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Tobias Bowles of Charleston, South Carolina

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This page was developed entirely from family history research sent to me by Carl Peter Carroll of Abaco, The Bahamas whose wife is a direct descendant of Tobias Bowles' father, Leonard Bowles of Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas.
Tobias Bowles was born in 1771 in Nassau, Bahamas to parents Leonard and Elizabeth Bowles. ref  Leonard Bowles was a London Merchant, from The Bowles of Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire line, who had decided to settle in The Bahamas where he married, raised a family and continued in the merchant trade between America, The Bahamas and England.  See also Leonard Bowles, a London Merchant in The Bahamas
By 1790 Tobias was apprenticed to a lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina, Thomas Winstanley.  In 1791 Tobias and Thomas Winstanley were the witnesses on a lease of almost 100 acres of land known as the Old Quarter House tract on Charleston's 'broad road' and the adjacent New Quarter House tract.  ref  He is listed in the Charleston Register of Attorneys for 1792.  On Mar. 10, 1795 Tobias was married to Susannah Drayton, daughter of John Drayton of Drayton Hall, Charleston.  ref  He built their home at 143 Tradd Street in Charleston in 1797 or shortly after.  It still stands today as the historic Bowles-Legare House.   However, Susannah passed away in 1801  ref  and there is no record of there being any children.
Tobias was elected Second Lieutenant in the Charleston Cadet Artillery Company on July 4th, 1794.  By 1798 he was a Captain in the Cadet Artillery Company ref  By 1805 he was Major of the Artillery Regiment in Charleston.  ref  Tobias died on Oct. 8, 1808. ref  obituary   His obituary is particularly useful as it firmly identifies this Major Tobias Bowles of Charleston as the same person as the Tobias Bowles of the Bahamas line.
In his Will (dated Oct. 13, 1807, probate date Nov. 4, 1808) he left most of his estate to his mother-in-law Rebeccah Perry “on condition that she, her Executors or Administrators do & shall within three months after my decease, in due form of Law, emancipate & set free my slaves named Harriett, Thursa, Bunfy, Auba & Kit & the issue of the females to be born after the date of this my will.”) See more on that story at Drayton Research Update: Efforts to Emancipate Abigail, Mahala, Rebecca and Abba

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