The Bowles of Canada and their Roots in Ireland and England 

References to John Bole as Feoffee to Sir John Dinham in Inquisitions Post Mortem in 1401

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Public Record Office Series:  Inquisitions Post Mortem

Note: one possible earlier Bole reference; a Thomas Bols holding land in Somerset in 1395 as a tenant to Thomas Hertyscote who is mentioned as a fellow feoffee with John Bole in the following IPM's

Volume 17: Richard II

489  Thomas Bols holding parcels of land in  Walter Combe, Somerset  (1395)
Writ to assign dower to Thomas Hertyscote the younger and Christina his wife, formerly the wife of Thomas Kayle, son and heir of John Kayle, out of the lands that came to the king’s hands by the death of the said John and the minority of the said Thomas Kayle, the king having pardoned the said Thomas Hertyscote and Christina for marrying without his licence. 22 May, 18 Richard II.
SOMERSET. Assignment of dower, 26 May, 18 Richard II.
The following lands and rents are assigned to the said Thomas Hertescote and Christina, in the presence of the attorney of William Geddynges, to whom the custody of John Kayle’s land was committed by the king’s letters patent.  Walterescombe. Lands and tenements worth 10 marks yearly there and in Okenhed, Avenesheys, Clyve and Lybeners, which are parcel of Walterescombe; 10s. rent and other services which Thomas Bols used to render and 16d. and other services which John Bevyn used to render.
C. Ric. II File 84 (7)

Inquisitions Post Mortem; Volume 23: Henry VI

259-261  John Bole a feoffee for John Dynham in 1401 but deceased before 1428  

259 Writ. ‡ 28 December 1428. [Wymbyssh].
SOMERSET. Inquisition. Queen Camel 25 January 1429. [Mylborne].
Jurors: John Lymyngton; John Mylborne; John Mavyell; John Lyte; John Weston; John Brempton; Thomas Knyght; John Wayte; Henry Rayny; John Barbour; Stephen Mondys; and Thomas Thornebury. He held the following in demesne as of fee:
Buckland Dinham, the manor, held of the king in chief by knight service. There are 20 messuages, worth nothing yearly; 2 dovecots, worth 6s. yearly; 2 carucates land, worth 53s. 4d. yearly; 20 a. meadow, worth 50s. yearly; 40 a. pasture, worth 4s. and no more as common pasture; one park without game-animals, its pasture worth 4s. yearly; 24 a. wood, its pasture worth 4s. yearly; 1 mill for grain and another for fulling, worth 16s. yearly; £10 2s. 4d. assize rent, payable at the four terms of the year by equal parts, delivered by free tenants; and assize rent of 2lb pepper, payable at Michaelmas only. Corton Denham, a carucate of land, worth 53s. 4d. yearly, with advowson of the church there, worth nothing yearly, held of the king in chief by knight service.
He died seised of the following in fee and by right. Blackford 1/24 knight’s fee, worth 25s. yearly when it falls, held of William Rous , service unknown. North Cheriton 1/32 knight’s fee, worth 3s. 3d. yearly when it falls, held of William Rous, service unknown. Compton Pauncefoot, ½ knight’s fee, worth 40s. yearly when it falls, held of William Fethrpayn, service unknown.
He held no other nor more lands or tenements of the king or any other in demesne or service.
Long before his death, by his charter dated Nutwell 1 June 1401 where he is described as John Dynham, knight, he granted the following, among other things, to James Aumarle, Robert Maynard, and John Bole, all now deceased, and to John Pole and Thomas Hertyscote, still living, to hold to James, John Pole, Robert, Thomas, and John Bole and to their heirs and assigns in perpetuity. The charter was shown to the jurors. James, Robert, and John Bole afterwards died, and John Pole and Thomas Hertyscote continued in their estate during John Dynham’s life by right of joint tenants in survivorship. They continue in this estate.
Northover (Northome), the manor, held of the bishop of Bath, service unknown. Cricket Malherbie, the manor and advowson, held of Richard Nevell, knight, service unknown. Stoford, Bincombe (Bounecombe), Wellington, and Ilminster, lands, tenements, rents, services, and reversions, held of William Fethrpayn, service unknown. Dunkerton, Wanstrow (Wancestre), Mageryston, and Stathe, knights’ fees, held of Alan Harry. Maperton, advowson, held of John Rous, service unknown. Date of death and heir as 257.
C 139/40/56 mm.5–6

261 same John Bole as in 259, an inquisition held at Saltash confirmed that in 1401 John had been granted a share of several manors in Cornwall which Dynham held from the King before Dynham's death in 1428

261 [ Writ: see 260 .] CORNWALL. Inquisition. Saltash 15 January 1429. [Baunfyld].
Jurors: Richard Trelauny; Stephen Trenewyth; Peter Eggecomb; Edmund Benet; John Talkaron; John Lanewrannek; William Bale; Gilbert Trenok; William Benet; John Ponne; John Bate; Rule Toker; John atte Wotton; and Richard Sparkewyll. Findings as regarding the following except that the grant was made to James Aumarle, John Pole, Robert, Thomas, and John Bole for their lives, to hold by rendering one rose to John Dynham and his heirs and assigns at Midsummer. They were thus seised in their demesne as of free tenement. Cardinham, Bodardle, Downinney, Gurlyn, Brygge, and Cross in Milton, the manors, with all lands and tenements in Roche and appurtenant knights’ fees and advowsons, held of the king as of his duchy of Cornwall by knight service. He died seised of the rent of a rose, with reversion of the manors, lands, tenements, fees, and advowsons. Date of death and heir as 257.
C 139/40/56 mm.7–8

Note:  the manors listed in the inquisition were well spread out across Cornwall

Roche Manor was called Tremoddrett Manor in the 1200's which included Carbis, Chillbrook, Colbiggan, Harros, Polskeys, Rosemellyn, Trebilcock, Tregonhay, Tregoss, Tresibble and Trezaise in Roche civil parish and also Brynn and Retire in the Withiel civil parish; this is the Roche civil parish:

Cardinham is present day Cardinham;

Bodardle references are scarce but in 1676 it was described as: Manor of Bodardle Presentmts of the homage at a Court held for the said manor the 20th Aprill 1676 amongst other presentmts They alsoe present the Bounds of the Comons of the manor upon their speciall view thereof at this Court, to begin @ Kittaborough and from thence to a long stone in Redmoore, from thence to the north east Corner of Trevilmick moore where Certaine Withey Bushes grow - next to brutons Corner and from thence to a great Borrough a little below Helman Bridge, and from thence to another Borrough called the Waren Borrough, from thence to Bullocks pitt, and from thence to a stone near Gurtolls Gate and from thence to a stone against the Corner of Iney hedge and from thence to a stone near the town End of Iney moore near the River and from thence to a headware;

Dowinney is in Warbstow Civil and Church parishs

Gurlyn is in St Erth civil and church parishs

Brygge is now Bridgerule in Devon which has a small part, Bridgerule West, which is west of the Tamar so technically in Cornwall


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