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References for James Bowles of Silvermines in The Griffith Valuation Workbooks and The Published Report

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See The Griffith Valuation of Ireland for further background to the valuation and the valuation records available

Although the valuation teams started their work in the north in 1830 it wasn't until 1846 that they reached Munster arriving at Silvermines on October 9, 1846 to assess only the occupied buildings.  Their workbooks from this visit do not list James Bowles occupying any house in Silvermines at all.  The lot numbers they used were as they appeared on the Ordnance Survey maps they used. 


In 1847, having renumbered the town lots, a team returned to record just the names of the occupants of each lot.  In this workbook James Bowles does appear as holding two plots of land, one on the Main street of Silvermines and a second was a section of a Robert Young's lot a mile or so north of the town.  He still did not occupy a house there.

In 1848 a Griffith team returned to review and if necessary to change the assessment on the buildings and this time they assessed the size, nature and value of every landholders land as well.  This time James Bowles appears holding land in the same two locations as he had in 1847 and he now occupies a house on the Main Street as well.


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