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William Bowles, Gardener at Seapark, co. Wicklow

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In December 1868 William Bowles, a gardener of 15 Wexford Street Dublin and the son of another William Bowles, also a gardener, was married at St Peters Dublin.  However by the time his first child was born in September 1869 he was a gardener at the Seapark estate in Wicklow.  See The Bowles of Dublin  Note: possibly William Sr was also a gardener at Seapark and/or William Jr worked at Seapark prior to his marriage but I haven't found any references for them prior to 1868.
Seapark, the residence of Robert Ellis, was an estate of 1200 acres near Magheramore co. Wicklow.  I only know that William Bowles Jr was a gardener at Seapark from the register of nearby Dunganstown church which recorded the baptism of five of his children between 1869 and 1877.  William Sr and his wife, Sidney, were also buried at Dunganstown church.
There was another Bowles gardener in Dublin when William lived there but I don't know yet if they were related.  See Walter Bowles, a Gardener of Tipperary, Wales, Carlow and Dublin

William Bowles' Family Tree

William Bowles b. ~ 1798 (a Gardener, lived at 15 Wexford Street in Dublin in 1868)

m. Sidney (b. ~ 1796) ca. 1820-40

1.  William Bowles b. ca. 1845 (of 15 Wexford Street in 1868 but of Seapark from 1869 to 1881)

m. Jane Baird (Charles) Dec. 21, 1868 St Peter, Dublin (of Garden Street, of Clanbrassil Street in 1868)

(William was a gardener at Seapark in his son William’s baptismal registry entry)

1.1  William Bowles b. Sept. 24, 1869 Seapark, co. Wicklow

bp. Dec. 12, 1869 Dunganstown, co. Wicklow

1.2   Margaret Anne Bowles b. Aug. 24, 1871 Seapark, co. Wicklow

bp. Sept. 8, 1871 Dunganstown, co. Wicklow

1.3   Sidney Elizabeth Bowles b. Sept. 23, 1873 Seapark, co. Wicklow

bp. Jan. 11, 1874 Dunganstown, co. Wicklow

1.4   James Bowles b. Aug. 23, 1875 Seapark, co. Wicklow

bp. Dec. 12, 1875 Dunganstown, co. Wicklow

1.5   Mary Jane Bowles b. Aug. 24, 1877 Seapark, co. Wicklow

bp. Sept. 11, 1877 Dunganstown, co. Wicklow


2.  Anne Bowles b. ?  m. Miles Mahon May 16, 1864 St Ann Dublin

(they lived 8 Frederick Lane, Dublin)

2.1  Robert Mahon b. June 7, 1864 Coolock, Drumcondra, Dublin


3.  Other children?


Sidney d. Nov. 15, 1868 Seapark (at age 72) bur. Nov. 17, 1868 Dunganstown, co. Wicklow

William d. 1875 Rathdrum, Wicklow (at age 77)

In the Civil Index there is also the following which would indicate there should be more references in this area:

Jane Grace Bowles b. ca. 1830, d. 1866 Rathdrum civil parish, Wicklow (at age 36)

Charles Bowles b. ca. 1891, a retired station master, married, d. July 12, 1959 (Coronary Thrombosis) (age 68) (lived with daughter who registered his death: Una Ethel Kirk of 8 Camadenry Road, Bray)

Frances Bowles b. 1880 d. 1940 (at age 60) Baltinglass reg. dist.
Thomas Bowles
m. (one of Sarah Tutty, Frances Keough (most likely), Mary Quinn or Sarah Crampton) July-Sept. 1911 Baltinglass reg. dist.
1.  Frances Bowles b. 1912 Baltinglass reg. dist.
2.  Thomas Bowles b. 1914 Baltinglass reg. dist.
m. Bridget Dunne Sept. 28, 1938 Dunlavin, Rathdrum, Wicklow
2.1  Thomas Bowles b. Apr-Jun 1939 Baltinglass reg. dist.
2.2  Andrew H. Bowles b. 1940 Baltinglass reg. dist.
2.3  Frances Bowles b. 1942 and d. 1942 both Baltinglass reg. dist.
2.4  William Joseph Bowles b. Jul-Sep 1946 and d. Apr-Jun 1947 both Baltinglass reg. dist.
3.  Margaret Mary Bowles b. 1916 Baltinglass reg. dist.
m. (one of John Lennon, John Joseph Slattery or Michael Kelly) 1944 Baltinglass reg. dist.
4.  Bridget Bowles b. 1918 d. 1919 both Baltinglass reg. dist.
5.  William Bowles b. Jan.-Mar. 1921 Baltinglass reg. dist.

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