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Henry Bowles of Limerick's Family Tree

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Henry Bowles (a dyer in Limerick City in 1791) (possibly the Henry Bowles b. 1762 Limerick)
m. Sarah
1.  Henry Bowles Jr. (Gent. in 1817) b. June 9, bp. June 13, 1794 St. John, Limerick
m. Sarah Tierney (b. ~ 1789; John Tierney,Mary Gleeson) Nov. 12, 1817 St. Michael’s, Limerick
(Henry was an attorney, lived Upper Glenworth St., Limerick in 1818; they lived on Catherine Street in Limerick in 1824 Pigot Directory; lived on Upper Pembroke Street Dublin in 1840’s)
1.1  John Thomas Bowles bp. Dec. 10, 1816 St. John, Limerick (prior to his marriage to Sarah or by an earlier marriage?)
1.2  Matthew John Bowles bp. Apr. 12, 1819 St. Michael’s, Limerick
1.3  Edward Tierney Bowles b. ~ 1820 d. Sept. 9, 1836 Dublin bur. St. Annes, Dublin (see below)
1.4  Henry Matthew John Bowles (Rev'd.) bp. 1826
(He was a solicitor, offices at 6 Pembroke Street, Dublin; Rector. at The Reddings, Framilode, Glos., England in 1856)
m.(1) Mary Anne
1.4.1 Elizabeth b. ~ 1846
m.(2) Julia Ann Wilton 1856 Wheaterhurst, Glos., England
Rev'd H.M.J. d. 1884 Framilode, Glos.
1.5  Frances Bowles b. ~ 1830
m. Samuel Bradshaw, Esq. (Solicitor of Limerick) May 9, 1855 Edgbaston (near Birmingham)  ref.
Sarah d. Feb. 13, 1850 Dublin  bur. St. Annes, Dublin
Henry m.(2) Elizabeth Browne (John) Dec. 2, 1854 Monkstown, Dublin
Henry Jr. d. Jan. 22, 1855 Dublin bur. St. Annes, Dublin  ref. (for both and son Edward)
2.  Robert Bowles b. ? bur. Apr. 20, 1800 St. John’s, Limerick
3.  a child b. Sept. 1796 bur. Sept. 19, 1796 St. John’s, Limerick
4.  Alexander Lill Bowles bp. Aug. 14, 1797 St. John, Limerick
5.  a son b. Nov. 1799 bur. Nov. 27, 1799 St. John’s, Limerick
6.  a child b. Aug. 1804 bur. Aug. 6, 1804 St. John’s, Limerick
7.  a child b. July 1808 bur. July 14, 1808 St. John’s, Limerick
(note: since the last three were not given names in the burial record they may have been newborns)
Henry Sr. d. Apr. 7, 1849 Limerick  ref.


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