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The de Busli's Origin in Normandy

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One of the Norman barons who arrived with William the Conqueror and received a large land grant for his support was Roger de Busli from Busli (pronounced Bouly) in Normandy which today is called Bully (still pronounced Bouly).

For an account of Roger de Busli's origin in Normandy see W. Bruce Bannerman's article published in Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica (London, 1908).
Roger de Busli's sale of the tithes of the town of Busli to Abbot Rainerius of the Holy Trinity (also known as St Katherine's Abbey) at nearby Rouen.  The witnesses to the document included William, Prince of Normandy; Robert, Count of Augi (the father of William, Earl of Ewe, who would later marry Roger's daughter Beatrix) and Roger's brother Hernaldi (Ernold).
Translation of the grant:
"Rogerius de Buslei sold to the lord Abbot Rainerius and his monks the tithe of the said ville, namely Buslei, even as it belongs to him by hereditary right, for lbs. of Silver LX and XII (derniers) and 1 horse. And so that it shall not be possible for any one to dispute or question this sale, it is confirmed by the sign and authority of William, Prince of the Normans. + signo. Willelmi Comitis : + s. Rogerii de buslei : -f s. Rotberti Comitis de Auco: + s. hernaldi who owns part of the tithe : + s. Rodulfl de Cancei : + s. huoliui de drincurt : -f s. Ricardi de drincurt : + s. Turoldi his brother. Ex nostra parte testes Rotbertus de Allamo : Ricardus Senescal Osmundus de Put Angle : Bernardus Cocus."
To which is appended:
"One (Quidam Vir) Godardus, nephew forsooth of Ernulfus, propositi of the said ville buslei, sold to the aforesaid Abbot and Monks in allodium the tithes of all his land, receiving from them L shillings silver. + s. Godardi: + s. Ernulfi propositi, uncle of the said Godardi. Testes Ricardus Senescal, Bernardus Cocus."
Which implies that at some time later, Goddard (likely de Buslei), nephew of Ernold, had also granted his rights to the tithes of the ville to the Abbot for a further 50 shillings.  Apparently Roger and Ernold had a third brother whose son Goddard also held a shared interest in the family landholdings.
It's also interesting that just to the east of the demesne ville of Bully (Busli, Buslei) is the town of Bouelles.  There doesn't seem to have been an historic connection between the two demesnes but  the de Busli family and the de Bouelles would come into close association in Bedfordshire although it may have been the Veteri-Ponte family which they had in common. See The de Busli, Vipond and de Boeles Connections

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