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The de Boeles

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This family likely arrived in England from Bouelles, Normandy when knights from there accompanied their lord Hugh de Gournay in William Prince of Normandy's conquest of England in 1066.  By the 1100's they had established themselves in Bedfordshire and in the 1200's at least three members of the family were prominent in the Royal Court, brothers William and Hugh de Boeles and an Alda de Boeles who was probably related to them in some way.
The family also appears in Berkshire by about 1220 with an Ellis (Helyas) de Boeles married to Alice (Aelis), daughter and heiress of William de Stoteville.

Knights of Hugh de Gournay

Hugues de Gournay, the Count d'Eu and William de Varenne were the three most powerful lords of the Seine-Maritime region who supported William's claim to Normandy. 
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