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Robert Bowles of Ballickmoyler and Dublin's Family Tree
See Robert Bowles of Ballickmoyler and Dublin and The Bowles of Ballickmoyler, co. Laois for this family's story.
Note: The following tree is based on the Dublin Meeting Minutes of the Society of Friends (Quakers) [the Quaker references are shown in square brackets], the 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland records, the Dublin electoral list of 1939 and on Church of Ireland records for the Castletown church near Ballickmoyler. 
See also Other Related Quaker Families in Dublin
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Robert Bowles b. 1774 Ballickmoyler, bp. June 20, 1774 St. Mary's Carlow and June 25, 1774 Carlow RC Cathedral (parents:William Bowles and Sarah Moore)
 (lived Ballickmoyler, Queen’s co. (now co. Laois); moved family to Dublin around 1820's)
m. Anne Abigail Waring (b. May 12, 1780 Killesham, Carlow, Ireland; Thomas, Abigail Wright) ~ 1810 Queen's co.
 (Anne Waring was the widow of Thomas Baker of Ballickmoyler who had died there in 1809)
(for Anne's 4 children with Thomas Baker see below)
1.  Robert Bowles b. June 13, 1811 Ballickmoyler; bp.  July 26, 1811 Castletown church, Queen's county
(the founder of the Robert Bowles Agricultural Implement Company; he lived on Dorset Street, Dublin in 1833; Cloghran, co. Dublin in 1854 and at 89 Lower George's Street, Dublin and Air Hill House, York Road, Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire), Dublin at his death in 1887)
m. Hannah Wardell (b. Feb. 1, 1803; Jonas, Anne Halliday of Ashmount, co. Antrim (Lisburn MM))
Sept. 13, 1833 Dublin [Dublin bk. 7, p. 63]
1.1  Anne Bowles b. Aug. 28, 1834 [28 VIII 1834]  (lived Cloghran, co. Dublin in 1854)
m. James Doyle Penrose of Carlow
(b. Aug. 30, 1829 Kingston, Ont., Canada; George Doyle Penrose, Abigail Baker)
Nov. 17, 1854 Mitchelstown, co. Dublin [Dublin MMT20, p. 802]
(they lived at Union Terrace, Downham Market, Norfolk, England in 1881)
1.1.1  Sarah Eliza Penrose b. July 20, 1855 Monkstown, Dublin co., Ireland
m. Leonard George Southwell Apr. 20, 1914
Sarah d. Jan. 26, 1931 Watford, Hertfordshire, Bucks, England
1.1.2  George Penrose b. Apr. 7, 1857 Monkstown, Dublin co., Ireland
d. Feb. 21, 1930  Watford, Hertfordshire, Bucks, England
1.1.3  Robert William Penrose b. Jan. 21, 1859 Ireland
m. unknown  Mabel Francis Penrose m. Edward Nevell
d. Sept. 30, 1916
1.1.4  James Doyle Penrose b. May 9, 1862 Mitchelstown, Dublin co.
(he was a portrait painter but also did many well known landscapes, scenes of rural life and paintings which reflected his Quaker faith; moved to London about 1890)
m. Hon. Elizabeth Josephine Peckover (b. Apr. 27, 1859 Wisbech; Baron Alexander, Eliza Sharples; a wealthy Quaker banker) 1893 Friends Meeting House, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire  Alexander Peckover Doyle Penrose b. Aug. 12, 1896 St. Pancras, London
Alexander d. Aug. 22, 1950 Thetford, Norfolk  Lionel Sharples Penrose b. June 11, 1898 London
(a well known medical geneticist)
m. Margaret Leathes, MD Oct. 17, 1928   Oliver Penrose b. June 6, 1929 London
(Mathematician)  (Sir) Roger Penrose b. Aug. 8, 1931 Colchester, Essex
(Mathematical Physicist and creator of the Penrose Triangle)
m.(1) Joan Iabel Wedge 1959
3 sons
m.(2) Vanessa Thomas
1 son  Jonathan Penrose b. Oct. 7, 1933 Colchester, Essex
(Chess Grandmaster)
m. Margaret Wood
2 daughters  Shirley V. Penrose
(a geneticist)
m. Hodgson
Lionel d. May 12, 1972 Willesden, London
Margaret m.(2) Max Newman (1897-1984)
Margaret d. 1989  (Sir) Roland Algernon Penrose b. Oct. 14, 1900 St. John's Wood, London
(a surrealist painter and friend of Picasso, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst and others) biography
Sir Roland d. April 23, 1984 Chiddingley, Sussex  Bernard Edmund Penrose b. Sept. 20, 1903 London, England
m.(1) Marjorie Joy Newton (b. 1908; Algernon, Marjorie Rider)
m.(2) Ann Isobel Noel McLean (b. July 3, 1911; Sir Robert, Noel ?)
Bernard Edmund d. 1988
Ann d. Oct. 2, 2011 (age 100)
Josephine d. July 30, 1930
                                                James Doyle d. Jan. 2, 1932 Bournemouth, Hants; bur. Jan. 6 Bucks, England
1.1.5  Elizabeth Josephine Penrose b. Dec. 14, 1864 Castleknock, Dublin d. 1881
1.1.6  Arthur Edward Penrose b. Apr. 6, 1869 Castleknock, Dublin
m. Maud Beatrice Kitson Mar. 17, 1914  7 other living Penrose children plus  Clarence Rupert Penrose b. Oct. 22, 1924 Windmill Hill, Sussex
d. Apr. 15, 1931 Windmill Hill, Sussex
Arthur Edward d. Feb. 6, 1947 Windmill Hill, Herstmonceux, Sussex, England
1.1.7  Henry Walter Penrose b. Oct. 12, 1870 Mitchelstown, Castleknock, co. Dublin
m. Annie Barton Oct. 26, 1904  living Penrose  James Ronald Penrose b. Apr. 30, 1910 Hillside, Sussex, England d. 1978  living Penrose
Annie d. 1918
                                                Henry Walter d. 1920
1.1.8  Alfred Ernest Penrose b. Mar. 8, 1874 Downham Market, Norfolk, England
m. Mabel Wiggington Feb. 2, 1905
James Doyle Penrose d. Sept. 24, 1897 co. Dublin, Ireland
Anne d. March 8, 1908 Dublin
1.2  Hannah Bowles b. Aug. 16, 1836 [16 VIII 1836 Dublin bk. 10 p. ?]
Hannah d. unm. Dec. 13, 1887 [13 XII 1887  Dublin bk. ?] Dublin;
bur. Dec. 17, 1887 Temple Hill, Dublin (civ. reg. Vol. 2, page 855)
1.3  Lucy Bowles b. Nov. 24, 1839 Dublin [24 XI 1839 Dublin bk. 10, p. 492]
(living at 267 Grosvenor Square, Rathmines in 1901 Census, just herself and one servant, it was a First Class house with 8 rooms; died at 22 Harcourt Terrace)
Lucy d. May 13, 1907 [13 V 1907 Dublin bk. ?] Dublin;
bur. May 15, 1907 Temple Hill, Dublin (civ. reg. Vol. 2, page 493)
1.4  Jane Bowles b. July 18, 1841 Dublin [18 VII 1841 Dublin bk. 10, p. 517]
(her birth was not recorded in the civil registry so she probably died as an infant)
1.5  Samuel Bowles b. Feb. 24, 1844 Dublin [24 II 1844 Dublin bk. 10, p.551]
Samuel d. Dec. 10, 1844 [10 XII 1844 Dublin bk. ?]
1.6  Margaret Bowles b. Apr. 5, 1847 Leixlip, co. Kildare [5 IV 1847 Dublin bk. ?]
m. Francis Neale (b. Nov. 3, 1852; Henry, Sarah Sophia Turtle) July 31, 1879 Monkstown (lived at 19 York Rd., Kingstown in 1886)
1.6.1  Arthur Neale b. Nov. 13, 1880
m. Clara Amanda Taylor (b. Sept. 13, 1887 Kennebunk, ME, USA) June 29, 1910  Francis George Neale
m. Irene Anne Thompson  Alfred Taylor Neale
m. Ellen Eddies Bryan  Robert William Neale b. May 9, 1918 Seattle, WA, USA
m. Hyacinth Lillian Forham (b. Mar. 8, 1915 Seattle) Feb. 8, 1941 Seattle
Robert William d. Sept. 22, 1978 Yakima, WA, USA
Arthur d. Apr. 9, 1931 Seattle, WA, USA
Clara d. Mar. 24, 1977 Seattle, WA, USA
1.6.2  Eva b. Apr. 11, 1883 d. Oct. 4, 1886 Dublin
1.7  ? b. (illegible) 1847 Dublin [Dublin bk. 10, p. (illegible)]
(this is a separate entry from Margaret above but it's in the same year; possibly a twin which did not survive?)
Hannah d. Nov. 20, 1881 [20 XI 1881] Kingstown, Dublin; bur. Nov. 23, 1881 Dublin
(civ. reg. Vol. 2, p. 825)
Robert d. Feb. 7, 1887 [7 II 1887] Kingstown, Dublin bur. Feb. 10, 1887 Temple Hill, Dublin
(civ. reg. Vol. 2, page 840)
2.  Lucy (Lucinda?) Bowles b. Oct. 9 Ballickmoyler; bp. Oct. 31, 1813 Castletown church, Queen's county
                 m. Jonas Wardell of Dublin (b. Nov. 17, 1820 George, Abigail Green of Bellbrook, Kildare)
Apr. 12, 1843 Monkstown [Dublin bk. 7 no., p. 90]
(Jonas was a draper with a shop in Kingstown which Lucy continued to run after his death; see Bowles Drapers Shops in Dublin)
2.1  Ann Abigail Wardell b. ~ 1846
Ann Abigail d. Dec. 29, 1876 Peckham, London, England
2.2  Elizabeth Wardell b. Aug. 23, 1847 Kingstown, Dublin (Friends Birth Register)
Elizabeth d. Mar. 15, 1849 Kingstown, Dublin (see Jonas below for her death notice)
2.3  Margaret Louisa Wardell b. Oct. 9, 1848 Kingstown, Dublin (Friends Birth Register)
Margaret Louisa d. June 24, 1873 Kingstown, Dublin
(note: Jonas' mother's death occurred the same year; both death notices appeared together in the Friends Annual Monitor)
Jonas d. June 7, 1849 Elm View (Clontarf or Rathgar) Dublin
 Lucy d. Sept. 17, 1881 York Road, Kingstown, bur. Sept. 20, 1881 Temple Hill burial ground, Monkstown, Dublin
3.  Thomas Bowles b. Feb. 25, 1816 Ballickmoyler; bp.  Mar. 12, 1816 Castletown church, Queen's county
                 m. Ellen Alexander (b. 1816; Thomas or Thomand of Ballymurray, co. Roscommon) ~ 1839
(lived at Hollybrook Park, Howth Road, co. Dublin in 1879-1880; died Clontarf, co. Dublin in 1885; occupation: printer in 1879, 1880; see Thomas Bowles a Printer of Dublin)
(note: Thomas Bowles was the witness at the 1856 marriage of a William Alexander, a draper of 75 South George St., Dublin, son of Thomas Alexander, Gent.; likely Ellen's brother; this gives a connection to the Draper industry)
3.1  Anne Mary Bowles b. Feb. 7, 1840 Dublin [Dublin bk. 10, p. 690]
(a nurse in Antrim in 1901 Census)
d. unm. Jan. 26, 1909 Spencer St., Belfast, Antrim bur. Jan. 28, 1909 Balmoral
3.2  Samuel Baker Bowles b. Sept. 10, 1841 Phibsborough [Dublin bk. 10, p. 6?? (illegible)]
(lived at 11 Anglesea Street, Cork city in the 1880's; at Knockrea, Blackrock, co. Cork and a Commercial Traveller in 1901; living at 12 Academy Street, Cork and working as a Commission Agent at 92 St. Patrick's St. in 1907 ref.)
m. Louisa Chapman (b. Apr. 30, 1861 Clonmel, Tipp.; George, Frances Ardagh Power)
Dec. 28, 1881 Waterford, co. Waterford
3.2.1  Frances Ellen Bowles b. June 28, 1883 Anglesea Street, Cork, co. Cork
m. Charles H. John Darlington (of Enniskerry, co. Wicklow; b. ~ 1876 Dublin; John)
Sept. 25, 1907 Cork, co. Cork
(in the 1911 census John is described as "Gentleman Farmer, income chiefly derived from dividends in stocks, shares etc."; she was still a Quaker but her husband and children were Church of Ireland; they had 4 servants; they were living in a First Class house with 12 rooms)  May Louisa Frances Darlington b. Nov. 10, 1908 co. Wicklow  John B. LeC. Darlington b. ~ 1910 co. Wicklow
3.2.2  Samuel Edgar Bowles b. May 9, 1885 Lauriston, Douglas Road, Cork
d. Mar. 10, 1889 Cork bur. Mar. 12, 1889 Summerhill, Cork
3.2.3  Charles Arnold  Bowles b. Mar. 20, 1887 Lauriston, Douglas Road, Cork
(he was a boarder in Castlebar, co. Mayo and working as a Civil Engineer with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering in the 1911 census; he married in Castlebar in 1913 and a son, Charles Henry, was born in 1915; in 1922 he was the Captain of the newly opened Swinford Golf Club in Castlebar ref. ; they had moved to Dublin by 1929 where a second son, David Alan, was born; he was living at 7 Holyrood Park, Pembroke East with wife Kathleen and son Charles Henry in the 1939/40 Dublin Electoral Roll (David would be too young to be listed); he was a Civil Servant in Dublin in 1956 per his son David Alan's marriage certificate)
m. Kathleen Anne Massy Fitzgerald (b. ~ 1889; Henry Lawrence, Sarah Jane)
Sept. 17, 1913 Christchurch, Castlebar, co. Mayo  Charles Henry Arnold Bowles b. Apr. 10, 1915 Swineford, co. Mayo
m. Dorothy Eleanor Blackwell Jan-Mar 1943 Dublin South
(civ. reg. vol. 2, page 351)  Philip Bowles b. 1945  Heather E. B. Bowles b. 1949  Shirley A. Bowles b. 1958  David Alan Bowles b. Mar. 1, 1929 Dublin South
(he was a Chartered Accountant in 1956 per his marriage certificate)
m. Rosalind Anne Halliday Mar. 31, 1956 St. Mary's Church, Drogheda, co. Meath  children?
Kathleen d. Jan-Mar. 1958 Dublin South (Civ. Reg. vol. 2, p. 432)
Charles d. ?
3.2.4  Constance Annie Bowles b. Feb. 16, 1890 Lauriston, Douglas Road, Cork, co. Cork
m. David Lionel Clarke Jul-Sept. 1918 Rathdown (Civ. reg. Vol. 2, page 785)
Samuel d. July 29, 1907 Lewiston, Douglas Rd., Cork; bur. July 31, 1907 Summerhill, Cork
Louisa d. Mar. 13, 1947 (age 85) Monastery, Enniskerry, co. Wicklow
bur. Mar. 15, 1947 Temple Hill, Dublin
(he must have done quite well as a Salesman as in the 1901 census their house was a First Class house with 11 rooms; when the census was taken Samuel worked as a Commercial Traveler and was on the road in Ballykisteen, Tipperary)
(in the 1911 census, Louisa is a widow still living in the house at Blackrock with daughter Constance, two boarders and a servant)
3.3  Robert Bowles b. 1843 d. June 15, 1850 [Dublin reg.]
3.4  Abigail Elinor Bowles b. Nov. 24, 1845   [Dublin (Irishtown)] d. Sept. 29, 1906 Birmingham
3.5  Thomas William Bowles b. May 1, 1847 Dublin [Dublin bk. 10, p. 693]
m. Margaret ~ 1880
(they lived at #23,24 Wellington Quay, Dublin; he was a Registrar of Marriages)
3.5.1  Kathleen Jane Bowles b. ~ 1884 Dublin
3.5.2  Thomas William Wellington Bowles b. July 30, 1889 bp. Feb. 7, 1890 St. Andrews parish, Dublin
Margaret d. 1892 bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery
Thomas William d. Oct to Dec., 1925 Dublin South, age 79 (Civil Registration 1925 vol. 2, p. 353; not verified)
1911 Census
3.6  Lucy Harriet Bowles b. Oct. 3, 1850 Irishtown, Dublin [Dublin bk. 10, p. 694]
(strangely Thomas and Ellen also baptized Lucy at St. Mary's (RC) church in 1850; as members of the Quaker faith I cannot imagine any reason for their doing that but the entry is quite clear in the St. Mary register)
m. George O'Neill of Fairview (b. ~ 1854 Carlow) Aug. 25, 1880 Clontarf, Dublin (COI) (Robert Bowles and Samuel Baker Bowles signed as witnesses)
(he was a grocer; they lived on Lower Pembroke Street, Mansion House, Dublin; they gave their religion as Plymouth Brethren in the 1901 Census)
3.6.1  Shirley William O'Neill b. ~ 1882 Dublin
3.6.2  Ellen Elizabeth O'Neill b. ~ 1884 Dublin
3.6.3  Olive O'Neill b. ~ 1886 Dublin
3.6.4  George Alexander O'Neill b. ~ 1888 Dublin
3.6.5  Arnold O'Neill b. ~ 1890 Dublin
3.6.6  Edith O'Neill b. ~ 1893 Dublin
3.6.7  Robert Francis O'Neill b. ~ 1896 Dublin
Harriet likely d. 1901 (the Mount Jerome Cemetery index includes a Harriet Bowles from the Richmond Asylum in 1904; see also her brother Robert below)
3.7  John Waring Bowles b. 1855 d. Nov. 24, 1855 [Dublin reg.]
3.8  Robert Bowles [Dublin reg.]
m. Mary Coates (Samuel) Dec. 22, 1879 Kilmainham, Dublin (COI)
(a warehouseman in 1879, a Commercial Traveller living at 15 Arranmore Ave., Dublin in 1882; he may have been the Robert Bowles listed in the 1901 Census as living in a private asylum; that Robert is listed as RC and not married but so are all of the 118 'boarders' which is unlikely to have been true; there is also a Mary Bowles of an appropriate age to be his wife (and also listed as RC) working as a servant in Kingstown)
3.8.1  Thomas Alexander Bowles b. Sept. 26, 1881 bp. Mar. 1, 1882 St. George parish, Dublin
3.8.2  William Spotswood Bowles b. Nov. 19, 1882 bp. Sept. 26, 1884 Sts. Nicholas Without and Luke parish, Dublin
3.8.3  Robert Brew Bowles b. Sept. Sept. 9, 1884 bp. Sept. 26, 1884 Sts. Nicholas Without and Luke parish, Dublin
Robert likely d. 1904 (the Mount Jerome Cemetery index includes a Robert Bowles from the Richmond Asylum in 1904; see also his sister Harriet above)
3.9  Edith Bowles [Dublin reg.]
3.10  George Waring Bowles [Dublin reg.]
3.11  (Possibly) Rachel Eleanor Bowles b. ?  d. Dec. 11, 1880 bur. Dec. 1880 St. James, Dublin (she is listed with no parents names given but with an address of Hollybrook Park, Clontarf which was Thomas' address in 1880; she was likely either an unknown teenage daughter  of Thomas' or the infant daughter of one of his sons)
Thomas d. May 30, 1883 [30 V 1883] Clontarf, Dublin bur. June 2, 1883 Temple Hill, Dublin
Ellen d. Sept. 21, 1886 William St., Dublin bur. Sept. 27, 1886 Temple Hill, Dublin
Robert d. bef. 1848
Anne d. Nov. 6, 1848 Kingstown, Dublin
The townland of Mitchelstown was in the civil parish of Castleknock, Castleknock Barony, north Dublin near Blanchardstown and was only about 5 miles from Dublin city centre.  Bowles currently live in the Mitchelstown area.

The Cloghran mentioned (the smaller of the two Cloghran townlands near Dublin) is also in the Barony of Castleknock and is usually referred to as Cloghran-Huddart to distinguish it from another Cloghran over in the general area around Swords and the present Dublin City Airport.
Map of Castleknock showing Mitchelstown and Cloghran.
By coincidence (?) there is also a Mitchelstown, co. Cork reference:
The List of Cork Insolvent Debtors 1825-1826 includes William Bowles, Mitchelstown, Pensioner (list 11/2/1826).
I wonder if this could have been Robert, Lucy and Thomas' grandfather?  

Robert Bowles' Step-brothers (and step-sister)

Thomas Baker of Ballickmoyler (William, Ann of Wexford)
m. Anne Abigail Waring (b. May 12, 1780 Killeshin, Carlow, Ireland; Thomas, Abigail Wright of Killeshin) Oct. 12, 1800 Carlow Friends Meeting House
1. William Baker b. Aug. 27, 1801
(William would have been only 8 when his father died and his mother married within the year outside the Friends faith and was disowned by the Carlow Meeting; after her own disownment Anne must have continued to raise her children in the Society of Friends faith as William was still a member of the Carlow meeting when in 1817 at age 16 he applied for a migration certificate to study as an apprentice under a Friend in Wexford (where his mother was from); in 1821 having completed his apprenticeship he relocated from Enniscorthy, Wexford to Dublin)
m. Lucinda Conry (of Pardshaw, Cumbria) July 4, 1827 Whitehaven, Cumberland
1.1  Lucinda Baker b. August 1827 (dau. of Lucinda Conry)
1.2  Thomas Baker b. Sept. 1828
1.3  Jonathan William Baker b. Mar. 1830
1.4  John Baker b. May 1832
1.5  Joshua Baker b. Mar. 1834 d. Dec. 1895
1.6  Samuel Baker b. Mar. 1837 d. Dec. 1907
William d. Dec. 22, bur. Dec. 26, 1865 Temple Hill, Dublin (Draper of 2 Lower Dorset Street)
2. Abigail Baker b. June 3, 1803 d. 1881 unmarried
3. John Baker b. Apr. 6, 1805
(lived Blackrock)
m. Eliza Wardell (b. 1822; George, Abigail Green of Bellbrook, co. Kildare) Dec. 16, 1842 Dublin (witness:
children: Abigail, John Henry, Thomas, Charles, Eliza Anne, John and Joseph Baker)
John d. Apr. 5, 1878 (a farmer of Jamestown, Finglass)
4. Samuel Baker b. 1808
m. Margaret O'Brien (Daniel of Carlow) Oct. 13, 1841 Carlow
4.1 Eliza Nary Baker
4.2  Susanna Graves Baker
4.3 Anna Baker
4.4  Jane Waring Baker
4.5 Samuel Baker
4.6  William Baker
(all under 21 years old when father died)
Samuel d. Dec. 27, bur. 31, 1862 Temple Hill, Dublin (of Elm View, Clontarf) (burial registered by Thomas Bowles) (estate executors: James Doyle Penrose of Mitchelstown, William Baker of Dorset Street, merchant)
Thomas Baker d. 1809 Ballickmoyler bur. Newgarden
Anne m.(2) Robert Bowles (see above tree) ~ 1810

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