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The Bowles of Ballickmoyler's Family Tree
See The Bowles of Ballickmoyler for this family's story.
Note: The register images which appear on this page were photographed by myself from the original Church of Ireland parish registers  which were made available to me for publication on this web site by the Representative Church Body Library in Dublin with the permission of the National Archives of Ireland.  I would like to thank both bodies for their support and cooperation. Pass your mouse over any register thumbnail image to see a full size copy.
As some of the church records I found did not give any other relation's names it was often very hard to identify where each person fit in.  Eventually, small clues found here and there helped to sort most of it out.  There are a few 'likelies' in here but wherever they occur they are clearly identified as a "likely" or a "possibly".  Hopefully further proof will follow.
John Bowles b. 1688 m. Mary
(shoemaker with a shop in Carlow in 1726)
(I believe him to be 3.4.3  John Bowles in the Bowles of Eltham Family Tree who was born in 1688 to a very wealthy family but fell out with his father and was disinherited in a codicil to his father's Will in 1715 and told to learn a trade.  There are no further references to him in England.  This was further substantiated by the discovery that a William Bowles of Wingfield, co. Wexford who has been identified to be John Bowles of Eltham's nephew, William Bowles in the same Bowles of Eltham family tree, bought and settled on land adjacent to this John Bowles.  See  John Bowles of Ballickmoyler and William Bowles of Wingfield )
1.  John Bowles b. ~ 1720 (aged 5 in Jan. 1726)  (a peruke (wig) maker and shoemaker)
m. Ann ~ 1742 (they lived in Killeshin, Queen’s county, Ireland in 1747 record and in Ballickmoyler in Deed Memorials)
1.1  Michael Bowles b. ~ 1744 Killabban parish, Ireland 
(moved to Manchester, England at about 18; was a labourer and a soldier; retired to Nottingham but several of his children returned to Ballickmoyler)
See Michael Bowles of Ballickmoyler
m.(1) Alice Fletcher Dec. 21, 1768  Cathedral of St Mary, St George and St Denys, Manchester, Lancs. (wit: William Fletcher, John Postles)
(her parents were possibly William and Elizabeth Fletcher based on the child naming conventions of the time)
1.1.1  Ann Bowles bp. Sept. 3, 1769 Cathedral of St Mary, St George and St Denys, Manchester, Lancs.
Ann d. Aug. 1779, bur. Aug. 15, 1779 Collegiate Church, Manchester
1.1.2  Elizabeth Bowles bp. Nov. 18, 1770  Cathedral of St Mary, St George and St Denys, Manchester, Lancs.
possibly (the following for Elizabeth is not confirmed)
Elizabeth m. Robert Dawson, sawyer, Feb. 6, 1791 Cathedral of St Mary, St George and St Denys, Manchester, Lancs.  ref.  Anne Dawson bp. Mar. 13, 1791 St George's Road, Oxford Street Baptist, Manchester
Robert Dawson bur. Aug. 18, 1791 same Cathedral
Elizabeth m.(2) Joseph Wiln, joiner, June 8, 1797 same Cathedral
no more references in the Cathedral register
1.1.3  Mary Bowles b. ? (likely Apr. 6 or 7, 1772), d. Apr. 1772, bur. Apr. 7, 1772 Collegiate Church, Manchester
1.1.4  John Bowles bp. July 11, 1773 Cathedral of St Mary, St George and St Denys, Manchester, Lancs.
m. Anne Mills ~ 1799 Ireland
(John and his family emigrated to Canada in 1819, see The Bowles of Ballickmoyler in Canada)  William b. Sept. 22, 1800 co. Carlow (from cemetery record in Canada, have not found birth record)  Sarah b. July 10, 1802 co. Cork (according to death record in Canada but Cork seems strange)  Thomas b. July 30, 1808 bp. Aug. 21, 1808 Dunleckney, co. Carlow  John b. June 22, 1811 bp. July 2, 1811 Dunleckney, co. Carlow  Mary b. ~ 1812 (or possibly between Sarah and Thomas above) Ireland  Robert b. Sept. 27, 1813 bp. Sept. 30, 1813 Dunleckney, co. Carlow  Anne b. Feb. 5, 1817 bp. Feb. 12, 1817 Dunleckney, co. Carlow
(See John Bowles of Quebec City's Family Tree for the next generations of this family)
John d. Mar. 30, 1840 Quebec City
1.1.5  William Bowles b. ? (probably Feb. 5 or 6, 1776) d. May 1776, bur. May 15, 1776 Collegiate Church, Manchester (Cathedral)
Alice d. Feb. 1776 bur. Feb. 6, 1776 Collegiate Church, Manchester (Cathedral)
Michael m.(2) Jane Dyson  June 12, 1776  St Mary the Virgin, Prestwich, Lancs. (both were 'of Oldham; wit: James Barlow, Thomas Lees; St Mary was the mother church for the chapel at Oldham)
1.1.6  Joseph Bowles bp. Jan. 1, 1777 Cathedral, Manchester, Lancs.
(was a shoemaker on Burrin St. in Carlow in 1824 Pigot Directory; emigrated to Canada in 1831;
see The Bowles of Ballickmoyler in Canada)
m. Jane Feltus Feb. 27, 1808 St. Mary's Carlow, Carlow co.  Eliza Bowles bp. “about” May 7, 1810 St. Mary's Carlow, Carlow co.  Joseph Bowles bp. April 17, 1814 St. Mary’s Carlow, Carlow co.  William Bowles b. 1827  James Bowles b. 1827 (twins)
(the last two are per records found in Quebec; See Joseph Bowles of Quebec City's Family Tree for the next generations of this family)
Joseph d. Sept. 7, 1843 Quebec City, Quebec
Jane d. Jan. 10, 1846 Quebec City, Quebec
1.1.7  Michael Bowles bp. Sept. 27, 1778 Cathedral, Manchester, Lancs.
(emigrated to Canada and settled in Reach, township, Ontario county in 1842 with children Robert, Lucy, Michael and Joseph all of whom raised families in Canada)
see Michael Bowles of Reach township for the family trees for his children)
m.(1) before 1806 (in England or Ireland but she was Protestant) John Bowles b. July 6, 1806 Ballickmoyler, Queen's co.
bp. July 20, 1806 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.
(emigrated to Quebec City in 1819 with his Uncle, 1.1.4  John Bowles, and later settled in Southern Ontario near his father and half-brothers; see John Bowles of Whitby township, Ontario county for his story and see Michael Bowles of Ontario county's Family Tree for his family tree)
John d. March 8, 1871 Whitby, Ont.  Sarah Bowles b. Dec. 29, 1807 Ballickmoyler, Queen's co.
bp. Dec. 30, 1807 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.
Michael’s first wife d. after 1807 probably in Queen’s county, Ireland
m.(2) ? ~ 1819 Rebecca Quinn
(almost certainly her as all 4 of their children named a daughter Rebecca; she was Catholic and the children were baptized Catholic but he remained Protestant and see the one baptism we have below)
See The Bowles of Reach twp for the family trees for these next four  Robert Bowles b. Sept. 30, 1820 Queen's co.
m. Mary Moran of co. Mayo (probably in Canada)
(emigrated to Canada with father in 1842 and settled in Reach county, Ontario)
Robert d. Dec. 26, 1902 Reach twp., Ontario  Lucy Bowles b. ~ 1823 Ireland
m. James Lalor (Lawler) Mar. 24, 1843 Arles, Queens county, Ireland  Rebecca Lalor bp. Feb. 22, 1846 Arles, Killabin parish, Queen's co. 
(one child born at Arles then family also emigrated to Reach twp, Ontario about 1847 where six more children were born)  Michael Bowles b. ~ 1825 Queen's co.
m. Mary Ann Cuddy in Canada
(settled in Reach township, Ontario, Canada  and raised a family, have not found his death record)  Joseph Bowles b. June 15, 1827 Queen's co.
(the following may be Joseph's baptismal record but it's not clear enough to be sure.  I can make out that the baptism was performed in Ballickmoyler on June 6, 1827 by the RC Priest from Arles (as this entry is in the Killabin RC Parish Register for Arles) which includes Ballickmoyler and it seems to read 'Jos. of Michl & ..... Bowles witnesses: Margaret Boll ....'
m. Mary Marning in Canada
(settled in Reach township, Ontario, Canada  and raised a family which has spread out across Canada and the U.S.)
Joseph d. May 20, 1913 Port Perry, Ont.
See The Bowles of Reach twp for the family trees for the above four  William Bowles bp. June 4, 1836 Ballickmoyler, Queen's county (he may not have survived as he did not accompany them to Canada in 1842) this entry is on a page labelled 'Ballickmoyler Continued' in the Parish of Killabin Register (Arles)
Michael d. May 19, 1872 near Raglan, Ont.
(See Michael Bowles of Reach Township for Michael Sr., Robert, Michael Jr. and Joseph's family tree in Canada)
(the following is likely but not yet confirmed; see his family history at Michael Bowles of Ballickmoyler)
Michael m.(3) Hannah possibly in Nottingham ca. 1784
(or it could be this Michael Bowles, widower, age 35 m. Hannah Gosling, widow, age 23 on Sept. 23, 1782 in Witton-cum-Twambrooks chapelry, Cheshire, England; the age is about right, he was a widower and Witton is just 20 miles SE of Manchester; Michael was in Nottingham when he accepted his army discharge in  1792 and when he acted as a recruiter for the Loyal Nottingham Foresters in 1797 and 1798) 
1.1.8  Mary Bowles bp. June 17, 1786 St Nicholas, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
1.1.9  Charlotte Bowles bp. Mar. 20, 1789 St Nicholas, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
1.1.10  David Bowles bp. June 3, 1792 St Nicholas, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Michael d. 1799, bur. Aug. 20, 1799 St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
1.2  William b. ~ 1745
m. Sarah Moore
1.2.1  Robert Bowles bp. June 20, 1774 St. Mary's Carlow, Carlow co. (Ch. of Ireland)
bp. June 25, 1774 Carlow RC Cathedral  ref.
(Robert was baptized in both of the principal churches which indicates that his mother, Sarah, may have been Catholic; Robert then married a Quaker woman; after his death, his wife and their children moved to Dublin and adopted the Quaker faith ; see Robert Bowles of Ballickmoyler's Family in Dublin for their story and their family tree)
(possibly Robert married previously and had one son William, see note at bottom of page)
m. Ann Waring (Thomas & Abigail Waring of Killeshin, Queens co.)  ~ 1810  (widow of a Quaker, Thomas Baker of Killeshin (Wm. & Anne Baker of  Gery Phelim, co. Wexford) who d. 1809 leaving her with 4 children: William, Abigail, John and Samuel Baker)  Robert Bowles b. June 13, 1811 Ballickmoyler, Queen's co.  bp. July 26, 1811 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.
m. Hannah Wardell Sept. 13, 1833 Dublin (Quaker church)
children born Dublin: Anne, Hannah, Lucy, Jane, Samuel, Margaret
 (see 1. Robert Bowles at Robert Bowles of Ballickmoyler and Dublin)  Lucy Bowles b. Oct. 9, 1813 Ballickmoyler, Queen's co. 
      bp. Oct. 31, 1813 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.
m. Jonah Wardell of Dublin Apr. 12, 1843 Monkstown, co. Dublin
 (see 2. Lucy Bowles at Robert Bowles of Ballickmoyler and Dublin)  Thomas Bowles b. Feb. 25, 1816 Ballickmoyler, Queen's co.  bp. Mar. 12, 1816 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.
m. Ellen Alexander ~ 1839
children born Dublin: Anne Mary, Samuel Baker, Robert, Abigail Elinor, Thomas William, Lucy Harriet, John Waring, Robert, Edith, George Waring
 (see 3. Thomas Bowles at Robert Bowles of Ballickmoyler and Dublin)
1.2.2  Anne Bowles b. ~ 1788 (she probably fits in here, but also possibly other places)
m. Francis Young (of Newtown Barry parish, co. Wexford) June 28, 1808 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.
(note: Newtownbarry in co. Wexford is today called Bunclody)
1.3  John Bowles b. ~ 1746
m. Elizabeth McGrath July 9, 1764 St. Mary’s Carlow, co. Carlow
1.3.1   Jane Bowles bp. May 21, 1775 St. Mary's Carlow, Carlow co.
(I believe she fits here but her parents are stated to be John and  Mary Bowles; she fits here only if Mary is actually Elizabeth; sometimes women were christened Mary along with their commonly used name and later only used the name Mary for church records; I haven't found any other John and Mary Bowles in the area at all and there are no other John Bowles who are unaccounted for.)
1.4   Joseph Bowles bp. March 31, 1747 St. Mary’s Carlow, co. Carlow
m. Ann Tunstead (b. ca. 1748) Apr. 21, 1772 St. Mary’s Carlow, co. Carlow
1.4.1  John Bowles b. ~ 1782  
(he probably fits in here but also could have been the son of 1.3 John or 1.2 William)
m. Elizabeth  Dickson of St Peter parish, Dublin July 25, 1808 St Peters Dublin
(John's children emigrated to Quebec City, Canada after his death and Elizabeth's re-marriage to Thomas Taylor but then moved on to New Orleans.  See The Bowles Family of co. Laois in New Orleans and The Family Tree of the Bowles Family From co. Laois in New Orleans for more on this branch.)  Thomas Bowles b. July 4, 1809 Ballickmoyler, Queen's co. bp. Aug. 2, 1809 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.
Thomas d. Jan. 16, bur. Jan. 17, 1825 Quebec City  Joseph S. Bowles b. Feb. 12, 1811 Ireland  (per records in the US but no record found in Ireland yet)
See 2.0  Joseph S. Bowles in The Family Tree of the Bowles From Quebec City in New Orleans  Jane Bowles b. Dec. 8, 1812 Ballickmoyler, Queen's co. bp. Dec. 26, 1812 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.
See 3.0 Jane Bowles in The Family Tree of the Bowles From Quebec City in New Orleans  Elizabeth Bowles b. Oct. 12, 1814 Ballickmoyler, Queen's co. bp. Nov. 12, 1814 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.  Robert Henry Bowles b. Feb. 15, 1817 Ballickmoyler, Queen's co. bp. Mar. 2, 1817 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.
See 5.0 Robert Henry Bowles in The Family Tree of the Bowles From Quebec City in New Orleans
John d.  May, 1818 Ballickmoyler, Queen's co., bur. May 19, 1818 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.
Elizabeth m.(2) Thomas Taylor (day & mos. left blank), 1821 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co.  Thomas Taylor b. Jan. 1, 1821, bp. Feb. 18, 1821 Bagenalstown, Dunleckney parish, co. Carlow  Mary Taylor b. ~ 1823 Ireland d. Oct. 2, 1840 New Orleans  Anne (Anna) Taylor b.  ~ 1825 Canada
See 8.0 Anne Taylor in The Family Tree of the Bowles From Quebec City in New Orleans
(Thomas Taylor, Elizabeth and family emigrated to Canada by 1824; children Joseph, Jane and Robert Bowles and Mary and Anna Taylor settled in New Orleans, LA; see The Bowles of New Orleans)
1.4.2  Joseph Bowles m. Elizabeth
(he probably fits in here but also could have been the son of 1.3 John or 1.2 William)  John Bowles bp. Nov. 9, 1811 St. Mary's Carlow, Carlow co.  Margaret Bowles bp. Jan. 26, 1812 St. Mary's Carlow, Carlow co.  Elizabeth Bowles bp. May 17, 1821 St. Mary’s Carlow, Carlow co.
(she is probably here although the baptismal register only gives her father's name (Joseph); the other possible Joseph (married to Jane Feltus) already had a daughter Elizabeth who survived to emigrate to Canada with her family)
Joseph d. Oct. 1815 Ballickmoyler, bur. Oct. 20, 1815 Castletown-Killabban church, Queen’s co.
Anne d. Nov. 1817 Ballickmoyler, bur. Dec. 1, 1817 Castletown-Killabban church, Queen’s co.
1.6  Elizabeth Bowles b. ~ 1756 d. Nov. 1846 Ballickmoyler bur. Nov. 12, 1846 Castletown-Killabban church, Queen’s co. (at age 90)
John d. 1802 Ballickmoyler, Killabban parish, Queen’s co  (Index to Leighlin Administrations Intestate, 1803 bond)
2.  Robert Bowles b. ca. 1722 (a witness at John Bowles' neighbour Adam Taylor's daughter Jane's marriage in Carlow in 1743 (see The Taylor's Family Tree)
3.  Ann Bowles b. ~ 1728
m. Robert Carr Aug. 27, 1748 St. Mary’s Carlow, co. Carlow
4.  William Bowles b. ~ 1730-36
m. Mary Harborne Oct. 17, 1756 St. Mary’s Carlow, co. Carlow (witness: Rev. Richard Mills)
(they lived in Carlow in 1757)
4.1  James Bowles bp. July 24, 1757 St. Mary’s Carlow, co. Carlow
John Bowles, Sr. likely d. 1750
Mary likely d. 1767 (both tentative dates are based on John Bowles' deed memorial)

Other Bowles in this area who I Believe were Related to the Above

William Bowles of Wingfield, co. Wexford and Ballickmoyler, Queens county

William was “of  Wingfield, co. Wexford” when he signed a deed for some land in Ballickmoyler in 1793; See William Bowles of Wingfield; according to W.H. Bowles there was a William Bowles, son of Thomas Bowles who in turn was the son of Charles Bowles of Chatham, Kent who was adopted by his Aunt Katherina Bowles and her husband Henry Brownrigg who was of the Brownriggs of Wingfield, co. Wexford line; see a discussion of this possible family link between John Bowles of Ballickmoyler and William Bowles of Wingfield which I believe provides sufficient proof and if indeed true would connect my Ballickmoyler line to the Chatham, Kent line.
William Bowles of Surrey bp. Feb. 12, 1722/23 St Mary at Lambeth, Surrey 
(settled in Ireland with Aunt and Uncle who were for a time living at Wingfield, co. Wessex)
m. ?  (in Ireland?)
1.  William Bowles of Wingfield b. ~ 1750 (settled in Ballickmoyler)
m. Lucinda (b. ca. 1740) ca. 1780
1.1  Robert Bowles bp. Nov. 7, 1784 St Mary's, Dublin
1.2  Lucinda b. ~ 1790
m. John Graham Aug. 31, 1812 St. Mary’s Carlow, co. Carlow
(William Bowles signed the Ballickmoyler land over to his son-in-law John Graham in 1813)
1.3  William Bowles b. ~ 1795
m. Susan ~ 1815
1.3.1  Jane Bowles b. Jan. 23, bp. Jan. 31, 1817 Dunleckney, co. Carlow
Lucy d. May 17, 1828 Ballickmoyler bur. May 20, 1828 Castletown-Killabban church, Queen’s co. (age 78)
One of these is likely William Sr. or William Jr. or both but the ages given for them at their burial do not really work out.  Often those recorded dates were wild guesses made by other than a family member.
William d. 1831  bur. Apr. 27, 1831 Castletown-Killabban, Queen's co. (at age 72 so b. ca. 1759)
William d. Dec. 1816 Dunleckney, co. Carlow (at age 51 so born ca. 1765) bur. Dec. 16, 1816 Castletown-Killabban church, Queen’s co.
(note: the Feltus family also lived at Dunleckney and 1.1.4 John Bowles moved his family from Ballickmoyler to Dunleckney sometime between 1802 and 1808)

There is one more Bowles line which I cannot confidently fit into this tree, or rather there are just too many possible locations in the line that fit to pick one.  A William Bowles, who was born about 1800, had a coal business on Dublin Road in Carlow and died in the Carlow Workhouse in 1886, clearly fits in with this family somewhere.  There are too many untraced lines to say just where yet.  My preferred idea would be that he was a son of 1.2.1 Robert Bowles by a first wife except there is no indication on his later marriage record that Robert was a widower.  Please see William Bowles of Carlow

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