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Walter Bowles the Gardener's Family Tree

Back to  Walter Bowles, a gardener of Tipperary, Wales, Carlow and Dublin

This is the known family tree:
Walter Bowles b. ~ 1815 Ireland; probably Tipperary (father James, a bootmaker in Ireland; mother not known but possibly an Elizabeth based on the name they gave their first daughter; that would most likely be James and Elizabeth Bowles of Silvermines, co. Tipperary)
(Walter was a gardener at Talacre, Gwespyr, Flintshire, Wales in 1840-41; a gardener at Spring House, Tipperary in 1842; a gardener at Johnstown, Carlow in 1851; a gardener in Dublin in 1870 and 1881; he was living with his son Walter at 4 Lad Lane, Dublin when he died)
m. Ellen Sullivan May 6, 1840 (b. Ireland; James, a weaver) Llanasa, Flintshire, Wales
(Walter was a gardener at Talacre from at least May 1840 until June 1841 and shortly after they returned to Ireland)
1.  Elizabeth Bowles bp. June 12, 1842 St. Mary’s, Tipperary, co. Tipperary
(she was a witness at her brother Walter’s marriage in Dublin in 1870)
2.       Walter Bowles b. ~ 1846
(a plumber, lived in Dublin; at 18 East James St. in 1870; from 1872 to 1878 they moved around as they baptized children in four different counties during that period but they were back in Dublin after that; at 23 Cumberland Street South in March 1881, at 1 Lad Lane Lower Baggot St. in Dec. 1881, at 7 East James St. in 1883, at 4 Lad Lane in 1900, 1903 and 1905, at 24 Herbert Lane in 1909 and 1910)
m.(1)  Mary Anne Harris (b. ~ 1849 co. Wicklow; Richard) May 14, 1870 St. Stephen’s, Dublin
2.1   Richard Walter Bowles b. June 30, 1871 Dublin (died young)
2.2   Robert Walter Bowles b. 1872 d. 1876 (age 4) Letterkenny,  co. Donegal
(note: this could actually be Richard Walter Bowles and the registry clerk just got the first name wrong at his burial)
2.3   William James Bowles b. July 24, 1874 Strabane, co. Tyrone (civil registration)
(registered as  James Alexander Bowles in Camus, co. Tyrone parish register)
1911 Census
2.4   William Charles Bowles b. July 12, 1876 co. Donegal
d. 1904 (Mount Jerome Cemetery index)
2.5   Elizabeth Ellen Bowles b. July 3, 1878 co. Kerry
m. John William Thompson (Thomas) Jan. 16, 1900 St. Stephen’s, Dublin
2.6  Richard Walter Bowles b. Feb. 3, bp. Mar. 4, 1881 St. Mark’s, Dublin
d.  Jan-March 1882  (civil reg. Vol. 2, p. 677)
Mary Anne d. July 1881
(on July 9 an Esther Tracy, apparently unaware that the baby had already been baptized at St Marks, brought baby Richard to the St Andrews (Roman Catholic) Church stating that the father, Mr Bowles, was a Protestant and that the mother was Protestant and dying, the priest then baptized the child using the name Richard Joseph Andrew Bowles, the Joseph Andrew seems to have been the name that the priest gave to any child not accompanied by a parent as the previous entry shows; the rest of the note on the record is hard to read but appears to state 'child bringest to me by nurse who states the wife died of consumption')
m.(2)  Mary Anne Crampton (James) Dec. 7, 1881 St. Stephen’s, Dublin
2.7  Mary Emily Bowles b. May 2, bp. May 24, 1883 St. Stephen’s, Dublin  ref.
Mary d. 1902 (the Mount Jerome Cemetery index shows a Mary Bowles of 4 Lad lane was buried there in 1902)
m.(3)  Margaret Crampton (b. 1876; Mathias) Aug. 6, 1902 Dublin
2.8  Ernest Walter Bowles b. Oct. 13, bp. Nov. 19, 1903 St. Stephen’s, Dublin ref.
(served in the British Navy)
2.9  William Bowles b. betw. Oct - Dec, 1904 Dublin South (civil reg. vol. 2, p. 668)
(possibly d. at about age 8 per a descendant of this line)
2.10  Hannah Margaret Bowles b. Nov. 30, bp. Dec. 31, 1905 St. Stephen’s, Dublin ref.
2.11  Arthur Thomas Bowles b. Apr. 13, bp. May 23, 1909 St. Stephen’s, Dublin  ref.
Arthur d. betw. July - Sept. 1909 Dublin South (civil reg. vol. 2, p. 501) bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery
2.12  Florence Helen Bowles b. June 3, bp.  July 25, 1910 St. Stephen’s, Dublin  ref.
Walter d. betw. Oct & Dec. 1933 (age 87) Dublin
1901 Census
1911 Census
3.       James Bowles bp. July 13, 1851 Urglin parish, co. Carlow
Walter d. Jan. 8, 1885 (age 64 in death cert.) 4 Lad Lane, Dublin; bur. Mount Jerome cemetery
Civil Registration references to still be fit in:
Some Walter d. betw. July & Sept. 1902 (age 87) Dublin (so born 1815, same year as our Walter the gardener)
Walter David Bowles b. July-Sept. 1895  Croom  Vol. 5, page 167
(there are WW 1 service records in the National Archives (London) for a Walter David Bowles b. August 1895 who served in the Royal Navy; they are available online for only £3.50)
Anthony Walter Bowles m.  July-Sept. 1947 Dublin S. Vol. 2, p. 703

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