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John Bowles of Eltham's Family Tree
See also The Bowles of Eltham for more on this family and Charles Bowles of Chatham's Family Tree to see where this branch fits in.
3.  John Bowles b. 1640 bp. Feb. 27, 1640/41 St Marys, Chatham
(of Mark Lane and Eltham.  Merchant (Turkey trade). Set up factory at Ratcliffe, Southwark in 1677 to manufacture crown glass.  See The Bowles Glassworks   In 1695 was a Commissioner for managing the duty of glass.  The factory passed down through four generations until it was destroyed by fire in 1794. ref. This is the John Bowles mentioned as a friend of Samuel Pepys in his diaries.)
m.(1) Katherine 1660
3.1  Thomas Bowles bp. July 17, 1661 Eltham, d. bef. 1709
3.2   Charles Bowles b. spring 1662 (of Southwark and of Wolverley, Worcestershire) 
m.(1)  Jane Wall
m.(2)  Dorothy Hunt (Mr. Hunt of Lower Areley, Worcestershire) Feb. 4, 1717/18 at his own house in Southwark
(from the register Marriages at the Fleet performed by Henry Glover, Clerk from Nov. 1, 1716)
3.2.1  Charles Bowles b.  Jan. 15, bp. Feb. 4, 1691/92 St  Paul, Shadwell, Tower Hamlets (living in 1727)
3.2.2  Edward Bowles (of Bartlett’s Buildings) bp. Sept. 5, 1699 St Saviour, Denmark Park, Surrey
m.  Anne Draper (of Hitchin, Herts) May 9, 1724 St  Pancras Old Church, Middlesex (Anne inherited land in Quorn, Leics. from her Uncle George Draper, Gent. in 1745; Anne, widow, of Holborn in 1765)  Charles Bowles bp. Mar. 20, 1724/25 St Andrew, Holborn
Charles Bowles from Brook Market bur. Mar. 24, 1724/25 St Andrew, Holborn  Sarah Bowles bp. Aug. 9, 1729 St Andrew, Holborn
m. John Rowledge Apr. 10, 1748 Middlesex
Sarah d. Dec. 18, 1791 Lambeth, London  Edward Bowles bp. Sept. 19, 1731 St Andrew, Holborn (of Bartlett’s Buildings and Enfield)  Edward Bowles bp. Oct. 24, 1732 St Andrew, Holborn
m. Bridget Downing (father: Dickson Downing) June 26, 1755 St Peter Cornhill, London  Edward Bowles Marriage 1755
(they lived Tooks Court, Holborn in 1756; of Bristol in 1779 when he mortgaged lands in Quorndon; settled land in Quorndon on son Charles on his marriage in 1790; of Bristol in 1793)  Dorothy Bowles bp. Apr. 13, 1756 St Andrew, Holborn, London
m. Samuel Fripp (of Bristol) (b. Aug. 5, 1744 Avon, Glos.; Samuel, Sarah Russell) May 13, 1779 Bristol  Dorothea Anne Fripp b. 1783 d. 1823  Samuel Charles Fripp (Rev'd.) b. 1785 d. 1843  Edward Bowles Fripp b. 1787 d. 1870
m. Frances Middleton Bowles (see )  Charles Spencer Fripp b. 1822 d. 1871  Bridget Bowles Fripp b. 1788 d. 1792  Sarah Fripp b. 1789 d. 1857  Frances Fripp b. 1791 d. 1813  Mary Fripp b. 1792 d. 1825
Samuel d. 1810
Dorothy d. May 23, 1816 Bristol  Charles Bowles bp. July 23, 1757 St Andrew, Holborn, London (Recorder of Weymouth)
(of Weymouthe and Melcombe Regis in 1790)
(was Town Clerk in 1804 when Weymouth received its Charter; family also In Weymouth much earlier
DG 9/536  12 May 1790 (orig) Contents: Copy marriage settlement of Ann Naish, spinster, Bristol and Charles Bowles, gent, Weymouth & Melcombe Regis, More Close, Nethermore Close, Whitsundine Pasture, the Pease Lands, Tythe Piece, Stones Tythe Piece and Hartopp's Tythe Piece, Nether Blow Pool, Overstonecroft Furlong and other closes in Quorndon to the use of Charles Bowles for life and afterwards his wife Ann and their children.
m. Ann Naish of Bristol May 12, 1790  ?
Charles d. by 1837  Bridget Bowles b. Nov. 11, bp. Dec. 12, 1758 St Andrew, Holborn, London  Edward Bowles (Rev., Vicar of Bradford, Wilts.)
m. Jane Middleton (Thomas)  George Downing Bowles (Rev. of Fawley, Hants.)
m. Anne Stillingfleet (Rev. James, Preby of Worcester)  Charles James Stillingfleet Bowles (of Great Malvern)
m. Elizabeth Augusta Clarke (Rev. W. H. of Cold Higham)  Edward Stillingfleet Bowles d. in infancy 1854  Sholto Stillingfleet Bowles b. Oct. 1, 1854
m. Edith Mary Nelson (Richard of Barton Hill, Yorks)  Aleyone  Charles William Bowles b. 1857 (a tea planter in Ceylon)
(the following is per personal communication from Kathy Kunz, daughter of Leslie Gordon Bowles)  George Robertson Bowles  Leslie Gordon Bowles
Charles William d. Dec. 17, bur. Dec. 18, 1896 St Marks Church, Badulla, Sri Lanka  George Downing Bowles b. Apr. 3, 1860  Lionel Oliver Bowles b. July 18, 1860
m. Maud Chudleigh  George Edwin Bowles  Gwendoline Bowles
Charles James Stillingfleet d. Nov. 23, 1905  George Downing Bowles (Rev., Rector of Wendlebury, Oxon.)
George Downing d. unm. 1901  Edward Stillingfleet Bowles b. 1828 d. 1832  Caroline Anne Bowles m. Richard Strachey (General Sir)
George d. 1863 Paris  Frances Middleton Bowles b. Nov. 3, 1789 Bristol
m. Edward Bowles Fripp of Bristol Nov. 3, 1809 Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorset
(see  Edward Bowles Fripp)  Charles Spencer Fripp b. 1822 d. 1871          
Frances d. Jan. 29, 1849 Hutton, Somerset  Bridget Downing Bowles
m. Charles Hare of Bristol
Edward d. 1808   Anne Bowles
m.  Rev. Richard Symes (of Westbury near Bristol) Mar. 22, 1781 Bristol  Lydia Downing Bowles b. Apr. 5, bp. May 8, 1771 Bristol, Gloucestershire
m. James Fripp (b. 1764; Samuel, Sarah Russell of Bristol)
Aug. 13, 1799 Westbury on Trym, Gloucestershire  James Fripp b. 1801 d. 1861  George Downing Fripp b. 1807 d. 1892  Charles Bowles Fripp b. 1849 (???? must be wrong) (a soap manufacturer of Bristol)
Lydia d. Jan. 7, 1814 bur. Moravian Burial Ground
Bridget d. May 2, 1771
Edward d. May 8, 1803 St John Zachary, London (his Will dated Mar. 25, 1801)   George Bowles bp. May 17, 1734 St Andrew, Holborn bur. Oct. 7, 1734 same  George Bowles bp. Feb. 21, 1735/36 St Andrew, Holborn bur. May 15, 1736 same   Anne Bowles   Charles Bowles bp. June 2, 1742 St Andrew, Holborn  (Captain, The East India Company)
m. Anne Burrard (George)  Caroline Bowles b. 1786 Lymington
m. Robert Southey, Poet Laureate
Caroline Southey Bowles d. 1854
Edward d. 1750 bur. Apr. 19, 1750 Enfield, Middlesex
Charles d. Aug. 4, bur. 12, 1727 St Saviour, Denmark Park, Surrey 
3.3  Sarah Bowles bp. Dec. 25, 1662 Eltham
3.4  Phineas Bowles b. 1664 (of Loughborough House, St. Michael's Lane, London;
merchant and partner in family glass business at Southwark)
m. Margaret Dockwra (b. 1664; William Dockwra of London, merchant, Rebekah)
Sept. 11, 1684  St. James, Clerkenwell
(note: Margaret’s father, William Dockwra was the founder of the Penny Post in London in 1680)
3.4.1  William Bowles b. Feb. 11, bp. Mar. 4, 1685/86 Little St. Helen’s, Bishopsgate
(apprentice goldsmith to William Sheppard in 1700; acquired Tenbury, Worcester in 1720; M.P. for Bewdley and Bridport; owner of the Vauxhall Glass Works in London; built Burford House in Shropshire in 1728 and purchased Wanstead Grove)
m. Sarah
no children
William d. May 14, 1748
3.4.2  Mary Bowles bp. Mar. 31, 1687 Fen Court, St. Michael’s, London
Mary bur. May 10, 1687 Eltham, Kent
3.4.3  John Bowles b. Sept. 11, 1688 Fen Court, St. Michael’s, London
(He fell out with his father, was disinherited and told to learn a trade by a codicil to his father’s Will  in 1715.  He is not mentioned again in the family's papers.  I believe him to be the John Bowles who was a shoemaker of Carlow in 1726, then settled at Ballickmoyler, Queens county where he was joined by his nephew William Bowles below.  See The Bowles of Ballickmoyler)
3.4.4  Phineas Bowles b. Jan. 24, 1689/90 (old date format) Fen Court, St. Michael’s, London
(Lieutenant General; succeeded 6.1 Brigadier General Phineas Bowles as Colonel of his regiment in March 23, 1719; MP for Bewdley in 1734; later Governor of Limerick 1739 and Governor of Londonderry 1745; acquired land in Tipperary, Roscommon and Cavan; had a house in Dublin and a country house called Beaulieu near Drogheda)
m. Alithea Maria Hill (father: Samuel Hill of Kilmainham, Dublin) June 10, 1724 St. Mary, Dublin
(she was the sole beneficiary of her father's Will and inherited extensive land holdings in Ireland)   William Phineas Bowles I b. Nov. 17, 1726 St Mary at Lambeth
(he inherited his father's land holdings in 1749 but not the Hill estate as he died before his mother; he established his home at Southfields in co. in Roscommon; see The Bowles of Roscommon)  William Phineas Bowles II (illegitimate by Hannah Crofton, bp. Oct. 1, 1729; Edward of Athy, Kildare, Margaret) b. ~ 1745 (he was still a minor on his father's death in 1760; even as a minor he would have inherited his father's entailed land; the issue whether WPB II who was illegitimate or his uncle Richard, or after Richard's death, his daughter Mary Ann Stewart, should inherit the Hill estates was fought in the courts for years, see WPB II vs. Stewart Legal Decision in 1803)
m. Catherine O'Connor  William Phineas Bowles III b. ~ 1770
(a Bail Commissioner in co. Roscommon in 1830's (per EPPI))
m.(1) Sarah Hawkes 1817
(emigrated to Australia in 1830's, no mention of his wife being with him, he became a Constable in the Sydney NSW Police)
m.(2) Sarah (b. ~ 1802) ~ 1834 Sydney, NSW
(found guilty of murdering his wife and was hanged)
William Phineas III d. Feb. 16, 1835 (hung) Sydney, NSW, Australia
William Phineas II d. ~ 1816
William Phineas I d. 1760
Hannah Crofton d. aft. 1770 (in her Will dated Apr. 8, 1770 she described herself as a widow with one son Phineas then a minor)   Richard Bowles of Sayes Court  (near Chertsey)
(inherited the Hill estate in Ireland in 1777 on his Mother’s death and more from Henry Brownrigg in 1780 but lost Hill estate to William Phineas Bowles II in a court decision in 1803)
m. ?  Thomas Bowles  Mary Anne Bowles m. Stewart
Richard d. 1798  Anna Maria Bowles b. Mar. 4, bp. April 5, 1728 St Mary, Dublin at 32 days old
m. Lieut. Col. Nathaniel Heywood (Coldstream Guards) by 1752
(no children)
Phineas Jr. d. Oct.  22, 1749 Bath, England (Will dated Sept. 11, 1749)
Alethia Maria (Hill) Bowles m(2) Henry Brownrigg July 17, 1757 St. Mary's, Dublin
(who had previously adopted her nephew William Bowles; see 3.4.16  Anna Katherina Bowles below)
Alethia Maria (Hill, Bowles) Brownrigg d. Oct. 1777 (as stated in court case settled in 1803 regarding her estate)
Henry Brownrigg d. 1780 (left his estate to step-son Richard Bowles and nephew Thomas Brownrigg)
3.4.5  Rebecca Bowles b. Apr. 26, 1691 Fen Court, St. Michael’s, London
m. Sir Robert Henley
(no children)
Sir Robert d. 1740
Rebecca d. Mar. 27, 1743 bur. Eltham church
3.4.6  Thomas Bowles b. July 17, 1692 St Michael, Crooked Lane, London
m. Susannah (Shucke, Suckey or Sukey) Hickman of St Augustine parish Dec. 20, 1716  St Augustine-the-Less, Bristol, Glos.
(apprenticed to Thomas Bowles of Bristol, Master Merchant in 1717; merchant of St. Olave, Hart St. in 1743; they lived on Charterhouse Square)
Admissions to the Society of Merchant Venturers of Bristol, Book of Charters, vol. I; March 8, 1716 Thomas Bowles by apprenticeship.
(Also: OLD SODBURY: Conveyance of Hampsteed Farm in Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire, between Giles Eyre of Middle Temple, Joseph Edwards of Bristol, Gent, Thomas Bowles Late of Bristol, now London, Merchant, and Sukey his wife, William Hickman of London, Gent, Richard Longford of Middle Temple, Gent, William Thatcher of Highgate, Gent, and Henrietta his wife, Elizabeth Longford, Margaret Longford and William Okey of Bristol, Brewer. Dated 26 June 1722 in the 8th year of the reign of King George I  Property: All that farmhouse called Hampsteed with buildings, garden, paddocks, etc., on the south side of a lane leading to Horwood. Also many named fields and lands in the parish of Old Sodbury. Medium: Manuscript in English on vellum. Condition: Dirt marks and creasing, generally good. Characteristics: Signatures and red wax seals. Revenue and tax stamps. 5 pages. Document Size (Approx.): 60 by 70 cm
See Two Thomas Bowles, Merchants of Bristol  Phineas Bowles bp. Jan. 9, 1718/19 St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey (Captain in Fowkes Regiment)
d. 1743 at Gibraltar  William Bowles bp. Feb. 12, 1722/23 St Mary at Lambeth, Surrey 
(he went to live with his Aunt Katherina (3.4.16 below) and her husband Henry Brownrigg who had settled in Ireland; he was her heir in Aunt Katherina's Will in 1753; later he moved to Ballickmoyler, Queen's county and settled on the plot adjacent to my own ancestor which is the heart of my belief that my ancestor John Bowles of Ballickmoyler is also 3.4.3  John Bowles above)
See  William Bowles of Wingfield, co. Wexford  Thomas Bowles bp. Feb. 25, 1723/24 St Mary at Lambeth, Surrey
bur. Mar. 10, 1724/25 St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey  Benjamin Hickman Bowles b. Mar. 9, 1730/31 bp. Apr. 4, 1731 St Botolph, Aldersgate, London  (of Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, afterwards of Westminster)
m. Elizabeth Church April 22, 1752 St. Paul's Cathedral, London ref.  Benjamin Bowles bp. March 20, 1755 Cheshunt, Herts. (of Pitfield Street, Hoxton)
m. Charlotte Smith June 29, 1776 St. James, Westminster, London
no children
Benjamin bur. Feb. 16, 1830
Charlotte bur. Dec. 27, 1837  Thomas Bowles bp. Apr. 22, 1757 Cheshunt, Herts
m. Mary Powell 1780  Thomas Bowles b. 1781 Canterbury
Thomas d. 1783 age 2 years, 2  months  William Bowles b. 1783 Canterbury
m Mary Ann Daws Aug. 18, 1803  Mary Ann Bowles bp. March 17, 1805 St. George the Martyr,
Southwark, Surrey
(of 5 Alleyns Cottages, Dulwich in 1868)
m. James Bowdery  William Bowdery  James Bowdery  Emily Bowdery m. Mr. Haydon  Richard Carrington Bowles b. Dec. 26, 1806 & bp. Jan. 25, 1807 St Martin, Ruislip  William Henry Bowles b. Oct. 24, bp. Nov. 20, 1808
St. George the Martyr, Southwark, Surrey
(of 28 Plummers Row, Commercial Road, Dealer in Sacks in 1868)
William went to Van Diemens Land and wasn't heard of again after 1840
Mary Ann m.(2) Joseph Lawrence
Mary Ann d. Nov. 13, 1865 (age 82)  Thomas Bowles b. 1785 at 4 Crooked Lane, King William St.  Mary Bowles
m.(1)  William Crowder Nov. 3, 1812
m.(2)  Edward Nicholls Dec. 5, 1824  Rebecca Bowles  b. Feb. 27, bap. March 28, 1790 St. George's Borough
Thomas d. Oct. 27, bur. Nov. 5, 1840 
Mary bur. March 20, 1843  Elizabeth Bowles bp. June 7, 1759  d. Oct. 17, 1759  Elizabeth Bowles bp. Apr. 25, 1761 Cheshunt, Herts.
m. Rev'd. John Lucambe (?)
d. ~ 1806 bur. Spa Fields (?)
Elizabeth d. ~ 1800
Benjamin d. betw. 1807 and 1812  Henry Bowles bp. Aug. 15, 1732 St Botolph, Aldersgate, London 
bur. Sept. 26, 1732 St Botolph, Aldersgate, London  Thomas Bowles b. ca. Nov. 1733 & bur. Aug. 13, 1734, St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London
(note: the term ‘infant’ was used on a burial for a child under 1; I believe he goes here but there is very little in the entry to know for sure)  Thomas Bowles bp. Dec. 20, 1734 St Botolph, Aldersgate, London
Thomas d. ? (alive in 1743)

Susannah (Sukey) d. Sept. 1738 London
Thomas Bowles bur. Jan. 2, 1774 St Botolph, Aldersgate, London (age 81) 
3.4.7  Charles Bowles b. Oct. 14, 1693 St  Michael, Crooked Lane, London
Charles d. betw. 1712 and 1715  in America
3.4.8  Peter Bowles b. Apr. 2, 1695 St  Michael, Crooked Lane, London
Peter d. bef. 1718
3.4.9  Mary Bowles b. June 16, 1696 Fen Court, St. Michael’s, London d. < 1718
 Mary d. bef. 1718
3.4.10  Edward Bowles b. Sept. 14, 1697 St  Michael, Crooked Lane, London
 d. in infancy
3.4.11  Margaret Bowles b. Apr. 4, 1699 St  Michael, Crooked Lane, London, d. bef.  1718
(this baptismal entry states his father was a Henry; after having Phineas spelt incorrectly in previous records (Ffenis, Ffenise, Phenise, Phenis) possibly he just used Henry by now)
3.4.12  Humphrey Bowles b. Jan. 14, 1700/01 (old date format) St  Michael, Crooked Lane, London
(Phineas appears as Henry again in this entry)
(of Burford Manor, co. Shropshire and Wanstead Grove, co. Essex; in Burford Rectory records as Patron from 1754 to 1783; junior partner in brother William's glass business; lived at Wanstead)
m. Hannah Hurst 1730  Margaret Bowles b. Dec. 25, 1724 bp. Jan. 14, 1724/25 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex  Hannah Bowles b. Dec. 15, bp. Dec. 30, 1725 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney
Hannah Bowles bur. Apr. 2, 1730 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex  Mary Bowles bp. Jan. 5, 1726/27 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex  Humphry Bowles b. Dec. 28, 1727 bp. Jan. 27, 1727/28 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex
Humphry Bowles d. & bur. Feb. 4, 1727/28 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex  Carolina Bowles b. Feb. 23, bp. Mar. 6, 1729/30 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex
Caroline Bowles bur. Mar. 12, 1729 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex  Ann Bowles b. ?, bur. Aug. 12, 1731 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex  George Bowles b. July 6, bp. July 14, 1732 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex
d. unm. Apr. 30, 1817  Charles Bowles b. ca. 1834 (of Ratcliffe (St. Dunstan Stepney) (to 1789)
m. Mary Galliard  Jan. 29, 1774 All Saints Edmonton, Middlesex
(Mary Galliard was the co-heiress of her brother, Bradshaw Galliard, who died about 1785 leaving to his two sisters the Bradshaw estate in Lancashire and Bury Farm, the demesne farm of Edmonton Manor, Middlesex which was eventually sold by Arthur Humphrey Bowles; they were of Sheen House, East Sheen, Surrey (after 1792); Charles was Sheriff of Surrey in 1794; See also The Bowles of Surrey)
(note: the following baptisms were recorded in the register at St George in the East, Middlesex but are entered as having been performed at Cock Hill in Stepney parish (I believe that refers to the St Dunstan and All Saints church, Stepney)) (note: Bowles Wharf was at Cock Hill, Ratcliffe; George and Charles Bowles Glass Manufactory at Cock Hill Ratcliff in Kent’s 1794 Directory of London)  Harriet b. Dec. 12, 1773 bp. Jan. 12, 1774 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney  Charles Bradshaw Bowles b. Mar. 30, bp. Apr. 27, 1776 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney (the given name Bradshaw was in tribute to the Bradshaw family whose estate his mother had inherited that year)  Rebecca Maria b. June 24, bp. July 24, 1777 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney
(recorded at St George as b. May 25, bp. June 25, 1777 but it’s crammed in between two other entries and was obviously added later but in the wrong month)  Mary Anna b. Mar. 6, bp. Apr. 7, 1779 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney  Charlotte b. Aug. 8, bp. Sept. 5, 1780 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney   Humphrey Bowles b. Nov. 19, 1781 Bradshaw, Lancs bp. Dec. 17, 1781 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex
 (of Mangrove Lodge; Capt. in the 2nd Surrey Militia in 1811)
m. Harriet Atkinson (father: Second Earl of Onslow) Oct. 15, 1804 Chelmsford, Essex   Mary Anne Bowles (Charlotte Matilda Bowles?) b. 1805   Charles Bradshaw Bowles b. Oct. 3, 1806 Hull, Yorkshire (apparently named after his uncle at
(the Vicar of Woking, Surrey, follow the link for his branch of the family tree)   (Rev.) George Cranley Bowles b. Nov. 23, bp. Feb. 7, 1808 St Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Middlesex
(Capt. Royal Fusiliers, Rector of East Thorpe, Kelvedon)
m. Jane Lucy Locker (b. ~ 1813; John) Nov. 2, 1833   George Herbert Bowles bp. Sept. 20, 1838 Holy Trinity, Brathay, Lancs.   Anne Galliard Bowles b. March 1843 Whittington, Lanc.
m. Henry Brackenbury (b. July 30, 1829; Rev. William, Juliet Langton) Nov. 3, 1864 Lexden, Esse
The Rev. George Bowles d. Jan. 22, 1878 East Thorpe, Essex  ref.    Arthur Edward Bowles b. Dec. 4, 1810 bp. Jan. 3, 1811 St Peter, Chertsey    Henry Albany Bowles of Artington Rectory, Barnstaple, Somerset (The Vicar of Otterbourne)
m. Louisa Alethea Yonge (Julian Bargus Yonge, Emma Frances) Aug. 7, 1884 (?)  Reginald Julian Albany Bowles  Phyllis Alan Bowles  Marjorie Joan Georgiana Bowles  Margaret Ernestine Bowles  Cicely Gertrude Bowles
Humphrey d. Aug. 12, 1859       Louisa b. Feb. 27, bp. Apr. 12, 1783 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney       Matilda b. & bp. Mar. 8, 1785  St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney (also recorded at St George as Apr. 8)
Charles d. Feb. 15, 1795 (while in his year of Office as High Sheriff for co. Surrey)
Mary d. ca. 1832-35   Humphry Bowles b. June 2, bp. July 1, 1735 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex  Frederick Bowles b. ?, bur. June 26, 1738 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney  Seymor (Seymour) Bowles b. ?, bur. June 29, 1738 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney (twins?)  Rebecca Bowles b. Aug. 17, bp. Sept. 15, 1740 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex
m. Sir John Rushout (b. July 12, 1738), First Lord Northwick June 8, 1766  Anne Rushout  Sir John Rushout b. Feb. 16, 1770, Second Lord Northwick  George Rushout b. July 30, 1772 , the Hon. and Rev., assumed the name Rushout-Bowles to inherit from his Uncle George
m. Lady Caroline Stewart (John, 7th Earl of Galloway)
Children: Caroline 1803, Georgiana, George, Harriot, George, Elizabeth
Lady Caroline d. May 22, 1818
The Hon. and Rev. George Rushout Bowles d. 1842  Harriet Rushout m. Sir Charles Cockerell, Bart. Feb. 13, 1808  Elizabeth Rushout b. Dec.6, 1774
m.(1) Sydney Bowles (her first cousin) June 24, 1797
m.(2) John-Wallis Grieve Aug. 7, 1819
Sir John Rushout d. Oct. 20, 1800
Rebecca d. Oct. 3, 1818  James Bowles b. Apr. 12, bp. May 7, 1742 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex
m. Sarah Hale (William of Kingswalden Park, Herts) 1770  William Sidney Bowles bp. Mar. 22, 1773 St Olave, Hart Street, London
m. Elizabeth Rushout (his first cousin) June 24, 1797
William Sidney d. 1806 Rome   Humphrey Bowles, Captain 10th Dragoons
Humphrey d. 1870  James Bowles William Bowles b. Apr. 23 bp. May 23, 1747 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex (of Kingston-upon-Thames)  Thomas Bowles (fits in the above somewhere but I haven't yet found where)
Humphrey d. Feb. 13, 1784
3.4.13  Richard Bowles bp. Feb. 5, 1701/02 (old date format) 02 St  Michael, Crooked Lane, London
(Lieut. Col.  7th Foot Regiment; Major when injured in 1745 at the Battle of Prestonpans during the Jacobite Rebellion ref.)
m. Mary (b. ~ 1703)  St. George Bowles (Lieut. Royal Reg’t of Horse Guards) b. ~ 1730
m. Mary  St. George Bowles (Rev’d.) b. May 30, bp. June 27, 1758 Westminster, London
m. Hannah Robinson Feb. 5, 1788
(no children)
St. George d. Sept. 1804
St. George d. Aug. 28, 1800 Lichfield
Mary d. May 10, 1757
Richard d. Oct. 31, 1769 Bristol bur. Westbury Church (Will dated June 4, 1757)
 3.4.14  Edward Bowles bp. Mar. 17, 1702/03 (old date format) St  Michael, Crooked Lane, London
d. 1756 Newport Pagnell, Bucks.
3.4.15  Benjamin Bowles b.  1703 (probably at Loughbrough House)
m. ?  Thomas Bowles
(possibly this one, Thomas Bowles son of Benjamin Bowles bp. Oct. 28, 1744 St Phillip and St Jacobs, Bristol)
Benjamin d. Sept. 1766 Croydon  (shooting accident)
3.4.16  Anna Katherina Bowles b. ~ 1710 (probably at Loughbrough House)
m.(1) Rev’d. William Crosse, Dean of Leighton and Rector of St. Mary’s Dublin  Anna Katherina Crosse
m.(2) Major Henry Brownrigg Feb. 16, 1750 (of Dublin in 1750, of Altidore Castle in 1754)
(no children; her nephew (her brother Thomas’ son) William lived in Ireland with them)
Katherina d. June 5, 1754 Altidore Castle, co. Wicklow (Will dated Apr. 15, 1753; heir was her nephew William son of Thomas)
Henry Brownrigg m(2) Alithea Maria (Hill) Bowles (the widow of 3.4.4  Lt. Gen. Phineas Bowles above)
July 17, 1757 St. Mary's, Dublin
Alithea Maria (Hill, Bowles) Brownrigg d. Oct. 1771
Henry Brownrigg d. 1780 (left his estate to step-son Richard Bowles and nephew William Brownrigg)
Phineas d.  June 27, 1718 bur. July 10 Eltham Church
 (Will dated Nov. 8, 1712 with a codicil added in 1715 limiting his son John’s inheritance)
Margaret d. Jan. 15, 1739/40 Westminster, London bur. Eltham Church, Kent
3.5  Margaret Bowles bp. Sept. 22, 1666 Eltham died an infant, bur. 1666 Eltham Church, Kent
3.6  Catherine Bowles bp. Aug. 15, 1667 St  Olave,  Hart Street, London (living in 1757) (of Bewdley)
3.7  Martha Bowles bp. Dec. 1, 1668 St  Olave 
m.(1) Mitchell 
m.(2) Samuel Hunt  of Lower Areley, Worcs. (brother of Martha’s brother Charles’ second wife)
Martha d. 1736
3.8  Agnes Bowles bp. Sept. 5, 1661 St  Ann Blackfriars, London, m. Thomas Ellis
4 children
Katherine d. Apr. 13, 1670 bur. Eltham Church, Kent
John m.(2) Mary Corbet (Vincent) Apr. 15, 1671 St Saviour, Denmark Park, Southwark, Surrey
John d. Dec. 24, 1709 bur. Mitton Chapel, Kidderminster, Worcestershirershire

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