) Aug. 19, 1925 Maple Greek, SK  Meryl (Merle) Sylvia Venus Bowles b. Dec. 24, 1926 Governors Harbour

m. Cliff Whitney 1947 (2 children) (live Coldstream, BC)

Meryl d. June 1994  Glen Bowles b. ~ 1929 Maple Creek, SK

m. Margaret Jean Beck 1951 (4 children)

Annie d. Mar. 1, 1956

Frank d. May 16, 1970 bur. Maple Creek, SK (MCCI)  Frederick (Fred) H W Bowles b. June 16, 1895 Governors Harbour

m. Irene Baynton Feb. 24, 1934  Evelyn Bowles m. Tom Hodgson 1960 (2 children)  Dorothy Bowles m. Ed Cammell (1 child)  Eunice Bowles m. Graham Cammell (1 child) (live Tompkins, SK)  Fred Bowles

Fred d. July 10, 1972 Tompkins, SK bur. Maple Creek (Maple Creek Cemetery Index)  May L E Bowles b. Apr. 9, 1898 Governors Harbour

m. Oliver (Ob) Anders Ferguson  Winnifred Ferguson m. Mr. Green  Reta Ferguson  Oliver Fredrich Edward Ferguson b. Sept. 15, 1921 Gleichen, Alberta

Oliver d. May 4, 2000 Brooks, Alberta

May d. 1921 Gleichen, Wheatland, Alberta  Drexel Augustus Waldorf Bowles b. Dec. 7, 1901 Governors Harbour

m. Judith Elizabeth Eliason 1932

(he also homesteaded near his father's farm)  Delroy Bowles b. Dec. 16, 1932 m. Dorothy Fordice (4 children)  Levern Bowles b. Aug. 15, 1935 m. Laura May Barroby (4 children)  Lyle Bowles b. Aug. 25, 1937 m. Delorse Wasilow (2 children)  Ronald Bowles b. Sept. 21, 1941 m. Sylvia Barroby (3 children)  Donald Bowles b. Sept. 21, 1941 m. Darlene Bentz (2 children)  Keith Bowles b. June 25, 1943 m. Margaret Hope (2 children)  Donna Mae Bowles b. May 11, 1946 m. Ken Moore (2 children)  Betty Ann Bowles b. Feb. 14, 1948 m. Cliff Bespflug (2 children)  Marion Elizabeth Jane Bowles b. Aug. 3, 1939; d. age 3 mos.  Lillian May Bowles b. & d.Aug. 29, 1934

Drexel d. Nov. 15, 1970 Maple Creek (MCCI)  Elsworth Leopold Bowles b. Dec. 1904 Governors Harbour

(he was a jeweler with a store in Glasgow, Montana)

m. Florence Olson (b. 1910 North Dakota; Thomas, Marie Noeheim) July 10, 1929 Glasgow, Montana  Duain Allen Bowles b. ca. 1931  Ardice Marie Bowles b. ca. 1932  Leon W. Bowles b. ca. 1934

m. Rita Beauchman May 5, 1952 Havre, MT  Ardice Marie Bowles b. June 4, 1953 Glasgow, MT

m. Richard Stellflug July 22, 1972 Glasgow, MT

(2 children)  Renee Bowles m. Greg Combs  Nancy Bowles m. Mike Dale (2 children)  Hal Bowles m. Nancy (2 children)

Leon, Rita and Renee d. Nov. 4, 1977

Elsworth d. Apr. 8, 1945 Montana  Ormond Bowles b. Dec. 1906 Governors Harbour d. June 6, 1990 Maple Creek (MCCI)

Sarah d. Aug. 25, 1946 Saskatchewan bur. Maple Creek (MCCI)

Frederick d. Jan. 14, 1932 bur. Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada (MCCI)

Homestead Records
This map of the Murraydale township in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan shows the homesteads taken out by Fred Sr. and three of his sons.
note:  NE 1/4 S25 T8 R25 W3 is read as 'the Northeast quarter of section 25 in township 8 range 25 in the 3rd meridian west of the prime meridian'.

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