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The de Busli, Vipond and de Boeles Connections

Back to The de Busli's Origin in Normandy, Roger de Busli of Tickhill, YorkshireThe de Boelles of Bedfordshire or The de Busli Descendants Under the Vipond Line
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Roger de Busli of Tickhill, Yorkshire held the Honour of Tickhill from shortly after 1066 until his death in 1099.  His brother, Ernold de Builli, or Ernold's son Jordan de Builli held Kimberworth and two other manors in Yorkshire from Roger (or possibly from Roger's young son Roger II who died in 1101) which their line held until 1213. 
Meanwhile to the south in Bedfordshire, by about 1166 a Henry de Bueles (or de Boelles), steward to William de Beauchamp, married into the Beauchamp of Eaton Socon family around 1187 by which marriage he acquired Roxton Manor in the Honour of Wardon.  Also in Bedfordshire a Simon de Bueles, believed to be Henry's brother, acquired Gravenhurst Manor, which he held from Hugh de Beauchamp, through his marriage into the Brien family around 1170.  There was also brothers Hugh de Boeles (Boelles, Buelles, Boweles, even Buholes in one charter) and William de Boeles who served the king in his wars in Wales and in Gascony from about 1230 to the 1250's.  For his service William was granted land in Suffolk in 1241 for his lifetime which ended with his death in battle in Gascony for the king by 1252.  Hugh served the king in Wales in 1241-43, in Bordeaux in 1243, in Gascony in 1253 and was holding land at Edlesborough, Buckinghamshire in 1262.
I believe that these families were connected although I cannot say if they were actually related.  In this period there was very little attention paid to the spelling of surnames, a wide range of name spellings on legal documents was quite normal.  Even the nobility could seldom read or write, employing clerks to do that for them.  However, despite the spelling, the sound of the name would be consistent.  Both Roger de Busli and his brother Ernold de Builli's (using their most common spellings) surnames would have been pronounced something like 'booly'.  The other knights mentioned above had a wide variation of spellings but their surnames would all have generally sounded like 'bools' or 'boals'.
Some time before 1164 Ernold de Builli's great-grandson, John de Builli, the last direct male heir of the line, married Cecily de Bussey (which was also written de Busci), the co-heir to her father.  Through Cecily John de Builli acquired significant holdings in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Lincolnshire.  The most significant of those holdings were her half shares in the Manors of Wardon and Eyworth in Bedfordshire.  Cecily's sister Maud married Hugh Wake and took the other half share of Wardon and Eyworth Manors to the Wake family.  John and Cecily's heir in 1213 was their daughter Idonea de Builli who had married Robert Vipond (also written de Vipond, (de) Vipont, de Vieuxpont and de Veteri-Ponte) and so the last of Roger de Busli's land, the small portion which Ernold had held, passed to the Vipond family along with the half shares in Bedfordshire. 

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