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The de Busli Line's Connections to Religious Houses

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The de Busli's of Yorkshire were involved in the founding and ongoing support of several medieval religious centers.

Blyth Priory

Roger de Busli founded Blyth Priory for the Benedictine Monks in 1088 as a daughter house of St Katherine's Abbey in Rouen.  That's the same abbey that he had granted his tithes from his town of Busli in Normandy to in 1065 in order to help finance Prince William's conquest of England. 
The first Cistercian abbey in Yorkshire was founded at Rievaulx in 1132 by Walter Espec the Lord of Helmsley (Yorkshire), Wark (Northumberland) and Warden (Bedfordshire).   He also transferred the abbey that he had endowed at Kirkham from the Augustinian order to the Cistercians (known as the White Monks).  Walter's niece, Cecily de Bussei, married Richard de Builli's son John around the mid-1140's.

Roche Abbey

In 1147 Richard de Builli and Richard Fitz Turgis jointly founded Roche Abbey, under the Cistercian order, on land which spanned the boundary between their two properties in Maltby. In the 1160's Richard's younger son Richard II granted all his land in the manor of Elrichthorpe (which bordered the abbey grounds) to the abbey and after Richard Sr. died around 1169 his son and heir John confirmed all of his father's grants to them.  When Urban III became Pope in 1185 he confirmed the list of Roche Abbey's landholdings which included 'of the gift of Richard de Builli and Richard de Wikerslai the place itself in which your Abbey stands' and also 'of the gift of the same Richard de Busli and Hugh de Drigwrt, Lambecroft (Lambcote in Stainton parish) with its appurtenances.'  In 1241 and as she was dying John's daughter Idonea de Vipont, the last de Busli who would inherit Ernold's original holding, granted her manor of Sandbec to the Monks of the Rock along with her corpse. (text of these charters is from Yorkshire: The History of Roche Abbey, from Its Foundation to Its Dissolution By James Hobson Aveling)
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