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The Bowles of Worcestershire Family Tree

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I have quite a bit to put into their family tree as this was an ancient family here but their tree is still under construction.

I've assembled the following draft family tree for a portion of William Bowles of Hagley's line only:

From several sources including Thomas, Joseph and Henry Wills (see below) I believe this to be William Bowles Sr. of Hagley's family tree:
William Bowles (b. maybe 1635, pure guess)
m. Bridget ~ 1655 (of Hagley, Wors.)
1.    Henry Bowles b. ca. 1659 Hagley, Worst.  (a senior Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge 1690; succeeded his brother William as rector of Enville 1709-1717; held Duncet's (or Wennington's) Farm Estate within Hagley Manor under lease from Sir Thomas Lyttelton)
(possible: a Henry Bowle b. Oct. 31, bp. Nov. 13, 1659 Saint Olave Southwark, Surrey, father: Willm Bowle, Mariner)
Henry d.  1718 Enville bur. Apr. 24, 1718 Cottenham, Cambridge (Will signed July 23, 1717; proved Oct. 2, 1719 to brother Thomas his executor)
2.    William Bowles b. 1664 Hagley, Worst;
(possibly William Bowles bp. May 28, 1660 Saint Michael Bedwardine, Worc. to parents William and Elizabeth Bowles)
(possibly William Bolas b. Nov. 10, bp. Dec. 8, 1656 Old Swinford, Worc.; father: William Bolas)
(possibly William Baull bp. Jan. 16, 1660 Bristol; father William Baull)
(eminent scholar; Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; Rector of Enville; Prebend of Gaia-minor in the cathedral church of Lichfield (1695-1705))
m. Abigail Southall ~ 1688
2.1   William Bowles b. Mar. 25, bp. Apr. 2, 1689 St. Mary, Enville, Staffordshire
bur. Aug. 23, 1693 Stafford
William d. July 31, 1705 Enville
3.    Edward Bowles m. Rachel Taylor
3.1 William Bowles bp. Dec. 13, 1697 Enville, Staffordshire
4.    Bridget Bowles b. ca. 1664
(possibly Bridgit Baull bp. June 25,1665 Bristol, Glou., father William Baull;
or Bradgit Baull bp. Mar. 7, 1668 Bristol, Glos., father William Baull)
m. James Downing  1688
4.1   John Downing, clerk of Enfield, Staffordshire (succeeded Henry Bowles as Rector of Enville 1717-1737)
4.1.1  Henry Bowles Downing b. 1717 (d. 1765) (succeeded his father as Rector of Enville 1737 to 1765)
James d. 1717
Bridget d. by 1720
5.    Thomas Bowles b. ca. 1664 (apprenticed to his cousin Joseph Bowles, merchant, in 1678, usually around age 14; merchant and privateer; was in Spain in 1701 when cousin Joseph died; in Spain when brother Henry wrote his Will in 1717; representative to Spain for the South Seas Company 1713-18)
Thomas d. 1721 West Ham, Essex (Will dated July 7, 1720; proved Feb. 8, 1721)
6.    Mary Bowles of Clent, Staffordshire
m. Thomas Nash
6.1   Mary Nash m. Edward Hewetson
6.2   Thomas Nash
6.3   Anne Nash
6.4   Bridget Nash
6.5   Katherine Nash m. Charles Dancer
6.6   Bowles Nash (a famous silversmith) bp. Mar. 1, 1697 Clent, Worc. (apprenticed to Gabriel Sleath 1713-1720)
6.7   William Nash
Thomas Nash d. by 1717
Mary ?
7.    Elizabeth Bowles
m. Thomas Smart, Attorney at Law, of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
7.1   Josiah Smart
7.2   Diana Smart
7.3   Anne Smart
7.4   Elizabeth Smart
7.5   Bridget Smart
Thomas and Elizabeth living in 1717
William d. ?
William Bowles’ brother
1.       Joseph Bowles ( -1701) merchantaylor in St Lawrence Pountney, London
(possibly Joseph Bowles bp. Nov. 30, 1632 Essex, parents: William and Mary Bowles)
m. Mary
(possibly Joseph Bowles m. Mary Abdey Jan. 24, 1659 St Benet Paul’s Wharf, London)
(possibly their child Joseph Bowles b. Oct. 29, 1661 bp. Nov. 7, 1661 St Paul Covent Garden; father: Joseph Bowles of London)
Mary bur. May 4, 1695 St Lawrence, Pountney
Joseph bur. Apr. 25, 1701 St Lawrence, Pountney (Will signed June 17, 1699; proved Jan. 14, 1703 to Henry Bowles in Thomas Bowles’ absence)
Another cousin Mary (possibly Bowles) m. John Pagett (of Chipping Ongar in the county of Essex clerk in 1699;  of Orkly near Darking, Surrey in 1720)
Mary daughter of John Pagett and Mary his wife was baptized Oct. 6, 1696
Sarah daughter of John Pagett and Mary his wife was baptized Oct. 27, 1697
The Essex Wills Beneficiaries Index has a Thomas Bowles as the son-in-law of M Lighton of Halstead Essex in his Will of 1695 and as the grandson (possibly by marriage) of T Parmenter of Halstead in his Will of 1712.

Bowles of Hagley Wills

Thomas Bowles, Merchant of West Ham, Essex 1721 (originally of Hagley, Wors.)

Late of London but now of the parish of West Ham, county of Essex; (Note: 3 of his siblings live in Staffordshire so he may have some family connection to there).


Sister Mary Bowles of Clent, Staffordshire, was married to the late Thomas Nash, widowed; 7 children named: Thomas Nash, Mary Nash married to Edward Hewetson, Anne Nash, Bridget Nash, Katherine Nash married to Charles Dancer, Bowles Nash, William Nash.  20 pounds apiece to the first five children, 500 pounds to William Nash.  Bowles Nash is mentioned separately below. (Note: this Bowles Nash was a famous silversmith.  Bowles Nash bp. Mar. 1, 1697 Clent, Worcester; Thomas Nash, Mary Bowles.  He produced only from 1721-23.  Have his apprenticeship document, Bowles Nash son of Thomas Nash of Clent, Staffordshire, Gent deceased, apprenticed to Gabriel Sleath, Goldsmith from 1713 to 1720)


Sister Elizabeth Bowles, married to Thomas Smart, Attorney at Law, of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire; 5 children named: Josiah Smart, Bridget Smart, Anne Smart, Elizabeth Smart and Diana Smart 20 pounds apiece plus he left some property (a messuage or tenement) within the Manor of Hagley, Worcestershire to Diana Smart (his god-daughter). (Note: a William Bowles held a lot of land in Worcester in 1652 including land in the manor of Frankley under Viscount Cobham of Frankley and Hagley Hall; see Bowles in Worcester notes at end of this document.)


Sister Bridget Bowles, deceased, who married Downing; a bequest to her son John Downing, clerk of Enfield, Staffordshire; 20 pounds. (Note: Enfield or Enville is in Wolverhampton District; Bowles in Enville from late 1600’s)


Also bequests to friends John Pagett (20 pounds) of Ockly near Dorking, Surrey; to Mrs Elizabeth Bumpsted, to her son William Bumpsted, her daughters Mrs Elizabeth Bumpsted the Younger and Martha Bumpsted (100 pounds apiece and 10 pounds apiece more to buy them mourning); to  Mrs Elizabeth Bumpsted the Younger who has tended and cared for him through his several years of weaknesses of body, all his linen and woolen clothing, and all his plate, pewter, brass, copper, cabinets and all other goods, utensils and implements of household; any residue of his Estate after his funeral expenses went to his nephew Bowles Nash.  Mr William Bumpsted of London, merchant to be is Executor.

Signed and sealed on July 7, 1720.  Witnesses: Elizabeth Page of Beech Lane near Cripplegate and John Sleigh, Apothecary in Stratford and John Bellamy Sr.

Probate on February 8, 1721.

Henry Bowles, Rector of Enfield, Staffordshire (originally of Hagley, Worc.) 1719

I Henry Bowles Rector of Enfield in the Diocese of Litchfield and Coventry and in the county of Stafford being thank God of sound and perfect mind and memory ...

To my Sister in Law Abigail Bowles of Enfield and widow 20 pounds if she be unmarried at the time of my decease and continue so a year afterward

To my sister Mary Nash late of Clent, Staffordshire widow I forgive all the money she owes me as Executor to her late husband Thomas Nash and on condition she and her son Thomas Nash, or one of them, shall indemnify and save harmless my Executor from the Bonds wherein I stand bound with and for them and not otherwise

To every one of the children of Mary Nash living at the time of my decease viz. Mary, Thomas, Anne, Bridgett, Katherine, Bowles and William 20 pounds apiece

To each of my nieces and nephews viz, Josiah, Diana, Anne, Elizabeth and Bridget Smart children of Thomas Smart of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire and Elizabeth his wife that shall be living at the time of my decease 20 pounds apiece

To my nephew John Downing of Enfield clerke 40 pounds and all my books wearing apparel and bed

To the poor of Enfield 5 pounds to be distributed amongst them

All the rest of my goods and Estate real and personal my copyhold estate in the Manor of Hagley, county of Worcester called Duncet’s (?) Farm with all its appurtenances the Estate I hold there by lease of lives from Sir Thomas Lyttelton commonly called Wennington’s Farm and all my other estate goods chattels debts dues and demands whatsoever I give to my brother Thomas Bowles late of London Merchant (now in Spain) and to his heirs forever upon condition that he shall pay my legacies abovementioned and all my just debts to the payment whereof I do make all my estate both copyhold and personal and appoint Thomas Bowles the sole executor

In witness I Henry Bowles have set my hand and seal July 23, 1717

Henry Bowles

Witnesses: William Wilmott James Hillman Benj Booth


Probate: Oct. 2, 1719 to Thomas Bowles

Note in side margin in Latin dated Apr. 8, 17.. .... William Bumpsted executor of Thomas Bowles (seems to have become executor of Henry Bowles Will upon Thomas Bowles death) April 1721 (Bumpsted received probate on Thomas’ estate on Feb. 8, 1721)

Joseph Bowles of London, Merchant taylor 1703 (cousin of Hagley Bowles)

I Joseph Bowles citizen and Merchantaylor of London

To my cousin Thomas Bowles, my executor 100 pounds that he shall yearly during the life of my cousin Mary Pagett wife of John Pagett of Chipp..onger in the county of Essex clerk pay unto her the interest on the sum at the rate of 6 pounds per cent per annum and after her death to her children until they attain the age of 21 or be married and then the principle sum to be divided amongst the surviving children or there being none the sum to John Pagett as much as Thomas Bowles shall see fit and the remainder to the relations of my late wife Mary Bowles

To Sarah Collins of Stopley near Luton 5 pounds

To Mr Edward Staunton 5 pounds

To each of my nephews and nieces and their children 20s apiece for my remembrance of them

All the rest and residue of my goods and chattels plate money debts messuages and tenements houses and lands to my cousin Thomas Bowles who I appoint to be my executor

Whereas my cousin Thomas Bowles intends in some short time to make a voyage in parts beyond the seas Now if that should happen that I shall die and Thomas Bowles be absent then I do nominate my cousin Henry Bowles of Kings College, Cambridge to be my Executor until the return of Thomas Bowles and to Henry Bowles 5 pounds

In witness thereof I have set my hand and seal on June 17, 1699

Joseph Bowles

Witnesses:  Edm Day .... Haslewood his servant


Probate January 14, 1703 by Thomas Clarke .... for Joseph Bowles of St Lawrence Pountney parish London during the absence of Thomas Bowles .... Cadiz in Regio Hispanie ... Henry Bowles

(the probate is in Latin but it seems to me to mean that Thomas was absent in Cadiz, Spain when Joseph died in April 1701  and Henry Bowles became the acting executor.  Thomas Clarke would be the probate court officer)


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