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The de Busli/de Builli Surname

Back to Roger de Busli of Tickhill or Ernold de Builli of Kimberworth
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Roger and Ernold were certainly brothers despite the slight difference in their last names.  The concept of 'family names' which required people in the same male line to have the same last name only developed later.  In Roger and Ernold's time people were generally known by where they were from, by a physical characteristic or by their occupation.  So you could get John the Carpenter son of John Large who was the brother of William of Bygville.  The Norman nobles who held England after 1066 were a bit more helpful to family historians as they did tend to use the name of their main family holding as their surname although the spelling of that name could vary greatly according to however the clerk who recorded the name thought it sounded.
The earliest original document that I know of for this family recorded Roger in its Latin text as Rogerius de Buslei and that Roger received tithe payments from the people of the 'ville de Buslei'. Ernold, who also held a share in the tithe payments, is simply written as 'Hernaldi'.
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