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Thomas Bowles of Dublin's Family Tree

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Thomas Bowles (Captain) b. ca. 1620 England (appointed Deputy Treasurer-at-War for Ireland after Cromwell occupied Ireland in 1649; a position like that wouldn't have been given to a much younger person)
(his parents are unknown but, based on the common practice for naming children in that period (eldest son after father's father, eldest daughter after mother's mother, second son after mother's father, second daughter after father's mother) they were almost certainly a Thomas and Elizabeth Bowles of somewhere in England; most references for this family are spelled Bold or Bould in their early years in Dublin but gradually became Bowles)
m. Mary Plunket (b. 1629, William, Esther; sister of The Right Hon. Sir Walter Plunket) ca. 1651
1.  Thomas Bowles Jr. bp. Apr. 21, 1652 St John Dublin (as Thomas Bold)
m. Dorcas Bennett ca. 1677 (Alderman Christopher, a merchant of Dublin, Anne)
1.1  Dorcas Bowles bp. Jan. 30, 1677 St. Bride’s Dublin

(she was admitted as a 'free woman of Dublin by fine and special grace' in 1695 when she became 18 as her father had died a few years earlier;  her two brothers were under 18)

m. Thomas Fleeson ca. 1706 (a Stationer of Dublin, they were of Cork Hill, Dublin in 1707; of Blind Key in 1708; of Butter Lane in 1713 and 1716)

1.1.1  Elizabeth Fleeson bp. Sept. 21, 1707 St. Werburgh's, Dublin

1.1.2  Mary Fleeson bp. Nov. 15, 1708 St. Werburgh's, Dublin

m. Charles Hunter Feb. 6, 1734 St. Mary's church, Dublin

1.1.3  Anne Fleeson b. ~ 1709 (of legal age in 1730 but not in 1725)

m. Mr. Grogan ca. 1723

Grogan d. before 1730

m. William Crofton Apr. 29, 1734 St. Michan's church, Dublin

1.1.4  Plunket Fleeson bp. Mar. 7, 1713 St. Peter's church, Dublin

1.1.5  Thomas Fleeson bp. Feb. 1, 1715 St. Peter's church, Dublin

Dorcas Bowles Fleeson bur. Oct. 17, 1716 St Peters, Dublin (the transcription on irishgenealogy.ie only states 'Burial of Fleeson of Buter Lane on 17 October 1716 St Peter, Dublin (COI)' but the baptismal entry for their son Plunket in 1713 has this family on Butter Lane and Thomas Fleeson did remarry before 1719 so this is almost certainly Dorcas)

Thomas Fleeson m.(2) Mary

1.1.6  Martha Fleeson bp. July 24, 1719 St. Peter's church, Dublin

1.1.7  Robert Fleeson b. Sept. 18 bp. Sept. 20, 1720 St. Peter's church, Dublin


1.2  Thomas Bowles III b. ca. 1678 (grandfather Bennett’s Will had a caveat added in 1678 which refers to him; heir to his grandfather in 1692 at age 14 (Betham Abstracts))

m. Jane Rainsford (bp. Aug. 15, 1684 St Catherines, Dublin; Alderman Mark Rainsford) Feb. 8, 1702

1.2.1  Isabella Bowles b. ca. 1703; d. 1723, bur. Sept. 27, 1723, St Catherines, Dublin (as Bowls)  (Will dated 1712)


 Thomas bur. June 4, 1704  St. Catherines, Dublin

Jane bur. June 12, 1704 St Catherines, Dublin (Will dated June 8, 1704, proven June 19, 1704 (Betham Abstracts)


1.3  John Bowles b. ca. 1682 (a merchant of Park St Catherine’s in 1704)

m. Mary Drury Nov. 28, 1704 St Catherines, Dublin (Betham Abstracts)

1.3.1  John Bowles bp. Oct. 15, 1709 St Catherines, Dublin

1.3.2  Jane Bowles (mentioned in deed memorial 17936)

1.3.3  possibly Richard Bowles who d. 1749 (probate for Richard Bowles in the Tryal Privateer to brother John Bowles June 14, 1749 (Betham’s Genealogical Abstracts); no other John seems to fit)

Mary Bowles bur. Oct. 28, 1759 St Catherines, Dublin

1.4   Esther Bowles bp. Apr. 10, 1683 St Catherines (must have d. bef. 1703 when her siblings Dorcas and John were the sole surviving administrators of their father)

1.5  Charles Bowles (as Bould) b. May, bur. May 11, 1684 St Audoen, Dublin

Dorcas bur. Sept. 25, 1685 St Catherines, Dublin

Thomas probably d. 1692 (as Mr Boulds bur. Apr. 12, 1692 St John, Dublin)
(his children would have all been minors so someone would have been assigned their wardship; in 1695 when their eldest, Dorcas, reached 18 she was made a freewoman of Dublin; administration of their estate received final probate only in 1703 when their youngest, John, reached age 21)


2.  Mary Bowles bp. Jan. 31, 1653/54 St John Dublin (as Mary Bould)
3.  Hester Bowles (as Bould but married as Bowles) bp. Oct. 25, 1655 St John Dublin (of Rabeale (Rathbeale, Swords) in 1683)
m. William Stowell July 30, 1683 St Audoen, Dublin  (Alderman of Dublin)
3.1  Plunket Stowell (later Plunket Plunket) b. ca. 1684 (assumed the surname Plunket in 1704 as heir to Right Hon. Sir Walter Plunket)   (of Rathbeale, co. Dublin; MP for Swords 1713-14 and 1715-27) (see The Plunkets of Rathbeale Family Tree)
m. Ann Whitshed (Thomas, Mary Quin)
3.1.1  Henry Plunket
3.1.2  Mary Plunket bur. Feb. 21, 1709 St John, Dublin
3.1.3  Walter Plunket bp. Mar. 1, 1704/05 St Patrick, Dublin
3.1.4  Plunket Plunket bp. Nov. 1, 1704 St Patrick, Dublin
3.2  William Stowell bp. June 16, 1687 St Audeon, Dublin
3.3  Elizabeth Stowell bp. July 12, 1688 St Audeon, Dublin
3.4  Mary Stowell (mentioned in Sir Walter Plunket's Will)
Hester bur. Dec. 26, 1699 St John, Dublin
Alderman Stowell bur. Apr. 21, 1701 St John, Dublin (Will dated July 10, 1700, proven Nov. 7, 1701 (Betham Abstracts))
4.  Anne Bowles bp. Aug. 5, 1657 St John Dublin (as Ann Bould)  
5.  possibly John Bowles b. ca. 1658 (a sister Dorothy Bowles mentioned in Lydia Bennett Warren's Will (Dorcas Bennett's sister); the only Dorothy Bowles I know of was married to a John Bowles, they baptized and bur. one child Mary in 1677)
m. Dorothy
5.1  Mary Bowles (as Bolis) bp. July 22 and bur. Aug. 2, 1677 St. Peter’s
6.  Elizabeth Bowles bp. Nov. 22, 1661 St. Bride’s, Dublin (as Boale, d. of Tho. & Mary Boale)
7.  possibly a William Bowles
Thomas bur. Nov. 27, 1709 St John Dublin (as Captain Thomas Bolds)
Mary d. 1720 or 1722 (either the Widow Bolds (most likely) bur. Apr. 12, 1720 St John Dublin or the Mary Bole of Plunket Street bur. Aug. 28, 1722 St. Nicholas Without (COI), Dublin)


(an inventory of a Thomas Bowles of Dublin, Gent’s assets was filed with the Prerogative Court in 1713)



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