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The de Busli Family Tree

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Sieur de Busli-en-Bray, Drincourt, Normandy (Drincourt is now Neufchatel-en-Bray)

1. Roger de Busli b. ca. 1038 Busli, Normandy (Sieur de Busli, sold manor in Normandy 1065/66, Baron of Tickhill before 1086, founded Blyth Abbey in 1088, d. 1099)

m. Muriel (possibly Chapell according to some sources) ca. 1070-1074

1.1  Beatrix de Busli b. ca. 1075

m. William Count of Eu (Robert of Eu, Beatrice)

(holder of extensive honour at Domesday Book, 1086, incl. Hastings,  Sussex;  Striguil, Stonehouse, co. Gloucester, Hinton Blewitt,  Hinton St. George, Yeovil, Somerset, Silchester, Hants., Powderham   and Whitestone, Devon; charged with treason in the conspiracy of 1095, vanquished in single combat and blinded)

1.1.1  Henry I Count of Eu

m. Margaret de Sulli (niece of King Stephen)  John Count of Eu, Baron of Tickhill 1139-41

m. Alice de Albini (William, Earl of Arundel, Queen Adeliza)  Henry II Count of Eu

m. Matilda (Hamelin Plantagenet Earl of Warenne and Surrey)  Ralph Count of Eu, d. a minor in 1187  Alice Countess of Eu, heir of Tickhill 1222, d. Sept. 11, 1247

m. Ralph de Lusignan, Sieur de Mello-in-Poitou, Count of Eu, d. 1219

Henry d. 1169

1.2  Roger de Busli II b. ca. 1095

(heir to the Honour of Tickhill from his father) No children

d. 1101

After his father’s death Roger II became a ward of Robert de Belesme but he d. a minor and Belesme attempted to hold the de Busli land as his own; he then rebelled against the King but was defeated and the King took the Honour of Tickhill into his own escheat.


Roger d. Jan. 17, 1098/99 (Thoroton’s Hist. of Notts. p. 473: 4 Ides of January 1099; note: he died in January 1098 under the Old Calendar which had the new year starting in mid-March but in January 1099 under the modern calendar which was adopted in the 1700’s)


2. Ernold (Ernulf) de Builli b. ca. 1040 Busli, Normandy (Lord of Maltby and Kimberworth some time after 1086, d. ca. 1097)

2.1 Jordan de Builli b. ca. 1070 (heir to cousin Roger II in 1101; that would have been for any personal possessions Roger may have had (but not for the Honour of Tickhill as Roger de Busli’s capital holdings had been taken back into the King’s escheat); there is one reference that he was the nephew of the famed general, Walter Espec, and that he commanded the garrison at the Carham border fortress in 1137 when it was overrun by King David of Scotland (A History of the Norman Kings); that reference is incorrect though as Carham was defended by Espec's nephew, Jordan de Bussey;  he died a monk at Blyth Abbey)

2.1.1 Richard de Busli of Maltby and Kimberworth b. ca. 1100 (heir to his father; founded the Abbey of Roche in 1147) (Richard d. ca. 1179)

m. Emma ca. 1130 (who brought with her extensive estates in Berks and Oxfordshire per Bannerman)  Richard de Busli of Elrichethorpe b. ca. 1135 (just to the northern edge of the Abbey of Roche) (predeceased his father, probably in 1169)  William de Busli (living in 1169)  Robert de Busli (William and Robert and Robert’s sons Otto and (illegible but likely John) signed as witnesses on a land grant dated between 1160 and 1170 for some land in the Lascy fee)  John de Busli II (he signed as a witness on a land grant in the Lascy fee in 1208)  Othon de Busli (sometimes transcribed as Otto or Ottone)

Richard of Elrichethorpe d. possibly in 1169 (which would explain him gifting his own home to the abbey that year; his children had probably already been settled in their own manors by their grandfather Richard I)  John de Busli of Kimberworth b. ca.  1142 (heir to his father about 1169; he confirmed his father’s charter of land to Roche Abbey (‘all the donations and liberties which Richard de Busli, my father, gave them’); listed as a Knight of the Honour of Tickhill for whom Robert Vipond paid scutage in 1198; Constable of Scarborough Castle in 1202; a knight in King John’s expedition into Ireland in 1210; Constable of Tickhill Castle until 1208 when Robert Vipond was appointed)

m. Cecily de Bussey/Busci (William de Bussey, Rohese FitzGilbert) bef. 1164 (received land in Wardon, Bedfordshire through this marriage; Bannerman wrote “Cecelia brought Essendine (Rutland) to John de Bully with many other lands in Bucks and Beds and Lincolnshire.” (note: that would have been in 1180 upon Cecily’s father’s death))  Idonea de Builli (Lady of Esseldine, Bedfordshire after her husband’s death; heir to her father)

m.  Robert Vipond (de Veteri-Ponte, Vipont or Vieuxpont note), Baron of Appleby, betw. 1189 and 1198

(the 6 ½ knight’s fees held by the family since Ernold de Builli as well as the de Busli holdings inherited from Roger II passed to the Vipond family by this marriage; he also held custody of the Honour of Tickhill until it was lost in court to the Countess of Eu in 1222, see The Legal Battle for Roger de Busli’s Land)  John Vipond b. ca. 1212 (heir to his father as a minor)

m. Sibilla Ferrers (William, Earl of Derby)  Robert II Vipond b. ca. 1239

 (as his father died when Robert II was about 2 years old he was made the ward of John Fitz Geoffrey)

m. Isabel (dau. of Robert’s guardian)  Isabel Vipond

(after father’s death, ward to Roger Clifford; married to his son when she came of age)

m. Roger II de Clifford of Clifford Castle, Herefordshire (Roger)

(Baron of Westmoreland ca. 1273)  Robert de Clifford b. Sept. 29,  1274 (18 on Sept. 29, 1292 per PMI) 1st Baron de Clifford (1299)

Robert d. 1314 at Bannockburn

Isabel d. 1291 (see La Warre of Ewias)

Roger d. 1282 (on campaign in Wales)  Idonea II Vipond

(after father’s death, ward to Roger de Layborne; married to his son when she came of age)

m.(1) Lord Roger de Layborne (Roger)

 (one son John who died young)

Roger d. 1284

m.(2) John de Crumbwell (Cromwell) 1301

Idonea II d. 1333

Robert II d. 1263 (died of his wounds in battle under Simon de Montfort)

John d. July 1241 (predeceased Idonea by some days)

Robert d. 1228

Idonea d. Sept. 1241

John d. 1213  possibly Robert de Builli (a Robert de Builli witnessed Richard de Builli's charter to Roche Abbey)

Richard d. ca. 1179

Emma d. bef. 1200

2.1.2 Hugh de Builli b. ca. 1105 (I propose that he goes into the family tree here, see discussion in The de Buelles of Buckinghamshire)

(is he the same Hugh de Busli who was one of Hugh de Buron’s knights and his chamberlain in Cotgrave, Notts. in 1147 ref. and/or the same Hugh de Builli who signed as a witness to a charter of John de Busli’s in 1179 and witnessed another in Hockerton, Bucks in 1183?  It’s more likely there were still more Hughs in this tree somewhere.  See above discussion)

m. ?  Auda (sometimes Ida) de Builli (b. ca. 1125; 60 in 1185)

m. William de Carun of Sherington, Buckinghamshire (ca. 1130- ca. 1185)  ca. 1150 (bestowed church of Sherington on Tickford Priory before 1150; paid scutage on father’s lands in 1160/61 and until 1171/72 (per  Richard de Carun (ca. 1155 – 1193) (first paid scutage for his father’s land in 1188)  Ralph b. ca. 1192, infant in 1193, custody sold to Robert Vipond (and Idonea) 1202 and granted wardship in 1205  William and Auda had 3 sons and 3 daughters

William d. by 1185 (Auda and their youngest children became wards of the king; she held land in Muleshoe (Moulsoe), Bucks.)  possibly a son Hugh II who was Hugh de Buron’s knight in 1147  that Hugh or some other son possibly settled in Buckinghamshire as there was a John de Boweles of Edelesburgh, Bucks in 1313 which was the village next to Buckland which was held by Idonea de Vipond in 1241 and by her daughters until at least the 1280’s and so was almost certainly the part of Buckinghamshire which John de Builli acquired through his marriage in about 1160; John de Boweles of Edelesburgh died in 1322.


2.1.3  son or grandson of Jordan, a Lambert de Busai, Knt. settled at Hougham, co. Lincoln (per Bannerman but this Lambert was more likely a de Bussei as Bannerman confused the two families)


Jordan d. after 1101  (heir to his Cousin Roger II)


2.2   possibly a younger son Roger de Busli III and other sons not documented in the de Busli line-of-inheritance pedigree


Note: Bannerman stated that Ernold's eldest son was a William de Busli but that was incorrect.  He had confused a William de Busci (or de Bussei) as a de Busli but he was of another family altogether and was not Ernold's son.  see The de Busli/de Busci Confusion


Ernold d. ca. 1097 (predeceased his brother Roger)


3.  ?

3.1  Goddard  (a nephew of Ernold's who held a third interest in the Buslei land in Normandy along with Roger and Ernold  See The de Busli Origin in Normandy)


Sieur de Busli-en-Bray d. by 1065


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