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The Bolles of Haugh Family Tree

See The Bolle of Swinesheads Family Tree for John's ancestors and The Bolles of Haugh for this family's history.


Note: this is just the tree so far, I will also be adding many references and developing links to further family history pages for the underlined references in here.


John Bolle (1425 – bef. 1493)  (William Bolle, Anne Kyme ) of Gosberkirke until 1465 then of Haugh; inherited a share in the Haugh estate in Lincolnshire and Essex through his wife upon her father’s death in 1461;  Sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1477 )

m. Katherine Haugh (Richard Haugh, Anne Bell) ca. 1456

1. Richard Bolles b. ca. 1458

m. Isabel Nanfan (b. ca. 1446; Sir John Nanfan of Birt’s Morton, Worc., Joan Coleshull (Coleshill) Arundell) ca. 1478

1.1  John Bolles b. ca. 1480 (age 26 in 1506 per IPM of his Uncle Richard Nanfan)

d. Jan. 1, 1506/07, per Farquar’s History of the Bowles Family (on Jan. 23, 1506/07 was found heir to his uncle Sir Richard Nanfan)

1.2  Richard Bolles b. ca. 1482 (although 30 in 1507 per Anne Crocker’s IPM) (of Kelvedon and Haugh)

(inherited Haugh and Nanfan estates from brother John on Jan. 1, 1506/07 and 1/3 of Anne Arundell Croker’s estate on Aug. 25, 1507)

m. Marian Fitzwilliam (John of Mablethorpe, Elizabeth Pickering) ca. 1500

1.2.1  John Bolles bp. Sept. 13, 1501 St Leonard, Haugh; of Moulton and Stratford-at-Bowe, Middlesex and Kelvedon Hall, Essex; also held land at Gosberton (per his Will)

(Gentleman Usher to King Henry VIII; inherited from father on attaining age 21 on Sept. 13, 1522, including land in Cornwall)

m.(1) Katherine (Anne) Tirwhitt (Tyrwit) (Sir William of Kettleby; High Sheriff of co. Lincoln 1482, 1501, 1518)

Jan. 22, 1520/21 Ketilby, Lincs

(note: Katherine’s sister Elizabeth Tyrwit was Sir William Skypwith’s first wife by whom his daughter Eleanor m. Richard Bolles, Esq; Sir William’s second wife was Alice Dymock by whom his daughter Joan also married a Richard Bolles, Esq.; the same Richard in both cases?  if not, one was John Bolle’s brother Richard below, who was the other one?; Alice and Jane Skypwith’s sister Mary married George Fitzwilliam whose son John Fitzwilliam of Mablethorpe’s daughter Marion also married a Richard Bolle, that was John Bolle’s father above???; Sir William’s son Thomas married Joan Rowlett, sister of Sir Ralph Rowlett who m.(1) Dorothy Bowles daughter of John Bowles of Wallington)

Katherine d. bef. June 15, 1521

m.(2) Julyan (daughter of William  Roche per his Will)

John d. Feb. 6, 1532/33 Tremedart, Duloe, Cornwall  (Will dated January 4, 1532/33; proven Feb. 22, 1532/33) (post mortem inquisition Jan. 29, 1533/34)

(requests that he be buried at The Church of Our Lady, Brymley; WHB states that Brymley is Bromley and that John was buried in the St Mary Chapel of Bromley St Leonard church in Stratford-at-Bow; also left bequest to the church at Gosberton)

Julian survived him


1.2.2  Richard Bolles b. ca 1507-10 (inherited the 1/3 share in Coleshull estate from elder brother  in 1533 at age 23) (b. 1507 in Herald’s Visitation)

(twice Sheriff of Lincolnshire also Gentleman Usher to King Henry VIII (per WHB); note: a William Bolles was a 'yeoman usher of her majesties chamber' to Queen Elizabeth in 1584 when he handled the deportation of 21 Catholic priests for her; possibly this role continued to be handed down in the family after Richard);  built Thorpe Hall in 1584 and gave it to his second son Richard)

m.(1)  Johanna (Joan, Jane in Skypwith pedigree) Skypwith (Sir William of Ormesbie, Alice Dymoke (Heiress of Sir Lionel Dymoke)) ca. 1529 (bef. July 28, 1535)  Charles Bolles b. ca. 1540 (predeceased his father)

m.(1) Katherine Dymoke (Sir Edward of Skrivelsby, Anne Talbois)
m.(2) Bridget Fane (George of Tunbridge, Kent; Jane Waller)  Sir John Bolle of Haugh and Thorpe Hall b. ca. 1570 (d. Nov. 3, 1606)
m. Elizabeth Waters (Edward Waters of Lynne Arm, Kings Lynn, Norfolk) ca. 1593 (she was previously married to Nicholas Fermor, Nicholas Killingtree (divorced) and Edward Bacon)

(he was of Haugh in 1594 when he sold land at Algakirke ref.; purchased Thorpe Hall in Louth from his Uncle Richard Bolle in 1595; served in the expedition against Cadiz 1596; commanded a regiment in Ireland; oversaw building of Dunnalong fortress and took Lifford Castle; Governor of Kinsale)  See Sir John Bolle at Cadiz and Sir John Bolle in Ireland

(WHB states that Sir John Bolles and Sir Thomas Farmer were brothers-in-law and quotes William Russell’s Journal and the Carew Manuscripts in the archives of Lambeth Palace; in a letter to Sir Robert Cecil in 1601 Sir John Bolles refers to his Lieutenant Farmer who is also his brother-in-law; see Mary Bolle below for a different claim)            Sir Charles Bolles b. ca. 1595 (inherited Thorpe Hall, Louth, Maltby in the Marsh, Strubby and other land from father when a boy; knighted on coming of age in 1616 so b. 1595 if legal age is 21; Farquahar has b. Nov. 15, 1593 but doesn't quote a source; Boyd's Inhabitants of London & Family Units 1200-1946 has him born 1592 which would mean that he 'came of age' at 24)

m.(1) Elizabeth Stafford (Humphrey of Blatherwick, co. Northumberland) Elizabeth Bolles bp. Dec. 17, 1618 St James Louth

December 1618 General Register Louth St James

m.Thomas Elye of Utterby, Esq. John Elye esq. Bridget Elye (Bridget Bolle’s Will) Jane Bolles bp. May 7, 1620

May 1620 General Register Louth St James

m. William Radleigh (Sir Henry) Nov. 20, 1656 Alford         Marie Bolles bp. Aug. 12, 1621 bur. Aug. 15, 1621 St James Louth

August 1621 General Register Louth St James

August 1621 General Register Louth St James         Rutland Bolles (Roland in some records) bp. June 4, 1623 & bur. Oct. 31, 1624 St James Louth

June 1623 General Register Louth St James

October 1624 General Register Louth St James

                   Katherine Bolles bp. Apr. 6, 1625 & bur. Apr. 14, 1625 St James Louth

April 1625 General Register Louth St James

April 1625 General Register Louth St James         John Bolles of Thorpe Hall b. 1630 (of Utterby in 1665) (heir to his father in 1660)

m.(1) Ursula Bradley (George of Louth, Esq.) Sept. 22, 1652 Louth (per Bradley pedigree)  Charles Bolles bp. July 11, 1656  (of the Middle Temple; inherited Thorpe Hall from his father in 1679)

d. 1699 (Will dated Apr. 2, 1699; proven July 7, 1709)  John Bolles, Esq. b. July 17, bp. July 25, 1657 Louth

(inherited Thorpe Hall from his brother in 1699; his daughters were his co-heirs)

m. Margaret  Elizabeth Bolles bp. Sept. 28, 1673 Thorp Hall, Lincs.

m. Rev. Thomas Bosvile, Rector of Ufford  Sarah Bolles m. Henry Eyre of Bramly Hall

Margaret d. 1728

John d. 1732 (age 79) bur. Louth  Elizabeth

m. Thomas Bosville (Rector of Ufford) Mar. 7, 1708

Elizabeth d.  1740 bur. Louth  Edward Bolles b. 1663 (mentioned in Uncle Edward’s Will in 1680)

Ursula bur. July 17, 1663 Louth

m.(2) Elizabeth Vesey Bradshaw (John Vesey of Brampton) 1665

She was the widow of Francis Bradshaw (d. 1659) and already had sons Francis Bradshaw (1654-1677) and John, Baron Bradshaw of Abney Manor (1656-1727) Mary d. 1673 Sarah m. Henry Eyre of Bramley Hall, York

Elizabeth d. Mar. 14, 1676 bur. Brampton  Chapel, St Helen’s Church, Treeton  ref

John d. 1679         Charles Bolle b. ca. 1635 (mentioned in Grandmother Dame Elizabeth Bolles Will in 1639)

Charles bur. Jan. 20, 1641/42 St James Louth      Mary Bolle (probably born after 1639)

m. Rev. Edward Hutchinson    Catherine Bolle

m.(1) Rev. John Ellis  John Ellis

m.(2) Rev. Richard Brocklesbury      Anne Bolle (mentioned in Grandmother Dame Elizabeth Bolles Will in 1639)

Elizabeth bur. Sept. 1643 Louth

m.(2) Anne Stevens (per Boyd's) (Charles mentions his brother-in-law Colonel John Stephens in his Will)    Martha Bolles b. 1649 bur. May 6, 1656 St James Louth    Edward Bolles b. 1653 bur. Dec. 15, 1653 St James Louth   there must have also been two more daughters born between 1547 and 1655 as Charles mentions daughters Anne and Elizabeth as both under 13 in his Will in 1660)

Anne bur. July 7, 1654 St James Louth

m.(3) Elizabeth Chester (Sir Anthony of Chicheley, Bart.) Sept. 16, 1655 St. Giles-in-the-Fields

Sir Charles d. 1661 bur. Louth (will dated May 29, 1660; proved June 1, 1661)           John Bolles bp. Sept. 25, 1600 (per Boyd's) of Biscathorpe (of Burgh in the Marsh in 1642 per Cousin Richard’s Will; would be 21 in 1621 per his father’s Will)

(Apprenticed to Thomas Smythe of the Skinner's Company July 1617; commanded the regiment raised by his brother Charles; claimed by some to have been the Colonel Bolles killed at Alton Church in 1643 but I believe that to have been Richard Bolle, see The Battle of Alton Church)

m. Jane Bradley (bp. Apr. 30, 1609) Aug. 25, 1629  Elizabeth Bolles (under 21 in 1654 in father’s Will, mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will in 1652)  Bridget Bolles (under 21 in 1654 in father’s Will, mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will in 1652)

m. Benjamin Keane of King's Lynn, merchant  Jane Bolles (under 21 in 1654 in father’s Will, mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will in 1652)

m. Harriman of Borough (per W.H.B)  John Bolles (under 21 in 1654 in father’s Will, mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will in 1652)

d. Feb. 26, 1653/54 St James Louth (73 days after his cousin Edward, 38 days after his father)  Charles Bolles (under 21 in 1654 in father’s Will, mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will in 1652)

Jane bur. Mar. 4, 1640/41 Louth

John bur. Jan. 19, 1653/54 St James Louth (Will dated Jan. 14, 1653/54) (although mentioned in Anne’s Will in 1654)           Edward Bolles b. ca. 1603 (77 in 1680) (mentioned in mother’s Will as being away from this land in 1639) (a London merchant) (d. unm.)

Edward bur. 1680 Louth (per Farquahar) (Will dated Nov. 30, 1680)           Elizabeth Bolles b. 1598

m. George Cracroft of Fulnetby  Elizabeth Cracroft b. 1618 bp. Dec. 26, 1618 Louth St James  Charles Cracroft b. 1619

m.(1) Jane Skegness (Christopher of Alford)

m.(2) Margaret Barker (Hugh of Newbury, co. Berks)

Charles d. 1701 (mentioned in grandmother Elizabeth Bolles’ will in 1639)  Bridget Cracroft (mentioned in Bridget Bolle’s Will, her goddaughter)  a daughter m. Fitzwilliams (mentioned in cousin Sir Charles Bolle’s Will in 1660; could be Bridget above)

George d. Oct. 11, 1637 bur. Alford the same day

Elizabeth bur. Apr. 19, 1669 Louth           Mary Bolles bp. Jan. 8, 1592 (per Boyd's)

m. Nathaniel Hunt July 7, 1614 St Giles, Cripplegate, London               John Hunt (mentioned in grandmother Elizabeth Bolles’ will in 1639)               Mary Hunt (living in 1652, mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will)           Martha Bolles bp. Dec. 8, 1597

m. Edward Doughty (Robert) of Worlaby (unm. in Oct. 19, 1619)  Elizabeth Doughty (mentioned in Dame Elizabeth’s Will in 1639 but not in Bridget’s Will in 1652)  Charles Doughty of Worlaby (over 21 in 1652, mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will, executor of Uncle Sir Charles Bolle’s Will in 1661)

m. Mary Dandy (Edmund of South Ormsby, Esq.) 1647  Anne Doughty (under 21 in Bridget Bolle Will)  Edward Doughty bp. Aug. 11, bur. Nov. 16, 1622 Bilesby, Lincs.  Edward Doughty bp. Dec. 27, 1626 Bilesby, Lincs  (over 21 in 1652, mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will)  Martha Doughty (over 21 in 1652,mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will)

m. Charles Byllesby (Bridget Bolle Will; deceased in 1652)  Thomas Byllesby (Bridget Bolle Will)  Martha Byllesby (Bridget Bolle Will)  John Doughty (over 21 in 1652, mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will)  Margaret Doughty (under 21 in 1652, mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will)  Mary Doughty (under 21 in 1652, mentioned in Aunt Bridget’s Will)  William Doughty

Martha d. 1634           Catherine Bowles bp. Dec. 10, 1602

m. Christopher Palmer of Burgh-in-the-Marsh

d. Aug. 14, 1640 Burgh-in-the-Marsh           Bridget Bolles of Utterby b. by 1606, d. unm. 1651/52 (Will dated Dec. 6, 1651, probate June 4, 1652)

Sir John d. betw. Nov. 3, 1606 and April 1607; bur. Haugh  (will dated Oct. 31, 1606 with codicil Nov. 3, 1606; probate May 8, 1607)

Elizabeth d. 1647 bur. Aug. 14, 1647 St James Louth  (will dated Jan. 14, 1639; probate Nov. 1647)  Catherine Bolle m. Sir Edward Carre of Aswardby (or of Slyford, Linc.) (post  nuptial settlement dated May 5, 1589 per Carre pedigree) living Sept. 4, 1604

m.(3) Mary Powtrell (Thomas of West Hallam, Derbyshire)  Elizabeth Bolle m. Thomas Gilby of Stainton-in-the Hole, Lincs. (underage in 1583, living in 1611) Apr. 21, 1596 Louth

April 1596 General Register Louth St James

(8   children)  Mary Bolle

(according to Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland, 4th Edn (1958), p. 22  Mary married a Robert Farmer who was Sir John's Lieutenant and they settled in Cork; however further research has made that claim unlikely;  see Sir John Bolle's Young Lieutenant Farmer)

m.(4) Anne Dymoke (William of Friskney) (heir to her brother Robert)  Anne Bolle

Charles bur. Feb. 3, 1590 Haugh (bef. his father (1592))

Anne m.(2) Bartholomew Armyn (Sheriff of Lincoln 1586) Oct. 12, 1595 Boston

Anne d. Aug. 18, 1616 bur. Lincoln Cathedral  Mary Bolle

m.(1) Anthony Tourney of Caenby or Cavenbie, Esq. (John of Cavenbie, Sisley Talboyes) (ref: Herald’s Visitation of 1564)  (tenant of Glentham parsonage in 1567)

Anthony d. 1575 (Will proven Nov. 14, 1575)

m.(2) Henry Eltoft of Canenbie

Mary d. 1619/20 (Will dated Feb. 20, 1616/17; codicil Nov. 19, 1619; proved Jan. 28, 1619/20)  Anne Bolle m. Leonard Cracroft, Gent. bef. 1563

Anne bur. Jan. 6, 1578/79 Hoggesthorpe

Leonard bur. Sept. 30, 1615 Louth  Gertrude Bolle m. Leonard Kirkman of East Kele, Gent. (John of Hogsthorpe, Amy)  Ursula Bolle (living in 1608) m. John Kirkman of East Keal, Gent. (John of Hogsthorpe, Amy)

m.(2) Anne Rigeby

Anne d. 1569 (nuncupative Will dated Mar. 5, 1568/69; probate Mar. 31, 1569; in her Will she mentions her maids Ursula Bolles and Margaret Raven; Ursula would have been her step-daughter; WHB speculated that Margaret Raven was Richard's third wife whom we have as Margaret Hutton; in Richard's Will he mentions his wife Margaret and her sister Elizabeth Raven)

m.(3) Margaret Hutton of Canbest  Richard Bolle of Thorpe Hall near Louth (given to him by his father after 1584; he sold it to his nephew John Bolle in 1595; acquired land at Stayne and at Theddlethorpe with William Fitzwilliam from the estate of Sir William Pickering (who d. 1575) by 1603;  (had 3 sons and 3 daughters in 1608 per his mother’s Will)

m. ?

m.(2) Elizabeth Fitzwilliam (Charles of Bole, Notts.)  May 14, 1611 Gainsborough

(she had 7 children by a previous marriage to Sir George Gilby)

(I believe that after selling Thorpe Hall to his nephew in 1595, Richard settled at Gayton-le-Marsh with his family)  Katherine Bolle

Living in 1608 (mentioned in nephew John Bolles’ Will in 1606 and in his mother’s Will of 1608)  Richard Bolle of Theddlethorpe b. ca. 1590 (killed in a duel in 1631)

m. ?  Susan Bolle bp. March 13, 1627/28 St Helens, Theddlethorpe  Mary Bolle bp. Dec. 3, 1629 St Helens, Theddlethorpe

m. William Chapman of Skegness Feb. 8, 1656/57 Alford  Mary Chapman bp. June 29, 1667 Skegness, Lincs.

Mary bur. Aug. 19, 1672 Skegness (per Chapman pedigree)

Richard d. Apr. 14, bur. Apr. 15, 1631 Louth St James (duel with John Legard, referenced as Richard son of Bolls of Gaton)

(The Calendars of Administrations in the Consistory Court of Lincoln AD 1540-1659 lists a 'Richard Bollis (Bolls), Gent. of Theddlethorpe St Helen’s in 1631' (Act Book xii p. 59; Admin Bond and Inventory, 20))

Widow Bole bur. Feb. 14, 1654/55 Theddlethorpe  Edward Bowles bp. Sept. 21, 1602 Gayton le Wold, Lincolns  one other son  Anne Bowles bp. Apr. 5, 1603 Gayton le Wold, Lincolns  one other daughter (Mother’s Will of 1608 mentions son Richard’s three daughters and three sons)

Richard d. aft. 1611 bef. 1631 (stated to be deceased during the argument which led to his son's duel)  John Bolle

m.(1) Katherine Metham (William of Bullington, Mary Willoughby)

m.(2) Margaret Mussenden (Richard of Beesby or Beasley) bef. Mar. 1594/95

(likely served in the Siege of Cadiz in 1625 but died upon return to England)  Richard Bolle b. ~ 1595

(unmarried; professional soldier, served at Cadiz 1625; likely Captain Bolle Jr. fighting in Galway in 1626; likely served in Colonel Philip Hakluyt’s regiment at Ile de Rhe in 1627; Ensign to Sir Peregrine Bertie in the Low Countries campaign in 1628; the Hero of Alton Church)

d. Dec. 13, 1643 Alton church, bur. unknown  (Will dated Jan. 31, 1641 (1642 by the modern calendar) but proved only in Dec. 1647 due to war) (the Will definitely identifies him as this Richard whose mother was Margaret Mussenden as it includes bequests to his Uncle Mussenden and his cousin Francis Mussenden

(note: there is a memorial plaque to Richard Bolle at Winchester Cathedral but there is no actual tomb of his there.  It's possible that Richard was buried in a field grave with many other of the fallen from that battle.)  John Bolle (Captain) under 25 in 1608 (possibly the Ensign Bowles at Cadiz in 1625) (probably the cousin John Bolle of Haugh mentioned in Sir John Bolles Will in 1606)

(a candidate for the John Bolle with wife Dorothy who settled at Roxbury, Maryland in 1640; Dorothy d. 1649; John m.(2) Elizabeth Heath, their children: Elizabeth 1651, Isaac 1652, John 1653, Mary 1655; many generations to follow incl. Bowles of Hartford and Samuel Bowles of Springfield)  Anne Bolle

m. Hicks  Thomas Hicks  Thomas Bolle (a third son of John’s is mentioned in Margaret Bolle’s Will in 1608 but is not mentioned with other grandchildren in grandfather Richard Mussenden’s Will in 1606; he is also mentioned in brother Richard's Will of 1642 with the comment 'if he be living') (nothing is known of his line)

John d. bef. 1626 (possibly on the way home from The Attack on Cadiz in 1625)

Margaret d. 1626 (the Will details have not been located, )

(note: a John Bolle of Thorpe Hall d. 1601 unmarried; Will dated Jan. 21, 1601, probate June 18, 1601 by Sir John Bolle which left all his goods and chattels to Sir John Bolle and 20 pounds sterling to be shared by his sister’s children)

(note: the book Lincolnshire Wills, 1600-1617 states that this Will was 'probably son of Richard Bolle of Haugh by his 3d wife' but the above John Bolle married and had children, this is the Will of a single man.)  Jane Bolles (legatee of her nephew Sir John Bolles 1606)

m. Thomas Audley of Houghton in Grantham (Christopher of Boston, Katherine Lane)  Arthur Audley

Jane bur. June 5, 1608 Grantham

Richard d. Feb. 6, 1591/92, bur. Feb. 8, 1591/92 Boston, Lincs. (at age 85 on his memorial stone) (23 in 1533 per brother John’s PMI so age 81 or 82)

Margaret d. 1615 (Will dated Aug. 11, 1608, proven July 26, 1615) (living at Houghton, parish of Grantham in 1608)

1.2.3  George Bolles  b. ca. 1524 Saltfleetby

m. Katharine Newcomen (Brian of Saltfleetby, Margaret Greenfield) Oct. 20, 1559 Saltfleetby  Henry Bolles (his 'reputed son' mentioned in George's Will)  Francis Bolles (eldest son, as mentioned in George's Will)  other son(s)  Elizabeth Bolles  m.  Christopher Garbray (John)   Oct. 15, 1576 All Saints Saltfleetby

Katharine bur. Nov. 23, 1583 Saltfleetby

George bur. Dec. 15, 1583 All Saints, Saltfleetby (Will dated Dec. 9, 1583; probate Mar. 31, 1584)

1.2.4           William Bolle living in Jan. 1532/33 (possibly this was the William who was in Cardinal Wolsey’s household)

1.2.5           Lyon Bolle living in Jan. 1532/33 (lived Quadring, Gosberton)

m. Mary  Richard (minor when father died; to be brought up by Charles Bolles)  Frances  Lyon (minor, to be brought up by 1.2.3 George Bolles; mentioned in George's Will in 1583 as having gone 'beyond sea')

Lyon d. ca. 1575/76  (Will received probate Feb. 5, 1576/77)

1.2.6           George Bolle underage in 1532/33

1.2.7           Catherine Bolle underage and unm. in Jan. 1532/33

Richard d. June 15, 1521 per PMI in Devon bur. Jan. 26, 1548/49 Louth (Lawson Manuscript, Henry Lawson 1887; FHL film 1559446, Item 8, Vol. 1) (note: 1.2.1 John Bolles states in his Will dated 1532 that he wanted his estate to go to his brother Richard (1.2.2) and also that stones be placed on his father’s (1.2) grave at Louth and on his grandfather’s (1.) grave so we know the burial of a Richard Bolle at Louth in 1548 was not one of those three; it would be about right for an infant son of Richard 1.2.2’s)

Richard d. ? (1501 on brass plaque in Boston, Lincs. Church may be correct but has been challenged) bur. Makeby (per grandson John Bolls’ Will)

2.   Robert Bolle (this name is shown in the Lincolnshire Pedigrees of the Herald's Visitation of Lincolnshire of 1634 but little is known about him; Robert and his brother Thomas were their father's executors in 1493; probably the Robert Bolle mentioned in Rankyn Bolle's Will of 1512 as 'Robert Bolles otherwise called Robert Dixson' and also in John Bolle's Will of 1533; in 1468 a Robert Dixson of Quadring, Lincolnshire, husbandman, cousin and heir of Nicholas Dixson, clerk, released his rights to the lands and manors of Boney and Stanford to Sir Richard Illingworth; possibly Nicholas Dixson's holdings were entailed but on his death had no male relative any closer than his cousin Robert Bolle who had to take the name Dixson to inherit)

3.   William Bolle (3rd son by his own history and evidence at Osberton) of Wortham (see The Bolles of Wortham and Osberton and The Family Tree of The Bolles of Wortham and Osberton)

4.   John Bolle (theory: this may be John Bowles of Wallington, Herts) (see John Bowles of Wallington, Herts and The Family Tree of John Bowles of Wallington)

5.   Thomas Bolle (possibly later of Gosberton)

6.   Godfrey Bolle of Newbold, co. Leicestershire, Esq. (of Gosberton at his death in 1532)

m. Alice Smallpage (Humphrey of Hockering, co. Norfolk)(widow of Alexander Brett of Leicestershire)

6.1  John Bolle (of Scampton then of Gosberton)

m. Rose Irby (Anthony of Gosberton, Alice Bonntayne (or Bunting or Buntayne))

6.1.1  Godfrey Bolle of Gosberton

m. Mary  John Bolle of Gosberton

m. Elizabeth

(possibly the John Bowle m. Elizabeth Hawke (?) Feb. 13, 1598/99 Louth St James)

Feb. 1598/99 General Register Louth St James  John Bolle (nothing further is known)

(possibly the John Bolle bur. July 24, 1601 Irnham, Lincolnshire; that entry gives his father as a Thomas Bolle but that may have been a cousin instead)

John d. Jan. or Feb. 1600/1601 (Inventory taken Feb. 27, 1600/01)

An Elizabeth Bolle bur. Feb. 1600/01 St James, Louth (on ancestry as Sir John Bolles daughter Elizabeth but we know that Elizabeth m. George Cracroft later)

Another Elizabeth Bolle bur. July 28, 1601 Irnham (with Thomas as the father again; see above burial of a John Bolle)

Elizabeth may also have remarried, an Elizabeth Boole m. Alexander Dudicke Oct. 30, 1602

Godfrey d. ?

6.1.2  Margaret Bolle (Anne in her father's Will)

6.1.3  Thomas Bolle b. ca. 1510 (of Kirton, Lincolnshire)

m. Margaret  Thomas Bolle b. Lincolnshire

(believed to have moved to Kent, settled at Bromley and established a line which would serve in the Royal Household in the Office of The Tents and Toils for four generations)

  See The Bowles of Bromley and The Bowles of Chislehurst  William Bolle (See The Bowles of Bromley and Chislehurst Family Tree)  John Bolle  Alice Bolle  Mary Bolle  Alice b. Lincolnshire

Thomas d. 1551 (Will dated Feb. 5, 1551, probate Mar. 14, 1551)

Margaret living 1551

6.1.4  Anne Bolle 

John d. 1550 (Will dated Apr. 21, 1550; probate in 1550)

6.2  Rankyn Bolle (ob. s. p.)

m. Katherine

6.3  Thomas Bolle of Newbold and Gosberton

m. Jane Winter (George of Worthington, Leic.)

6.3.1  Sir George Bolles of London, Alderman & Mayor of London (Sheriff of London 1608; Lord Mayor 1617; knighted 1618)

m. Joan Harte (Sir John, Alderman and Mayor of London)

(acquired Scampton through his marriage)


See Sir George Bolles of London’s Family Tree for the continuation of this family line


Sir George Bolles d. Sept. 1 & bur. Sept. 25, 1621 St Swithin London Stone (in Sir John Harts Vault)

6.3.2  Robert Bolle (ob. s. p.)

6.4  Richard Bolle

6.5  George Bolle

6.6  Godfrey Bolle

Godfrey d. Jan/Feb 1532/33 (Will dated Jan. 26, 1532, proved Feb. 9, 1532/33)

7.   Arnulpha Bolle (Ranulpha Bolle, later called Rankyn Bolle when Rector of St Nicholas Kelvedon Church 1495-1511)

d. 1512 (Will dated Dec. 20, 1511; Robert Bolle alias Dixson his Executor and major beneficiary; Will proved  Jan. 9, 1511/12)

8.   Joan Bolle m. Thomas Bennett of Bennington, Linc.  (Bennett pedigree in Herald’s Visitation of Lincolnshire states Thomas Bennett married daughter of John Bolle of Wigtoft)

8.1  William Bennett m. Jane Irby of Gosberkirke


John Boles alive in Nov. 1482 but died between 1486 and 1493 (C 1/85/16 dated 1486-1493 has John Bolle’s executors as Robert and Thomas Bolles)

Katherine d. 1496 (Will dated May 16, 1486, proved 1496)

I cannot place this John in the tree:

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