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John Blackwell's Connection to a Thomas Bowles in the Blackwell Family Tree

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Reference for personal histories: Governor John Blackwell: His Life in England and Ireland W. L. F. Nuttall and W. F. L. Nuttall The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography Vol. 88, No. 2 (Apr., 1964), pp. 121-141

John Blackwell Sr. bp. Sept. 18, 1594 Watford, St Mary, Herts. (John)
(a Puritan; a London merchant; Grocer to King Charles I; Capt. of a company in the 4th Regiment Parliamentary Army in 1642; signed death warrants of Duke of Hamilton, Earl of Holland, Lord Capel; appointed to sell confiscated church lands he acquired much land in England; JP for Surrey 1653; he was sent to Ireland in 1653 to "settle a method for determining by lot how many and which of the adventurer's proportions shall fall"; Sheriff of Surrey 1657 until his death in 1658)
m.(1) Juliana 1621 (d. 1640)
1.  Samuel Blackwell (1618-?) of Twickenham
m. Mary
1.1  Bethia Blackwell (1650)
1.2  Mary Blackwell (1652)
1.3  Samuel Blackwell (1654)
1.4  Essex or Isaacs Blackwell (1655)
1.5  Sidney (bp. Sydenham) Blackwell (1657)
1.6  Anne Blackwell b. June 21, bp. June 22, 1658 Twickenham, Mdlsx.
m.  Thomas Bowles Feb. 14,1682 St James Duke's Place (officiating Minister Elidad Blackwell)
The following entries are all from London Parish Registers: St James Duke Place:
(b. is bachelor, s. is spinster, w. is widow; for the third name on each entry see the note below)
Probably that same Thomas Bowles presented the bride at a Blackwell marriage two years later at the same church.
A Charles Bowles also appeared in a Dimmock marriage a few years earlier at that church.
Note on the third name given in these entries.
1.7  Dorothy Blackwell (1660)
1.8  Charles Blackwell (1661)
2.  Elidad Blackwell
3.  John Blackwell Jr. (Captain) (Mar. 8, 1624-?)
(a grocer living in Bow Lane; an Ensign in father's Blue Trained Band in 1642, a Cornet in Capt. Juxon's troop of Harvey's City Horse 1643-44; in April 1644 he raised the Maiden Troop of Harvey's Horse with 49 men in London which served in Cornwall and at Plymouth that year; Treasurer-at-War under Sir John Wollaston by 1647, Senior Treasurer-at-war with Richard Dean in 1653; acquired much church land through his father's appointment incl. Manor of Reculver, Kent (1647), Manor of Lambeth, London (1648/49) and Manor of Egham (1650); Commissioner of Assessments for Kent 1651, for Berkshire 1652-57; JP for Middlesex 1653; as the Treasurer-at-war's office managed the allocation of land under the Adventurers Act he could not allocate land to himself but he acquired much land in Dublin, Kildare and Cork in 1657 by Act of Parliament due to his position; MP for Surrey 1656-58; executor of Thomas Smithsby's estate with Simon Middleton, Secty. of New River Company in 1658; as order within Parliament fell apart Blackwell and Dean were dismissed as Treasurers-at-war; lost his family land and his acquired lands upon Charles II's return; went to America in 1684; gov. of Pennsylvania 1688-90; resigned and returned to England)
m.(1) Elizabeth Smithsby (James) June 9, 1647 St Andrew Undershaft
3.1 son bp. Mar. 18, 1654 St Margaret, Westminster
3.2  child bur. May 16, 1656 Mortlake
Elizabeth d. 1669 leaving him with 7 children
m.(2) Frances Lambert ca. 1672 
10 more children
John Jr. d. 1701 Bethnal Green, England (son and heir was John Blackwell III, merchant)
m.(2) Martha Smithsby (Thomas; Saddler to Charles I and Underkeeper to the Duke of Hamilton for Hampton Court) Mar. 9, 1642; Martha d. 1652
m.(3) Mary Rose (Robert, gent. of Derby) Mar. 9, 1656/57 St Andrew Undershaft
John d. Jan. 1658 (stricken by 'the sinking') Cripplegate
widow Mary Rose m.(2) Col. John Okey (hung 1662 for signing Charles I death warrant)
Elidad Blackwell (1602-1658) (Pastor of Andrew Undershaft 1656; Puritan)
m. Jane Chadderton (d. 1656)
1.  Jane  Blackwell b. 1628
2.  Elidad Blackwell b. 1630 (of Bread St. London, citizen and grocer) (apprentice to Thomas Hussey, grocer 1646)
m.(1) Elizabeth Bassano, widow June 16, 1656 St Andrew Undershaft
m.(2) Mary (d.1690)
2.1  Margaret Blackwell bp. Mar. 16, 1670
2.2  Mary Blackwell bp. Feb. 18, 1673 d.1690
Elidad d. Nov. 9, 1688 bur. All Hallows Bread Street
3.  Abigail Blackwell b. 1632 m.1656 Abraham Pinchbeck
4.  Rev. Charles Blackwell b.1633 d. 1677 (Vicar of Stayning, Sussex)
m.  Rebecca Morle (Morley) 1656 (wife Elizabeth in father's Will)
Children: Elidad (d. inf.), Charles, John, Samuel, Mary, Lionel, Elidad
5.  John Blackwell b.1637 of London citizen and grocer (apprenticed to his brother Elidad 1655). A gold wire drawer
m.1665 Elizabeth Mallory.
4.1  Robert Blackwell (citizen and grocer)
6.  Elizabeth Blackwell b.1640 m. James (or Francis) Staunton, merchant Mar. 21, 1654/55 St Andrew Undershaft
7.  Mary Blackwell
Rev. Elidad d. Apr. 1658 (Will dated Apr. 9,1658, proven Apr. 30, 1658)
Elidad's sister Hannah m. Miller; sister Mary m. Hall
Jean Blackwell m. Robert Upton 1646 St Andrew Undershaft
Richard Blackwell m. Penelope Holgate 1650 St Andrew Undershaft
Edward Blackwell m. Sarah Brett 1652 St Andrew Undershaft
Mary Blackwell m. Benjamin Dukes 1658 St Andrew Undershaft
Charles Blackwell m. Rebeckah Morle July 16, 1656 Steyning, Sussex
1.  Elidad Blackwell b. 1657, bp. Jan. 21, 1657 Steyning, Sussex
2.  Charles Blackwell b. 1659, bp. May 12, 1659 Steyning, Sussex
3.  Samuel Blackwell b. 1662, bp. Jan. 23, 1662 Steyning, Sussex



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