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Richard Boles of Cork's Family Tree
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Richard Boles (I) b. ~ 1614 (lived Ballynalty, co. Cork, Ireland) (brother of Thomas Boles of Kilbree, co. Cork)
m.  Abigail ?  (b. ~ 1623  ref.) ~ 1640
(note: Richard was at Liscarroll in November 1641 with his wife and a newborn baby according to his deposition of 1645)
(this was an Abigail but not Abigail Ende as was reported in Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland explanation)
1. Francis Boles b. ~ 1641 Liscarroll (the Civil Census (Pender's Census) of 1659 lists 'Richard Boles and his son Francis' so Francis must have been at least 18 and so was likely the child born at Liscarroll in 1641) 
m. Mary Alwyn (father: William Alwyn) 1670
1.1  William Boles b. ~ January 1672
(possibly) m. Catherine Blanke 1694 (Index to the Marriage License Bonds of the Diocese of Cork and Ross)
Francis d. 1674 Ballinlawbeg, co. Cork (his Will signed Apr. 24, 1674 and probated Jan. 8, 1675)
(he pre-deceased his father making his bother Thomas the principal heir to their father's holdings)
(his widow, Mary Boles alias Alwyn, may have remarried as there is an entry in the above mentioned index for a Mary Bowles marriage to a James Hingston in 1679)
2. Thomas Boles b. ~ 1643
m. Ann Warner (b. June 19, 1656 Ballynakilly, co. Cork; Edward, Eleanor Magner) 1676 co. Cork
(inherited from his father in 1693 but died in 1696)
2.1  Thomas Boles b. ~ 1680 co. Cork
m. Catherine Upton (b. ~ 1680; father: William of Ballinabearna, co. Limerick, Mary Conyers) 1703 co. Cork
He inherited the family estate in 1696.  Thomas built the family great house at Moyge, co. Cork; when his son Richard married in 1737 he took over that domain and Thomas and Catherine moved to Killybraher (Kilbreedy), co. Cork. 
2.1.1  Richard Boles (V) b. ~ 1705 co. Cork
m. Ann White (b. ~ 1710; father: Swithin White) 1737 (a distant cousin, See 6.1.1 Anne White in Thomas Boles of Cork's Family Tree)  Thomas Boles b. ~ 1740 co. Cork
m. Grace Godsell (b. ~ 1740; Amos, Grace Carleton) 1766 Sunville, co. Limerick
(they were 'of Moyge' when he was admitted as a Freeman of Fethard in 1774 but must have moved out, likely to Charleville where his wife died in 1816, as he had assigned his holdings to his eldest son by 1808.  In that year Richard VII sold his lease on the Moyge estate to a Philip Nunan.  The Griffith Survey recorded the occupier of Moyge to be Phillip's grandson, a Maurice Newman. The name Newman is another example of a Catholic Irish family adopting a more common English spelling of their name.  The house remained in the family as the 1901 census shows the great house at Moyge occupied by three unmarried RC and Irish-speaking sisters, Anna Maria, Betsey and Mary Nunan ironically being cared for by one servant, a Maggie Bowles.)  Richard Boles (VII) b. ~ 1768  Will
(sold the family estate at Moyge in 1808; lived in Dublin but still held some land at Moyge, co. Cork and in co. Kildare which he left to his brother Thomas according to his 1815 Will; his younger brothers and sisters returned to England; he was a Lt. Col. in 23rd Regiment of Light Dragoons)
m. Susanna Medlicott ~ 1795
Richard d. 1817; administration of Will granted in Dublin Dec. 9, 1817  Grace Boles b. ~ 1769
m. Sir Frederick-Philipse Robinson ~ 1795 (Lieut. General)
(b. Sept.1763, America; Beverley, Susannah Philipse)
Grace d. 1806
Frederick d. Jan. 1, 1852 Brighton    Thomas Boles b. Apr. 7, 1770  co. Cork
(Deputy Adjutant-General of the East India Company's Army in 1831; appointed as Cadet 1791, Lieutenant 1792, Captain 1797, Major 1804, Lieut-Colonel 1809, Colonel 1819, Major-General 1830)
m. Mary Eliza Gee (b. 1784) March 24, 1804 St Mary's Church, Fort St. George, Madras, India  Daniel Jacob Boles bp. Sept. 21, 1806 Cuddalore, India
          Thomas d. Apr. 7, 1850 Littleham, Devon, England Will Summary
(His Will)
(Inventory of his Assets in India for probate)
          Eliza d. June 15, 1859 Exeter, Devon    Matthew Boles b. ~ 1775
          m. Margaret Commins (b. 1789) Feb. 13, 1810 Queenstown, co. Cork
(Matthew was a licensed free mariner to the East India Company which allowed him to operate in the trade between Britain and India.  His ship floundered off Caup (Mangalore) with the loss of the entire family.)
        Thomas Boles b. ~ 1810
                            Thomas d. May 10, 1820 Mangalore, India
   Isabella Ann Boles b. Sept. 3, bp. Oct. 10, 1819 Bombay, India
                            Isabella d. May 10, 1820 Mangalore, India
          Matthew d. May 10, 1820 Mangalore, India
          Margaret d. May 10, 1820 Mangalore, India
Account of the death of this family
(Inventory of his estate in India)    James Boles b. Sept. 18, 1789 co. Cork
m. Papa Amah ~ 1821 (common law) Bellary, India  James Thomas Boles b. Jan. 1, 1822 Hyderabad, India bp. Dec. 6, 1825 Secunderabad, India
(he was adopted by his Uncle, General Thomas Boles, after the death of his father shortly after his birth;  Educated at Oxford and became Vicar of Littleham, Ottery St. Mary, Eldon and Crowcombe;  succeeded to Ryll Court, Exmouth after the death of General Thomas Boles)
m.  Maria Frances Dennis Jan. 6, 1848 Littleham, Devon
                   (Feb. 29, 1820; John, Maria Wilks Rogers) Jan. 6, 1848  Thomas Gordon Dennis Boles b. Oct. 20, 1848 Ottery St Mary, Devon
(notes for Thomas Gordon Boles)
m. Anna Maria Naylor Aug. 29, 1882 Chatham. Ont., Canada  Amelia Frances Boles b. June 9, 1884 Chatham, Ont.
m. Earle Hodgins June 18, 1907
Amelia d. Feb. 9, 1961 bur. Markham, Ont.
Earle d. Oct. 15, 1962 bur. Markham, Ont.
Gordon d. Aug. 25, 1919 Chatham, Ont.  Maria Boles bp. Nov. 25, 1849 Littleham (near Exmouth)  Francis James Coleridge Boles bp. Sept. 29, 1853  Littleham (near Exmouth)  Richard Henry Boles bp. May 16, 1855 Exeter St James, Devon  John H. D. Boles b. ca. 1857 (from 1871 Census)  Dennis Fortesque Boles (Sir) bp. Oct. 18, 1861 Littleham (near Exmouth) d. 1935
m. Beatrice Lysaght 1894  Hastings F. Boles d. May 24, 1915 France  Gerald F. Boles  Katherine Jane Boles bp. Apr. 26, 1863 Littleham (near Exmouth)
James d. ?
James Thomas Boles family in 1871 Census
James  bur. May 27, 1823, St Georges Church, Madras
(his Will and probate documents in India:)  Ann (Nancy in brother Richard's Will) Boles b. ~ 1772  Mary Boles b. ~ 1774  Jane Boles b. Apr. 27, 1780 Ireland
Jane d. July 17, 1879 Bicton, Devon  Harriet Boles b. ~ 1778
m. John Butler July 25, 1805 Brigown (Mitchelstown), co. Cork
living at Wolverhampton in 1848
Grace (living in Charleville in 1810) d. ~ 1816 Charleville, co. Cork
Thomas d. 1818 Mitchelstown, co. Cork (probably having moved to live with daughter Harriet Butler after his wife's death)  John Boles b. 1751
(a merchant of Cork; admitted a Freeman at Large of Cork city on April 29, 1783, having served Sampson Austen, merchant (The Council Book of the Corporation of the City of Cork))
John d. April 15, 1846 Abbeyville  Martha Boles b. ~ 1745 (of Charleville in marriage license issued Mar. 6, 1782)
m. William Preston, Esq. of Dublin (b. 1753) Mar. 14, 1782 Ballyhay, co. Cork  unknown b. ~ 1782
Martha d. 1790
William d. 1807  Ann Boles b. ~ 1750
Ann (a spinster living in Charleville in 1782) d. 1800  Catherine Boles b. ~ 1747
m. Boles D’Arcy Mar. 19, 1767 Ballyhay, co. Cork
lived Chesterfield, co. Limerick
Richard d. 1751 Moyge, co. Cork (Will dated Sept. 9, 1751)
Anne m.(2) William Roberts of Charleville 1754 (marriage license issued Dec. 3, 1754) (confirmed in 1782 Deed memorial 346/376/232986)
Ann (alive in 1782) d. ?  (an Anne Bowles, widow, aged 80 was buried Jan. 3, 1793 in Youghal; possibly that was Richard's wife)
2.1.2  Elizabeth Boles b. ~ 1706
m. James D’Arcy 1725  ref.  Boles D'Arcy
m. Catherine Boles (his cousin, see above) Mar. 19, 1767 Ballyhay, co. Cork
lived Chesterfield, co. Limerick  James D'Arcy
Lived Knockaderry, Limerick
2.1.3  Abigail Boles b. ~ 1707
m. Thomas Williams 1740  Mary Williams b. ~ 1741
m. Eyre Evans (Thomas, Mary Waller) 1756
2.1.4  Catherine Boles b. ~ 1710
m. Morris Faloon (or Falon, a Maurice Falon was a tenant of the Boles in 1722 (Deed memorial 26/322/15594) 1750
Catherine d. 1780
2.1.5  Margaret Boles b. ~ 1712
m. John Reeves 1742 Cloyne, co. Cork ref.
(the Reeves lived at Belfort, Charleville, co. Cork)   Boles Reeves of Belfort
m. Arabella Bourchier (pron. Bowcher) of Baggotstown
(note: the above was reported to me as the parents of John Boles Reeves and Boles D’Arcy Reeves but has not yet been confirmed.  The dates do seem to work out better with the additional generation between those two and John Reeves who is claimed to be their direct parent on another site.)  John Boles Reeves (lived at Belfort) bp. July 24, 1774 Ballyhay, co. Cork
m. Anne Fosbery 1807 St. Michael’s, Limerick  Thomasina Eliza Reeves m. Thomas D’Arcy Evans
 (James, Arabella Massy Leake)  May 21, 1835
 (they lived at Knockaderry House, co. Limerick, the ancient seat of the D'Arcy family (per Lewis))
 5 children in the Evans line
 Thomasina d. June 3, 1874   Videlicit Belinda Reeves m. George Gun Sept. 4, 1833  Anne Reeves m. William Raymond of Listowel, co. Kerry, Capt. 73rd Regt. of Foot  Margaret Reeves m. Rev'd. James Pierce Chute of Ballyheigh Glebe, co. Kerry  John Reeves d. 1831 Limerick
John Boles Reeves d. Dec. 1814 Dublin   Boles D’Arcy Reeves b. July 2, 1781 (an Attorney in Dublin)
Newspaper Notice
m. Mary Roberts (Captain Jonathan Bruce Roberts, Mary Gayer)  William Reeves b. Mar. 16, 1815 Charleville, co. Cork
Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore, Ireland
m.(1) Emma Reeves (Thomas Reeves of Carlisle)
Jan. 3, 1838
Nine children
Emma d. Oct. 12, 1855
m. Charlotte Townley Dec. 26, 1891 Dublin
William d. Jan. 12, Dublin bur. Jan. 15, 1892 Armagh
ref.  Jonathan Reeves, Solicitor  Mary Reeves m. Charles Haig, Barrister at Law  Rev. Boles Reeves b. 1821
Rector of Rosebercon, co. Wexford
(but a soldier earlier in his career? Newspaper Notice)
Rev. Boles Reeves d. Jan. 1871  Catherine Reeves b. July 23, 1823 Russell Street, Dublin 
m. Patrick Persse Fitzpatrick Rainsford (b. Jan. 7, 1825, Rev. John Salisbury Rainsford, Elizabeth Catherine Fitzpatrick)  Oct. 6, 1846 St. George’s, Dublin
Persse was a Solicitor in Dublin  Deed Memorial In His Name
(9 children including Boles Reeves Rainsford)
Patrick d. Nov. 6, 1872 NSW, Australia
Catherine d. June 11, 1884 NSW, Australia
One of the above male Reeves was probably the father of a Boles Reeves who married Ann Rule Webber (widow of Essex Harris) in South Africa Oct. 1, 1868.  They had two daughters Emma Alice (July 1, 1869 to 1936) and Mary Martha (Oct. 1, 1874 to June 29, 1927).
Mary d. 1832 (Cholera)
Boles D’Arcy Reeves d. 1852 (another source says 1872 but he is stated to be deceased in a deed memorial dated 1858)
Mrs. Reeves d. Apr. 1789 near Charleville 
Catharine d. after 1749 (she is mentioned in her husband's Will in 1749)
Thomas d. Nov. 9, 1749 Killybraher, co. Cork (Kilbreedy)  (the date of his death is stated in the opening paragraph of his Inventory report made during the probate process; Will dated Mar. 22, 1749 and Apr. 7, 1749 (probably a caveat was added))
Inventory of His Goods and Chattels (as submitted to the Prerogative Court during Probate) (large file)
2.2        Richard Boles (III) b. 1686 co. Cork
(Educated at Trinity College, Dublin (1704-1708)  ref.; was a partner in a sugar refining business in Dublin with Joseph Jopson, James Filer and Thomas Minnit (from Sept. 21, 1716) but sold his interest in the business to his brother Thomas Boles of Kilbredy for 200 pounds in March 1716/17 ref. ; this sale may not have worked out though as Richard again sold his interest in his partnership with Jopson to a Joshua Minnett (a relation of their other partner Thomas Minnit?) in March 1718 for 878 pounds 10s ref.  )
m. Catherine Rogers (b. ~ 1673; George Rogers of Ashgrove, co. Cork; Anne Atkins) 1717
See Sorting Out the Richard Boles/Catherine Rogers Couples
                                    No known children
Catherine d. ~ 1720
Richard d. 1752
Thomas d. ~ 1695 co. Cork (his Will signed Feb. 14, 1693 and proven Apr. 22, 1696) bur. Cloyne Cathedral
Ann d. 1700 Ireland (at age 44)
3.  Joan (Joanne) Boles b. ~ 1645
m. Richard Bustead (Busted) (they were witnesses at Richard III's wedding in 1707)
4. Abigail Boles b. ~ 1652
m. (1) Mr. Smith
(her first husband died before 1675 as she was a widow when she converted to the Quaker faith)
m. (2) Samuel Abbot 1691
Abigail d. 1717 at Moyge near Charleville in the Province of Munster biography
5. Jonathan Boles b. Oct. 31 Ballynalty, co. Cork,
bp. Nov. 2, 1655 St. Peter’s Parish, Holy Trinity Church, Cork
m. Mary Upton ~ 1680
(no children are mentioned in his Will)
(note: this is probably the "Jonathan Boles of Newcastle, co. Limerick" who was "attainted of high treason in King James parliament in 1689"; the Upton family was from Newcastle in Limerick)
Jonathan d. ~ 1705 Killybraher, co. Cork (his Will signed Dec. 27, 1704 and Probate Feb. 9, 1705)
6. Richard Boles (II) b. ~ 1656 (Richard son of Richard both of Ballinalty in 1686)
m. Abigail Lawry (or Lavery or Savery) (b. July 21, 1659; Daniel Lawry, wife Mary, Mallow, co. Cork) May 1, 1679 Mallow, Cork  ref.
(others believe he married an Abigail Ende  ~ 1674 Cashel but the above reference is pretty clear; Richard was convinced of the Friends faith about the same time as his sister Abigail was; he established a Friends Burial Ground on a plot on his land at Ballynalty which was used by the Charleville Meeting; in 1688 he was the first to be buried there)
6.1  Mary Boles b. 1680
m. Richard Baker of Cashel 2 IV 1696 [June 2, 1696] (Tipperary   A471905-0959)
(Richard and Mary came before the Munster 6 Weeks Meeting on Mar. 30, 1696 and expressed their intention to marry but they were refused permission as Mary was underage; their parents were criticized for letting them come before the meeting and the matter was referred to the Knockgraffon Meeting; Mary was of Ballynalty then so it would seem that Richard was a member of the Knockgraffon Meeting; they appeared again at the next meeting (May 2, 1696) and this time they received approval; someone influenced somebody between the meetings; the Munster Quarterly Meeting a month later records their marriage certificate)
6.2  Francis Boles b. aft. 1685 (not mentioned in William Boles' Will dated July 1685 although his sister Mary was)  (sugar refiner) (lived Moyge, co. Cork)
6.3  Richard Boles (IV)
m. Catherine Rogers (b. 1st mo.5.1685/86 (Mar. 5, 1686);  Francis Rogers, Catherine End) 11th mo.4.1703 (Jan. 4, 1704)
(they lived at Ballynalty, a part of Moyge, until at least 1720 but they were in London by about 1722 (see the note below))
See Sorting Out the Richard Boles/Catherine Rogers Couples
6.3.1  Francis Boles b. Jan. 21, 1704/05 Ballynalty, co. Cork
Francis d. 1738  (Will signed May 17, 1734 and proven June 6, 1738)
6.3.2  Richard Boles (VI) b. July 12, 1706 Ballynalty, co. Cork
Richard d. June 18, 1724 St Martin in the Fields, London bur. at Longaere Burial Ground
6.3.3  William Boles b. Nov. 21, 1707 Ballynalty, co. Cork
(note: possibly this was the William Bowles who was Alexander the Coppersmith and/or the botanist/geologist Guillermo Bowles; if so he died in Spain in 1780)
6.3.4  John Boles b. Oct. 1, 1709 Ballynalty, co. Cork
6.3.5  Robert Boles b. 1710 Ballynalty, co. Cork
6.3.6  possibly Katherine Boles b. ca. May 1723 d. Sept. 7, 1724 St Martin in the Fields, London bur. at Longaere Burial Ground
(Richard was allowed to bury one of his children on 6 IX 1718 (Dec. 6, 1718) in the Friends Cork Street Burial Ground, that could be one of the above or a child born after Richard left the faith)
Richard seems to have fallen out of the Friends faith as there were several discussions at Friends Meetings between 1708 and 1717 regarding his behaviour; in one instance he took offence to another Friend, drew pistols and offered a duel, it was against Quaker principles to carry firearms or to settle differences in a violent way;  Richard disappears from Quaker records after 1718; he possibly lived at Ballinalty in 1720 ref. ; they were in London by about 1722 when they tried to market a cure for ruptures; by 1727 Richard had taken his cure to Paris (see The Boles Cure for Ruptures) but Catherine remained in London where she  died in great poverty (Francis Roger's family history as recorded by the Munster Meeting) but a reference regarding Catherine says her husband was thought to be in France in 1729.
Richard d. ?
Catherine d. Jan. 18, 1729 Blackfryers, London bur. Jan. 21 near Bunhillfield 
Richard d. June 11, 1688, buried in the Friends (Quakers) Burial Ground at Ballynalty ref.
7. John Boles b. April 1, 1661 Ballynalty, co. Cork (see John Boles of Woodhouse)
Note: the dates given with Roman Numerals are as found in Friends (Quaker) records with the modern equivalent given in square brackets.  See an Important Note Re: Quaker Date Formats
m.(1) Sarah Baker (b. Nov. 10, 1661 Cashel; George Baker of Cashel, Tipperary) 26.IX.1682
7.1  George Boles b. 8 IX 1684  [Nov. 8, 1684] Killoskehan, co. Tipperary   (of Woodhouse)
m. Susanna Biker (Robert, Frances) 1706 Dublin
[While George and Frances were both raised as Quakers they married out of their faith, the Friends registry: 1707 Dublin bk. 4, p. 221 states George Boles son of John Boles of co. Carlow was married “by a priest”; Susanna's mother's Will of 1761 refers to her daughter Susanna married to a Bowles as well as 5 of her Bowles grandchildren; all of their children except the eldest son John returned to Friends probably influenced by their Boles grandfather]
7.1.1  Mary Boles b. ~ 1710
m. John Watson of Clonmacshane, co. Carlow (parents: John Watson, Susannah Hawkins of Staplestown; not related to the Watsons of Kilconner)
23.XII.1736 [Feb. 23, 1736/37] Kilconner, co. Carlow
Mary and John settled at Ballintrane and their family was there for the next 100 years – per Peter Coutts
7.1.2  Margaret Boles
m. William Grubb of Clonmel (b. 1719; father: John)  20.VII.1739 [Sept. 20, 1739] Kilconner, co. Carlow  Samuel Grubb b. 23 VII 1740 [Sept. 23, 1740] Clonmel
d. 25.I.1787 [March 25, 1787]  Joseph Grubb  John Grubb  William Grubb
m.(1)  Elizabeth Taylor  Margaret Grubb b. 9.15.1778 [Nov. 15, 1778]  Hannah Grubb b.  William Grubb
m.(2) Eleanor Fayle  Joshua Grubb  Charlotte Maria Grubb  Thomas Grubb b. Aug. 4, 1800 near Portlaw, county Waterford
(first business was building metal billiard tables but became an optician and founder of the Grubb Telescope Company)  
(Here is a paper on THE GRUBB CONTRIBUTION TO TELESCOPE TECHNOLOGY by I.S. Glass, South African Astronomical Observatory, Observatory 7935 , South Africa)
m. Sarah Palmer (b. 1827) (he married out of the faith)  (Sir) Howard Grubb b. 1844 Rathmines, Dublin
(like his father he was a leading astronomical instrument maker and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Dublin; Grubb of Dublin continued to be large telescope makers until the 1st World War when they moved to Newcastle and eventually became Grubb-Parsons who were responsible for building the 150 inch Anglo-Australian Telescope and much of the William Herschel Telescope currently in operation in the Canary Islands)
m. Mary Hester Walker Sept. 5, 1871
7 children in all
Sir Henry d. Sept. 17, 1931  8 other children
Thomas d. Sept. 19, 1878 bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin
William d. 1.25.1787 [Mar. 25, 1787]  Benjamin Grubb to 12    6 daughters: Mary, Abigail, Margaret,Sarah, Anne and Elizabeth  but another source says they had 14 children in all
William d. 1774
Margaret d. 1780
7.1.3  John Boles
(he professed to have returned to the Friends faith but he fell out with his grandfather who disinherited him in his Will dated Sept. 14, 1731; apparently he was not willing to accept the loss of his share of a very large inheritance; the Clonmel Meeting minutes dated 23.XI.1731 (Jan. 23, 1732 by the modern calendar) show that the 'scandalous reports spreading among People of John Boles son of George Boles and whereas he had been educated among Friends and made profession of truth ...' and that they would have to be inquired into and if found true this would lead to a 'denial'; the result of their inquiry as reported in their Meeting minutes of 5.I.1731 (March 5, 1732) states that John Boles had been attempting 'to bribe Ann Boles' servants to make way for him to get into possession of her house to which he has no just right therefore for his evil design and misbehaviour we can do no less than clear our profession of such doings and deny him and his actions')
************* (note: the following section is purely speculative at this point) ************
                                please do not copy this possibility to other family trees
m. Mary around 1732 and then they baptized: (see the following note)  George Bowles bp. Nov. 2, 1736 St. Luke, Dublin
he may be the ancestor of the Bowles of Killenaule and the Kilcooly lines; see The Bowles of Crohane
George Bowles d. Feb. 9, 1777 bur. Killenaule at age 42  Jonathan Bowles bp. Nov. 2, 1736 St. Luke, Dublin
(note: while these two were baptized the same day they were not likely twins; this may reflect that they had one or both of these children during the period that John was still trying to get accepted into the Friends faith after they denied him in 1732 but finally in 1736 accepted the situation and had his 2 children baptized in the Church of Ireland)  John Bowles bp. Apr. 25, 1740 St. Mary, Dublin
he may have been John Bowles of Fethard, co. Tipperary  Margaret Bowles b. Dec. 20, bp. Dec. 26, 1742 St. Mary, Dublin
John Bowles bur. June 2, 1742 St Mary Dublin (could be either John Sr. or John Jr.)
There were Bowles around Killenaule in the late 1700's with several apparent connections to people on land formerly held by John Bowles of Woodhouse or his immediate neighbours which could indicate a connection to his line.  This John Bowles, his grandson, has the only undocumented line due to his disownment from the Friend's faith.  See The Bowles of Killenaule and Woodhouse Connections  for a discussion of those connections and a potential family tree which would connect this John Bowles to The Bowles of Killenaule.
****************** (note: the above section is purely speculative at this point) *************** 
7.1.4  George Boles (See Friends References for the George Boles Family)
m. Susannah Jessop (Andrew, Frances Barrington) 3.VII.1738 Meath Street, Dublin
(the Quaker registry [Dublin bk.4 p.12] entry states George and Susannah are both “of Dublin” and his father was George Boles of Woodhouse, co. Tipperary; George was a chandler (candle maker) in 1749 when he was admitted as a Freeman of Dublin ref. and in 1755 probate abstract below)  Frances Boles b. 12 IV 1739 [June 12, 1739] Dublin  Mary Boles b. 4 VI 1740 [Aug. 4, 1740] Dublin  Abigail Boles b. 13 IX 1741 [Nov. 13, 1741] Dublin
m. Thomas Smyth of Dublin, weaver Aug. 3, 1757 St Luke parish, Dublin [left the Quaker faith]
living in 1800
(little is known about her married life or of her husband but by 1800 Abigail Smyth, who had the care of her sister Frances, applied for admission to the Friends poorhouse and was admitted)  Frances Boles b. 23 XII 1742 [Feb. 23, 1742/43] Dublin
(In February 1795 the Dublin Men's Meeting inquired into the care which Frances and Susannah (her mother) who were 'deranged in the intellect' were receiving from a Friends family (Stephen and Ruth Dalton) in Lambstown, Wexford and in March were reassured by the Wexford Meeting that Frances was in good care but that Susannah had passed away on Feb. 3;  in November 1800 Frances was admitted into the Friend's poorhouse under the care of her sister Abigail; in 1812 she was admitted to the Friend's 'Retreat' which was a term used for the new Friends facility for "Friends who may be afflicted with disorders of the mind" at Bloomfield House which opened that year; she died at Bloomfield in 1818 at age 75)
Frances d. 27 III 1818 [Mar. 27, 1818] Bloomfield  bur. Mar. 29, 1818  Sarah Boles b. 15 III 1744 [May 15, 1744] Dublin  Susannah Boles b. 28 II 1745 [Apr. 28, 1745] Dublin
Susannah d. VII 1748 [Sept. 1748] bur. Sept. 25, 1748 Dublin  John Boles b. 3 VI 1746 [Aug. 3, 1746] Dublin
John d. IX 1747 [Nov. 1747] bur. Nov. 6, 1747 Dublin  George Boles b. 26 IV 1748 [June 26, 1748] Dublin
(In 1774 the Dublin Men's Meeting provided George with a letter of introduction to the Friends Meeting in Philadelphia as he was 'about to move to your parts'.  It's likely that he did move to America as there is no further mention of him in Dublin.)  John Boles b. 18 IV 1749 [June 18, 1749] Dublin
John d. VII 1757 [July 1757] bur. July 12, 1757 Dublin Elizabeth Boles b. 5 VII 1750 [Sept. 5, 1750] Dublin
Elizabeth d. 1750 bur. Sept. 28, 1750 Dublin
(note: the Quaker date numbering system was standardized after 1751) Andrew Boles b. 20 I 1752 [Jan. 20, 1752] Dublin Ann Boles b. 18 III 1754 [Mar. 18, 1754] Dublin
m. Richard Ryan 1777 (by a priest) Quaker registry (he was a grocer in Dublin )
George d. VI 1755 [June 1755] bur. June 20, 1755 Dublin
Susannah d. Feb. 3, 1795 (in her later years she was termed 'deranged in the intellect' and, along with her daughter Frances, was placed in the care of a Friends family in Wexford where she lived until her death in 1795)
7.1.5  Jonathan Boles (lived Magorban)
m. Elizabeth Godfrey (b. 1718; John of Magorban, Jane Godwin) 16 5 1742 [July 16, 1742] Cashel
(he inherited Woodhouse, Clonbrogan and 170 acres of land from his Aunt Anne in 1765)  John Boles b. 26 VI 1744 [Aug. 26, 1744] Magorban, co. Tipperary
(Quaker record and civil record # 7820231-7)
John d. 29 VIII 1748 [Oct. 29, 1748] Cashel, co. Tipperary  Richard Boles b. 3 VIII 1746 [Oct. 3, 1746] Cashel, co. Tipperary
(Quaker record and civil record #  7820231-6)
Richard bur. Sept. 3, 1782 Youghal
(lived Youghal by 1766; the family history at the Friends Library states that "Richard went off from Friends and died at Youghal unmarried")
Jonathan living in Youghal in 1779 when he mortgaged his estate including Woodhouse to Thomas Garde of Youghal (deed memorial vol. 322,p. 626, # 221370)
Elizabeth bur. Youghal (date not given in Quaker registry)
7.1.6  Richard Boles (attended his sister Mary's marriage in Carlow in 1737 and his brother George's marriage in Dublin in 1738)
George d. ? (the Betham extract of his Will does not include a date)
(note: Frances Wiley and the Simmons children seem to have been on the Jessop side, I'm not sure exactly how)
7.2  Abigail Boles b. 6 IV 1688 [June 6, 1688] Comas, co. Tipperary
            (of Ballintrane, co. Carlow in 1707) 
m. Solomon Watson (b. Feb. 6, 1682; Samuel, Elizabeth Thompson) of Ballymoranis, King’s co.
3 I 1707 [Mar. 3, 1707]  Kilconner, Carlow
            lived Clonbrogan, Tipperary
7.2.1  Sarah Watson b. 27 I 1709 [Mar. 27, 1709] Woodhouse
m. Thomas Godwin June 29, 1727  Abigail Godwin b. 15 VII 1728 Clonbrogan  Solomon Godwin b. 30 IX 1729 Newtown  John Godwin b. 28 XI 1730 Newtown  Thomas Godwin b. 23 XII 1732 Newtown
d. 16 VIII 1734 Newtown  Sarah Godwin b. 21 IV 1734 Newtown
Sarah d. Aug. 16, 1734 Woodhouse townlands, bur. Quaker burial ground    Mary Godwin b. 24 X 1736 Newtown  Elizabeth Godwin b. 20 VIII 1738 Waterford  Susannah Godwin b. 16 XI 1741 Waterford
Note: The Fethard and Killusty newsletter lists an Elizabeth Godwin who died 31 VIII 1737 at Moggerbane and is buried at the Woodhouse Quaker burial ground.  Possibly there is an error in the date reported and it is the above Elizabeth Godwin.  Possibly, Thomas had a sister Elizabeth who was buried there.
7.2.2  Elizabeth Watson b. 3 IV 1710 [June 3, 1710] Clonbrogan
7.2.3  Samuel Watson b. 28 VIII 1711 [Oct. 28, 1711] Clonbrogan
                                                           d. 6 XII 1711 [Feb. 6, 1711]
7.2.4  John Watson b. 28 VIII 1711 [Oct. 28, 1711] Clonbrogan
(twin with Samuel)
m. Sarah Pim (John of Edonderry, King's co.) Apr. 12, 1733
(lived at Summerville, formerly Ballingarrane, co. Tipperary)  Solomon Watson b. Clonbrogan
m. Mary Hill ~ 1770  Limerick
children: John, Deborah, Sarah, James, Elizabeth, Soloman, William, Anne, Joshua, Samuel.  All born Summerville, Clonmel from 1771 to 1788.
Solomon Watson d. 1815  Mary Watson b. 1734, Clonbrogan  James Watson b. 1735, Clonbrogan  Abigail Watson b. 1738, Boffane  Sarah Watson b. 1739, Boffane
d. Aug. 27, 1783 
7.2.5  Solomon  Watson b. 5 VII 1713 [Sept. 5, 1713] Clonbrogan
m. Susanna Saltmarsh Apr. 22, 1746  James Watson b. Cashel
James d. Oct. 23, 1748 Woodhouse townlands, bur. Quaker burial ground  Elizabeth Watson b. Cashel
Elizabeth d. Jan. 11, 1750 Woodhouse townlands, bur. Quaker burial ground  John Boles Watson b. Cashel  John Boles Watson b. Brecon, France
Solomon Watson Jr. d. Apr. 5, 1780
7.2.6  Samuel Watson b. 4 X 1715 [Dec. 4, 1715] Clonbrogan
Samuel d. 21 XI 1727 [Nov. 21, 1727] Ballyloghery, co. Kildare
Abigail d. 10 XI 1716 [Jan. 10, 1716/1717] Cashel, Tipperary
Solomon m.(2) Elizabeth (at Dublin); Elizabeth d. 26 I 1732  [March 26, 1732]
Solomon m.(3) Deborah Smallman; Deborah d. 11 I 1750 [Mar. 11, 1750]
Solomon d. 4 III 1758 [May 4, 1758] Clonmel, bur. Quaker burial ground                              
7.3  Sarah Boles b. 31 XI 1691 [Jan. 31, 1691/1692]  Castlemore, co. Carlow
                                                (lived Cashel in 1713)
m. Joshua Pim (b. Dec. 20, 1686; John, Mary Pleadwell)  16 I 1713 [Mar. 16, 1713] Cashel, Tipp. 
(Tipp. Reg. and civil reg. #’s 7215401-54 and 7511322-83)
Sarah d. 28 II 1715
Joshua d. Feb. 28, 1749
7.4  Ann Boles b. 9 X 1693 [Dec. 9, 1693] Ballintrain (now Ballintrane), co. Carlow
Ann was a Quaker minister and single when she was an executor of her father’s will in 1731 and was named his heir bypassing her older brother George who had left the Friends faith.  She inherited Woodhouse and 170 plantation acres.  His eldest son, George, was given one English shilling and one pound sterling per year; his grandson, George’s son John, was given 'one English shilling and no more'.  Apparently, he later tried to gain possession of the house from Anne but was not successful.
Ann d. 10.IX.1765 Youghal (her heir was George's son Jonathon who had remained in the Friend's faith)
7.5  Mary Boles b. 13 II 1696 [Apr. 13, 1696] Ballintrain (now Ballintrane), co. Carlow
                             (lived Cashel in 1717)
m. Jonas Chamberlaine (of Killane, co. Wexford) 21 X 1717 [Dec. 21, 1717] Cashel
     (lived Killane, co. Wexford)
7.5.1  John Chamberlaine
7.5.2  William Chamberlaine
7.5.3  Samuel Chamberlaine
7.5.4  Jonas Chamberlaine
7.5.5  Sarah Chamberlaine b. Oct. 16, 1723 Killane, co. Wexford
m. John Gurly (feltmaker and hatter)  Mary Gurly bp. May 16, 1745  Anne Gurly bp. May 1, 1748  John Gurly (bp. Aug. 30, 1705 Wexford; James) (of Wexford, hatter)
John Gurly d. bef. Jan. 1776
Other children
7.6  Elizabeth Boles b. 20 XI 1697 [Jan. 20, 1697/1698] Ballintrain (now Ballintrane), co. Carlow  
m. Henry Hillary of Wexford 24.XII.1718 [Feb. 24, 1718] Cashel    
had children
7.7  Jane Boles b. 23 XII 1698 [Feb. 23, 1698/1699] Ballintrain (now Ballintrane), co. Carlow
m. Joseph Deane of Dublin 7 IV 1720 [June 7, 1720] Cashel [Tipp. Bk. 1]
m. Keating
Sarah d. 21.V.1699 [July 21, 1699] Ballintrane, co. Carlow; bur. Ballykealy, co. Wicklow
John m.(2) Susannah Nicholson (widow) 8.VIII.1701 [Oct. 8, 1701] at Ballycaine, co. Wicklow
7.8  Phebe Boles b. 12 II 1703 [Apr. 12, 1703] Ballintrain (now Ballintrane), co. Carlow
                         d. after 1716 and before 1728
7.9  John Boles b. 21 VIII 1704 [Oct. 21, 1704] Ballintrain (now Ballintrane), co. Carlow
                         m. ?
                         John d. 1 XI 1726 [Jan. 1, 1727] Woodhouse townlands, bur. Friends Burial Ground at Woodhouse
Susannah d. 15.IX.1716 [Nov. 15, 1716] Kilconner, co. Carlow
John m.(3) Abigail Craven (b. Nov. 30, 1684 Limerick; James, Dorothy Alderworth) 1719 Limerick (a noted Quaker preacher)
(Munster Quarterly meeting of Nov. 30, 1724 record that "our friend Abigail Boles having been under a weighty concern of mind appeared in this meeting signifying that the Lord is calling for a Reformation even amongst ye Elders, Parents of Children and Masters of Family and also bearing Testimony against ye Indulgence of Parents."  Rather than dismissing the charge they referred the concern to other meetings.)
 John d. by May 1732 Woodhouse townlands, bur. on his own land (possibly in the Friends Burial Ground) (his Will dated Sept. 14, 1731; codicil added Nov. 25, 1731; proved May 13, 1732) 
Abigail m.(2) Samuel Watson (she was his second wife)
Abigail d. 11 XI 1752
      Richard d. 1693 bur. Killybraher, co. Cork (buried in the Boles of Moyge family tomb)
      Abigail d. 1 30 1711 [Mar. 30, 1711] Woodhouse, co. Tipperary, bur. Ballynalty, co. Cork
Note: I would like to express my appreciation to Nick Boles of London, a direct descendant of the Boles of Cork, who has provided, and continues to provide, a huge amount of information and guidance to me in the ongoing development of the Boles of Cork pages in particular but also on several other Bowles in Ireland and Bowles in England pages.  Also, my appreciation to the valuable information found in the Registry of Deeds Index Project and in particular to Mike's help identifying deeds of interest to my Boles/Bowles histories.  The images included here from the British India Office collection were made available online by the excellent FindMyPast.co.uk family history resource site.  These images may not be used for any commercial purpose without permission from the British India Office.

While researching this family in the British India Office resources on findmypast.co.uk I came across several other Boles references which may or may not pertain to this family but I cannot place them anywhere so far.  If anyone should be able to help me with the following I would really appreciate it:

Caroline Boles b. Mar. 18, bp. May 22, 1842 daughter of George, Sergt. 2nd Co., 4th Battalion, RA; and Amelia Boles
Barnarby (sic) Boles, Captain m. Miss Jane Richardson Dec. 11, 1788 Bombay, India 
Sarah Boles, a child, bur. April 4th, 1791 Madras
William Boles, Private bur. Sept. 20, 1807 Madras
James Boles, a soldier bur. Aug. 16, 1808 Fort St George, Madras
John Boles, Private Royal Regiment b. ca. 1804, bur. Oct. 4, 1827 Belguum (?), India
Thomas Boles, Gunner and Acting Corporal, B Co., 4th Battalion, Madras Artillery b. ca. Dec. 1827, d. Mar. 23, bur. Mar. 24, 1861 (internal injuries, age 33 years and 3 months)
Thomas Boles, Gunner, 4th Battalion, Will probated Aug. 17, 1862 (note in Will register: India Medal, Next of kin not known)

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