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The Coopers of Coopers Hill, Queens county Family Tree

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Note: this is not a complete family tree for this Cooper line, it just covers the period that my Bowles of Ballickmoyler, Queens county were the Cooper's tenants.  However, these Coopers with their strong family tradition in the Quaker faith were certainly related to another Cooper line of Dublin and Carlow who, surprisingly, were very much leaders of the Anglo-Irish establishment although I'm not yet sure just how they were related.  See A Proposed Cooper Family Tree for what I believe is the simplest solution which fits all the known facts.
Thomas Cooper (lived Newtown, co. Carlow and Sragh (later Coopers Hill), Queens county)
(from family's naming patterns his father was possibly a William, see my Proposed Cooper Family Tree)
1.  William Cooper d. Jan. 7, 1713/14 (7th day 11th mos 1713) (lived Ballintrane, co. Carlow; held land in Queens county and Wexford at time of his death)
(his Will proven Dec. 9, 1713 mentions his cousins Tom Wattson and John Cooper; the Will overseers were John Lackey of Staplestown and Samuel Wattson of Killconner)  ref.  Text of Will
2.  Edward Cooper (inherited father's Carlow property) b. 9th mos 1667
m. Ann Inglefield (dau. of John Inglefield of Dublin) 26th day 8th mos, 1697
They lived at his father's property in Newtown when all but last child were born.  In 1713 when daughter Anne was born they were living at Shragh in Queen's county (near present day Ballickmoyler) which they later renamed Cooper's Hill.
2.1  Thomas Cooper b. Mar. 22, 1699 Dublin d. Apr. 16, 1699 Dublin
2.2  Elizabeth Cooper b. Oct. 1, 1700 Newtown, co. Carlow d. May 12, 1702
2.3  Sarah Cooper b. Nov. 25, 1702
m. Abel Strettell of Dublin (Abel of Dublin, merchant) 9th day 7th mos. 1719 Carlow (so m. Sept. 9, 1719)
2.3.1  Abel Stretell d. 11th day 5th mos. 1724 Dublin at age 2 months (so b. ca. May, d. July 11, 1724)
2.3.2  Susannah Stretell
(she's mentioned in Grandfather Abel Strettell of Dublin, merchant's Will in 1730 but was a minor when she married in 1746; married by a priest per Carlow Men's Meeting Minutes Oct. 9, 1746)
m. John Bayly of Gowran Sept. 1746
Abel d. 26th day 6 mo 1743 bur. 28th day both at Ballytore (so d. Aug. 26, 1743)
Sarah d. 1st day 9 mo. 1758 (so Nov. 1, 1758) at Gowran bur. 4th at Ballitore
2.4  Thomas Cooper b. Nov. 29, 1703 d. Sept. 17, 1711
2.5  Edward Cooper b. June. 3, 1705
2.6  John Cooper b. Sept. 6, 1706
2.7  William Cooper b. Oct. 7, 1709 (inherited father's Carlow and Queen's county property)
m. Experience Strettell (b. 16th day 11 mo. 1709 (so Jan. 16, 1710 by the current calender) dau. of Abel Strettell of Dublin, merchant) Jan. 31, 1730
(after William’s death she moved to Dublin with her daughter Sarah in 1761 and attended Women’s Meetings there; d. 1773 Dublin; her Will dated 1769)
2.7.1  Edward Cooper b. May 1, 1733 Sragh, Queen's co.  (inherited)
m. Sarah Clibborn (dau. of Robert Clibborn of Whylam Grove, co. Kildare) May 23, 1754
(Sarah with son William and daughter Anne left Edward and moved to Dublin by 1782, their certificate to the Dublin Meeting stated that ‘some of us have had near sympathy with the mother’; Sarah, son William and daughter Anne returned to the Carlow Meeting in 1787, William had not regularly attended Meetings; Edward Cooper was still granting leases as ‘of Coopershill’ in 1790 but William Cooper was by 1793 although Edward only died in 1797)  Anne Cooper b. Oct. 14, 1755; d. unmarried 1834  William Cooper b. Feb. 7, 1757 (inherited)
m. Susan Cope (b. ~ 1762, dau. of William Cope of Dublin) Apr. 28, 1789
(this was possibly a second marriage as referenced in ‘Deaths. In Drogheda Street, the wife of Mr. William Cooper’ (Dublin Evening Post 22 Feb 1783) although that may have been a different William Cooper)  Sarah (Sally) Cooper b. ~ 1791
Sally d. Dec. 23, 1823 bur. Castletown, co. Laois  Elizabeth Cooper b. ~ 1793
m. Joseph Fishbourne 1825
Bessie d. May 21, 1876 bur. Castletown, co. Laois  Susan Cooper b. 1794 d. Mar. 21, 1875 bur. Castletown, co. Laois  William Cope Cooper b. 1795 (inherited)
d. unm. Nov. 6, 1874 bur. Castletown, co. Laois  Anne Cooper b. 1798 d. unm. 1893  Edward Cooper b. 1800 d. unm. Dec. 1826 bur. Castletown, co. Laois  Robert Cooper b. Aug. 15, 1802 (Rev'd.; inherited from his brother)
m. Isabella Alicia Maria Le Hunte (dau. of William Augustus Le Hunte)  William Augustus Cooper b. Oct. 24, 1839 (inherited)  Edward George Cooper b. 1842 d. unm. March 1879  Robert Thomas Cooper b. 1845
m. Mary Beatrice Byng (dau. of General Byng)  Robert Montague Cooper  Edith Cooper  Gladys Cooper  Susan Cooper  Charles Hamlet Cooper b. 1854
The Rev'd. Robert Cooper d. 1879  memorial plaque  Henry Cooper b. 1809 (Col. in the 45th "Sherwood" Foresters)
m. Jane Boughton 1843  Henry Cooper b. 1845  Barbara Bessie Cooper d. Feb. 21, 1897
Henry Cooper d. 1878  Charlotte Cooper m. Rev. R. Hamilton d. 1882 Alicia d. unm. 1894 Maria Theresa Cooper d. unm. Mar. 14, 1897
William Cooper d. June 30, 1830 bur. Castletown, co. Laois
Susan Cope Cooper d. June 1826  bur. Castletown, co. Laois
Family Memorial at Castletown Church, co. Laois  Edward Cooper b. Mar. 13, 1767
(he was apprenticed to non-Friends John and Thomas Cooper of Birmingham in 1783 during which time the Birmingham Meeting expressed concern that he had started to neglect their meetings by the time he returned to Carlow in 1788)
Edward Cooper d. Feb. 17, 1797
2.7.2  Abel Cooper b. Oct. 17, 1734 d. bef. 1760 (not mentioned in father's Will)
2.7.3  Thomas Cooper b. Jan. 3, 1736 (lived Coopers Hill and Mullaghmast Castle, co. Kildare)
m. Juliana Browne Sept. 1762 (b. ca. 1744, William Browne and Elizabeth Clayton of Browne's Hill, co. Carlow)
(he was in disunity with Friends in 1761 when he advised the Carlow meeting that he would attend the Established Church) (their marriage deed dated Sept. 30, 1762 (deed memorial 234-335-153455))  Juliana Cooper b. ~ 1771;
m.  Sir Richard Cavendish, 2nd Lord Waterpark
(b. July 13, 1765; Sir Henry, Sarah Bradshaw) Aug. 6, 1789  Henry Manners Cavendish, 3rd Lord Waterpark b. Nov. 8, 1793  Richard Cavendish of Thornton Hall b. Mar. 18, 1794  George John Cavendish, Vice Admiral, R.N. b. 1796  Augustus Cavendish, Rev.  Thomas Cavendish, Vicar of Doveridge  Sarah Georgiana Cavendish m. Sir George Richard Philips, Bart.  Juliana Cavendish m. Frederick Farmer Taylor of Chyknell House  Catherine Cavendish m. Thomas Musgrave, Archbishop of York  Frederick Cavendish, Capt. b. ~ 1800 Anne Emma b. ~ 1791
Sir Richard d. June 1, 1830
Juliana d. Oct. 11, 1847  Catherine Cooper (mentioned in his probate as an heir with sister Juliana)
Thomas d. May 1772 at Newstown, co. Carlow (Newtown?) (ref. Betham)
2.7.4  Lydia Cooper b. April 3, 1731 Sragh, Queen's county (now Coopershill, co. Laois)
m. Joshua Clibborn (Robert Clibborn of Whylam Grove, co. Kildare)
2.7.5  Anne Cooper b. June 29, 1738
m. John Barclay (b. Sept. 17, 1723, Dublin; John, Anne Strettell) Mar. 13, 1761  Anne Barclay b. ~ 1763 bp. Apr, 20, 1769 (living in 1767)  Wilhelmina Barclay  John Barclay  Lucy Barclay  Elizabeth Barclay
John d. Oct. 18, 1768
2.7.6  Sarah Cooper b. July 14, 1739
(she moved to Dublin with her mother in 1761; her certificate was signed by a Sarah Cooper, probably her sister-in-law, but not by her brother Edward)
m. Barclay Clibborn (James, Experience Barclay) of Moate Castle, co. Westmeath  Ann Clibborn b. 1772, d. 2 I 1776, bur. 5 I 1776 Dublin
Barclay d. 3 I 1789
William Cooper d. Dec. 28, 1760 Sragh, Queen's co., Will dated Dec. 6, 1760
bur. Jan. 1, 1761 Friend's Burying Ground, New Garden, co. Carlow
Experience d. May 16, 1773 Sragh, Queen's co., Will dated Sept. 18, 1769, proved June 8, 1773,
bur. May 19, 1773 Friend's Burying Ground, New Garden, co. Carlow
Quaker Meeting record of the above family
2.8  Anne Cooper b. Sept. 7, 1713
m. John Penrose (son of William Penrose of Waterford, Margaret) Aug. 12, 1733
2.8.1  Cooper Penrose m. Elizabeth Dennis (John, Sarah Newenham of Cork)
2.8.2  William Penrose
2.8.3  Anne Penrose m. Richard Pike of Cork
Edward Cooper's Will dated Oct. 29, 1739 left his land to his youngest son
3.  Ann Cooper
4.  Mary Cooper
m. Joseph Butler
Mary d. by 1713
Thomas Cooper d. Aug 23, 1714 (23rd day 6th mos) Newtown, co. Carlow, bur. Aug. 25 New Garden, co. Carlow

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