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Thomas Bowles, a Boatman of Ramsgate

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Please have a look at Mark Grace's site  for more current research in this area.

Early references not connected up yet:


Katherine Bowle bur. July 1, 1561 St. Lawrence, Kent


John Bowell

1.   Thomas Bowell bur. Nov. 21, 1566 St. John, Margate


The following Wills are held in the Canterbury Cathedral Archives (per East Kent Wills website):

Bowles Mary Ramsgate  1739 Reference: PRC17/90/55c
Bowles John Ramsgate   1709 Reference: PRC17/81/267a PRC16/355 B/16

St. Lawrence (Laurence), Ramsgate, Thanet Churchyard Monumental Inscriptions

122. Elizabeth, wife of John BOWLES, died 26th December 1704 aged 63 years. Also Sarah HILLS, an infant, buried 23rd May 1706. Also John Bowles died 1st December 1709 aged 58 years. John Hills died 27th March 1716 aged 45 years. Also an infant son of John Hills died 22nd November 1716. Elizabeth, wife of John Hills, died 27th March 1736 aged 52 years. Mary, widow of John Bowles, died 9th March 1739 aged 88 years. John Hills died July 31st 1751 aged 40 years. Also Sarah, wife of Stephen Hills, died 24th February 1767 aged (48) years. Also Elizabeth CURLING died 16th January 1787 aged 77 years. Also Mary CORNISH died 1st January 1801 aged 87 years.

From the above:

John Bowles b. ~ 1651
m.(1)  Elizabeth b. ~ 1641 d. Dec. 26, 1704 bur. Thanet Curchyard
m.(2)  Mary b. ~ 1651
John d. Dec. 1, 1709 bur. Thanet Curchyard
Mary d. Mar. 9, 1739 bur. Thanet Curchyard

From Census Records and the Parish Registers of St. Clements and St. Peter's

Thomas Bowles m. Elizabeth bef. 1792
1.  Rachel Bowles b. & chr. Feb. 22, 1792 St. Clements (probably d. infant)
2.  Thomas Bowles b. Sept. 26, 1794 Charlton, Kent; chr. Oct. 15, 1794 St. Clements, Sandwich, Kent
m. Elizabeth (b. ~ 1798 Ramsgate, Kent)
(a Master Ropemaker; lived 11 Elgar Place, Ramsgate in 1851)
2.1  William Bowles b. ~ 1830 St. Lawrence, Kent
m. Ellen (b. ~ 1827 Canterbury)
2.1.1  Thomasina Bowles b. ~ 1848 St. Lawrence, Kent
2.2  Mary Bowles b. ~ 1836 St. Lawrence, Kent
1851 Census
3.  Rachel Bowles b. Dec. 5, 1795 chr. Jan. 13, 1796 St. Clements
4.  Angela Bowles b. Nov. 22, 1798 chr. Jan. 5, 1799 St. Clements
Thomas Bowles m. Mary bef. 1797
1.  Finnis (possibly Phineas) b. & chr. Oct. 13, 1797 St. Clements
Henry Bowles (mariner) m. Martha
1.  Henry Bowles b. Aug. 6, 1816 Strand St., chr. Sept. 24, 1816 St. Clements
2.  Ann Bowles b. Sept. 10, 1817 Strand St., chr. Nov. 30, 1817 St. Clements
Thomas Bowles (a Brewer's Man) m. Anne
1.  Harriet Bowles chr. Apr. 4, 1815 St Peter's
Frances Bowles
1.  Jane Chaplen (?) Bowles chr. Mar. 18, 1821 St. Peter's
? Bowles m. Mary Ann (b. ~ 1792 Ramsgate, Kent)
1.  Mary Ann Bowles b. ~ 1832 Ramsgate, Kent
2.  Alfred Bowles b. ~ 1835 Ramsgate, Kent
1851 Census
William Bowles b. ~ 1811
m. Susan (b. ~ 1811)
1.  William Bowles b. ~ 1837
1841 Census

The 1851 census of Ramsgate also lists two Mary Bowles as servants at the house of Rupert H. Warner, 6 Westcliffe Terrace, one aged 30 is the Nursemaid and the other aged 17 is the Under Nursemaid.

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