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The Boles of Devonshire

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There was already an arms bearing Bole family in Devon by 1401.  John Bole, armiger, is on record as a knight of Sir John Dinham of Wortham Manor, Devon.  In that year he received a grant of a one quarter share of several of Dinham's estates in Cornwall.  He was deceased by 1428 but he was likely the ancestor of the John Bole Sen. and Jr. of Enys near Saltash, Cornwall in 1450/51 who sold almost 300 acres of land at Saltash in 1463.  See John Bole of Devon and Cornwall

There are not many records from this period online but I next found a Roger Bole at St Stephens by Saltash in 1548. 

In 1613 a Roger Bole of Saltash, Cornwall (the Gateway to Cornwall, facing Plymouth across the River Tamar which forms the border between Cornwall and Devonshire) is the earliest Bowles to have a documented interest in Ireland.  In August 1613 he prepared his Will just prior to leaving his wife, Alice, and son, William, for a trip to Ireland where he already had interests.  He did not return as his Will received probate in the Diocese of Cork and Ross (which extends to both Cork and Kerry) in March 1614.  See Roger Boles of Saltash, Cornwall

The Boles of Huish

The Moses Boles family lived at Huish near Hatherleigh in Devon.  Moses married Frances Copplestone on June 9, 1791 in Merton, Devon.  He was an indentured servant to John Tattershall.  Their son, James, married Charity Balsdon and raised a family in Highampton, Devon.  In the 1850's and 60's they owned The Bridge Inn in nearby Hatherleigh.  When James died in 1864 his widow, Ellen Hudson Boles, sold everything and emigrated to Canada with their 5 children arriving in Quebec on the S. S. Peruvian in October 1866.  They settled in Fullarton twp, Perth county, Ontario and later moved on to settle in Manitoba.   See The Boles of Perth county, Ontario for the continuation of this line in Canada.
See The Moses Boles Family Tree
Map of the Hatherleigh region showing the towns where the significant Boles events took place:
Merton:  marriage of Moses Boles and Frances Copplestone
Huish:  home of Moses Boles and birthplace of James Boles Sr.
Black Torrington:  James Boles Sr.'s marriage to Charity Balsdon
Highampton:  where James Boles Sr. settled and raised his family
Hatherleigh:  James Boles Sr. owned The Bridge Inn here in 1850's and 1860's.  James Jr. and family lived here until he died and the family emigrated to Canada.
Buckland Filleigh:  home town of Jane Boles' husband

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