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Other Bowles in New Orleans

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While my primary interest has been my own Bowles branch which moved from Quebec City, Canada to New Orleans in 1835, I have had to research several other Bowles who also lived in this area on the chance that there may be a connection with my line.
So far the following Bowles do not seem to have any connection to mine but they are included here to possibly help a fellow Bowles researcher following one of those other lines.  I've paid particular attention to the given names William, John and Thomas which are common names in my Bowles line.

William Bowles

There were two generations of William B. Bowles in New Orleans.  The first arrived there in 1820 and the second appears in local references in the 1840's.    

There was also a William A. Bowles who was mustered into the 2nd Reg't Company B, Orange County on June 19, 1846 at New Albany, Indiana by Col. Samuel Churchill.  I don't know if that Churchill was related to Charles H. Churchill of New Orleans, but this William A. Bowles was mustered out a year later in New Orleans by Col. Samuel Churchill.  I don't have any further trace of this William Bowles in NO.  ref.

William Bowles m. Mary
1.  William P. Bowles b. ~ 1871 Louisiana (per 1880 Census of Shelby, Tenn.)

Several John Bowles

Captain John W. Bowles originally of Washington, county, Maryland operated several steamships on the Mississippi and along several coastal routes.
John Joseph Bowles b. ~ 1864 New Orleans
m. Ellen Eloi (b. ~ 1865; Baptiste, Eliza Lee) ~ 1885
1.  Caroline Bowles b. ~ 1885
2.  Robert Bowles  b. 1890 (per 1920 Census)
3.  Joseph Henry Bowles b. Mar. 19, 1893 New Orleans
(in the 1930 census he was a policeman)
m. Norma Bush (b. July 16, 1895 New Orleans) ~ 1913
3.1  Norma Bowles b. ~ 1915 LA
3.2  Ellen Bowles b. ~ 1916 LA
3.3  Joseph Jr. b. ~ 1918 LA
(descendants of this line live in New Orleans today)
Joseph Henry Bowles d. Feb. 28, 1963 New Orleans
Norma Bush Bowles d. May 25, 1978 New Orleans
4.  John Bowles
4.1  Robert Bowles b. ~ 1914
4.2  younger daughter
Ellen Eloi Bowles d. Oct. 11, 1931 New Orleans
John Joseph Bowles d. Mar. 12, 1938 New Orleans
also a Grand-son of John Joseph Bowles was b. ~ 1906 (son of which one?)
Note: the 1910 Census states that his parents were born in Germany.  The 1850 Census has a Charles Bowles, barber, born in Germany in 1828.  That could have been John's father.
John D. Bowles, originally from New Hampshire worked for the police force in New Orleans in the 1840's and 50's before moving on to Panama and eventually to Sacramento, California.
Some John Bowles m. Sarah Anne (not necessarily in New Orleans, just in the Southwest)
1.  John Randolph Bowles b. Feb. 1, 1843 d. Sept. 8, 1843 (age 7 mos. 7 days) New Orleans  ref.

Thomas Bowles

Thomas Boles
m.(1) Sophie Etienne
1.  Thomas Jules Boles b. July 5, 1859 New Orleans  ref.
m. Julia Moran
1.1  Thomas Boles b. Jan. 15, 1879 New Orleans ref.
1.2  Frank Boles b. Aug. 12, 1881 New Orleans  ref.
1.3  Sarah Boles b. Sept. 6, 1888 New Orleans  ref.
m.(2)  Rosalie Brown
2.  Mary Boles b. Oct. 5, 1865 New Orleans  ref.
A T. Bowles lived at 127 Customhouse in 1861 ref.

Other Joseph Bowles

The following share a given name with my Joseph S. Bowles but so far I have not found any way they way be connected to him.

Joseph S. Bowles b. ~ Jan. 1911 d. July 29, 1959 New Orleans (age 48 years, 5 months, 17 days)

Joseph M. Bowles b. ~ 1858 m. Mary Jane Pickett (b. ~ 1859) Feb. 3, 1885 New Orleans  ref.

A Joe Bowles (Joseph) b. ~ 1861 d. Aug. 13, 1926 Orleans parish
The 1850 Census has a Joseph A. Bowles, painter, age 29 so born ~ 1821, b. N.Y.; married to Henrietta from Ohio.
A Joseph Michael Bowles d. May 2003, New Orleans (obit is in May 5, 2003 Times Picayune, not checked)

Misc. Bowles

There are also all these miscellaneous Bowles references which I collected but have not yet been able to match up with any other:

Sarah Isabelle Bowles b. ~ 1846 d. Oct. 12, 1869  (age 23) New Orleans  ref.

D. O. Bowles b. ~ 1833 d. April 6, 1909 (age 75) New Orleans  ref.

Margaret Bowles b. ~ 1827 d. age 25, bur. May 9, 1853 Lafayette Cemetery  ref.

Addie (Adelaide?) Bowles b. ~ 1868 d. Jan. 4, 1916 (age 48) St. Mary parish

Adam Bowles b. ~ 1851 d. May 20, 1914 (age 63) Calcasieu parish

Abraham Bowles b. ~ 1874 d. Oct. 28, 1946 Lafeyette parish

Alexander Bowlds b. ~ 1868 m. Rosalie Champagne (b. ~ 1872) Feb. 10, 1891 New Orleans  ref.

Alex Bowles b. ~ 1866 d. June 13, 1954 Orleans parish

Alfred Bowles b. ~ 1867 d. Feb. 28, 1943 Ouachita parish

Alonza Lee Bowles b. ~ 1881 d. June 28, 1943 Caddo parish

John Bowls m. Frances Canon
1.  Andrew Jackson Bowls b. Dec. 14, 1864 New Orleans

Andrew J. Bowles b. ~ 1846 d. Apr. 9, 1916 Orleans parish

An Andrew Bowles signed a co-partnership agreement to run a mercantile business with a Jesse Strong in New Orleans on Feb. 4, 1839.  Could be the above Andrew's father.

Andrew Bowles (b. 1838) m. Anna Bowles (b. 1840) (both b. Louisiana) ~ 1859
1.  Eugenia Bowles b. 1861 Louisiana
2.  Julia Bowles b. 1867 Louisiana
3.  Louisa Bowles b. 1868 Louisiana
4.  John Bowles b. 1872 Louisiana
5.  Elizabeth Bowles b. 1875 Louisiana
6.  Fredrick Bowles b. 1879 Louisiana
(family is in St. Louis, Missouri in 1880 Census; Andrew is a Hide Merchant)

Charlotte Bowles m. Benjamin F. Watson June 6, 1895 New Orleans  ref.

Lucinda Bowles b. ~ 1864 m. Samuel Tate (b. ~ 1850) Mar. 27, 1895 New Orleans  ref.

Mary Bowles b. ~ 1869 m. James T. Poole (b. ~ 1857) Nov. 14, 1897 New Orleans  ref.

Mary Bowles m. John Donahue; son John Donahue b. Jan. 18, 1860 ref.

Rosa Bowles m. Walter Yancey June 15, 1875 New Orleans  ref.

In 1851 a Samuel Bowel had a shop at the corner of St. Andrew and Chippewa in Lafeyette  ref.  and in 1861 a Samuel Boal had a butcher shop on St. Andrew near St. Thomas  ref.

Jane Bowles m. Patrick Durnin Jan. 5, 1866 ref.
Mary Ann Bowles (widow) m. Andrew Kerr Apr. 21, 1857  ref.
C. C. Bowles, merchant, business and residence at 72 Camp in 1861 ref.
Also, a C. C. Bowles was a Second Lieutenant in Company E, First Regiment, 3rd Brigade on March 1, 1862 (Charles Churchill's company; note: Charles Churchill was William B. Bowles commanding officer in Company C of the Fifth Regiment the year before.  C.C. Bowles and William B. Bowles may have some connection.)
Michel Andre Bowles
m. Ann Hortensia Frett
1.  Maria Regina Bowles b. Apr. 23, 1860 New Orleans  ref.
2.  Michel Andre Bowles b. June 8, 1862 New Orleans  ref.
(an Illustrator living at 245 Forrestville Ave. in Chicago in 1900 Census)
m. Caeda (b. Feb. 1871Missouri) 1889 
2.1  Andre Bowles b. Sept. 1892 Illinois
2.2  Constance Bowles b. June 1897  Illinois
2.3  Mary E. Bowles b. May 1899 Illinois
Sophia Bowles (b. Ireland) m. Simon DeVisser  (b. Holland) Sept. 21, 1852 New Orleans ref.
1.       Lizzie Salome DeVisser  b. Mar. 15, 1854 New Orleans  ref.
2.       William Morales DeVisser b. Nov. 5, 1855 New Orleans  ref.
m. Eugenie (and living on Lafayette Ave., NY in 1910 and 1920 Census)
3.  Sophie Hillgone DeVisser b. Aug. 22, 1857 New Orleans ref.
(the family moved to New York by 1859 when Simon is listed in the New York City Directory at 43 Broad under the heading Commission Merchants; Simon was naturalized as a US citizen on Aug. 3, 1860; in 1864 Simon applied for a US passport for a trip to Europe with his wife Sophia ref., this probably included his family in Holland; they may have made one very long trip or two trips as Simon and Sophie returned to NY from a trip to Europe also in Sept. 1873 ref.; Simon is also listed in the Brooklyn City and Business Directory of 1874/75 under Storage, Pierrepont Stores)
Another reference from a rootsweb thread re: Lillian Bowles: (this one is not verified, it's just picked out of postings)
David J. Bowles m. Katherine (Kate) Chapman
1.  Sidney J. Bowles b. ~ 1900
2.  Minnie Bowles m. Harry Hopkins
3.  Julia m. J. W. Barnes
4.  Lillian Bowles
(who lived in St. Louis, MO and then Dallas, TX)
m.(1) Theo Grable (baby Cleo)
m.(2) Barker
m.(3) Dysterbach
David d. 1902
One from the 1930 Census
Matthew (? Hard to read) Bowles b. ~ 1891 (looks like age 39)  
m. Genevieve Martin (b. ~ 1898)  ~ 1810
(He was a teacher, his wife was a dressmaker)
1.        Gloria Bowles b. ~ 1920
Genevieve d. Jan. 1975 (obit. is in Jan. 20, 1975 Times Picayune, has not been checked)
A John Bowles (age 20), William Bowles (20), Mary Bowles (15) and Catherine Bowles (14) arrived in New Orleans on the Free Trader from Liverpool in 1848. 
A Mary Bowles (age 40) arrived in New Orleans on the Hindoo from Liverpool in 1849.  Perhaps their mother?

The Bouwel Surname

(this line appears to have a German origin)
Joseph Bouwel m. Catherine Degan
1.       Henry Bouwel b. Mar. 29, 1851 New Orleans  ref.
Henry d. Oct. 22, 1892 (age 41) New Orleans  ref.
2.       Caroline Bouwel b. Sept. 9, 1854 New Orleans  ref.
3.       Joseph Bouwel b. Oct. 25, 1859 New Orleans  ref.
m. Ellen Baptiste (b. ~ 1861) Aug. 13, 1880 New Orleans  ref.

The last one is quite interesting as my Joseph S. Bowles was a shoemaker in New Orleans and the 1851 New Orleans city directory also lists an H. Bouwel, shoemaker at 44 Levee, 3rd Municipality. ref.  That's the same unusual surname spelling as Joseph Bouwel above.  It would sound just like Bowl.

H. Bouwel is also the only Bowles-like name to have the initial H.  The 1840 Heads of Households Census of New Orleans lists an H. Bowles as 1 male 20 to under 30 and 1 male 30 to under 60. 

One more Bouwel: Louisa Bouwel m. James McCormack, son James George McCormack b. Oct. 7, 1882 New Orleans

This must be the same family but using the Bowles spelling:

From a rootsweb posting:

A John T. Bowles b. ~ 1871 d. Apr. 19, 1946 Caddo parish

Jane Bowles (believed to be sister of John above) m. Mr. McCormack

The following McCormack may be connected to the above or perhaps Jane was Louise?
A Louise Bowles m. James McCormack (b. ~ 1861)
1.  James McCormack Jr.
James McCormack Sr. d. March 2, 1913 New Orleans (he was a policeman)
As on all these Bowles in Louisiana pages, I would like to express my appreciation to Kay Emery, a descendant of 5.3 Henry Belmont Bowles.
Kay has done most of the research on these Bowles and has kindly allowed me to publish it here.

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