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Hughe de Boeles of Rushall, co. Stafford

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A summary of the references that I have for Hugh de Boeles of Rushall, Staffordshire


Alice daughter and heiress of Robert de Rushall m. Hugh de Bowles

By a fine levied in 21 Henry III (1237), 2/3 of the mill at Ruissale acknowledged to be the right of Alice, wife of Hugh de Boules, and her heirs.

Hugh de Boeles held half a knight’s fee at Rushale (1242/43)

Assize Roll: Richard de la Petite Barre v. Alicia wife of Hugh de Boeles (1244)

William de Boweles held Russale by the service of 1/3 of a Knight’s fee (time of Edward I)

William de Boeles, Lord of Ruissale in 1289 (17 Edward I)

Robert, son of William de Boeles of Russhale 1291

William de Boeles, sen. at Rushall in 1293 (implies a William Jr.) with sons Robert and John (at Stafford Assize in 1293, all three committed to goal for unjustly ejecting a lawful tenement holder on his land)

William de Bowelys, Lord of Rushall 1309

William de Boeles, Lord of Russhale 1324

Grant of land at Walshale to William Boweles, jun. 1349

Nicholas de Boweles at Walshale 1367

Nicholas Bowellus at Walshale 1421 (near Mill of Russhale – see 1237 above)

Nicholas Bowels’ land in the fee of Ruschale extending from Walshale towards the mill of Ruyschale 1444



I'm pretty sure that is the same person as in these Hugh de Boeles/Hugh de Bueles references

(which are just missing a reference to Rushall but are otherwise consistent)


(Bueles) of Staffordshire in 1240

In Wales 1241

In France Dec. 1241

In list of Knights of the King’s Household being paid for 36 years of service 1252 (so he was a knight from 1216 to 1252 at that point)

Hugh going with King to Gascony Sept 1253

Exemption from public service for life (Boelis) 1256 and (Bueles) 1257

(Bueles) and wife Alice in Staffordshire 1262

(Boeles) at Staffordshire in 1266

(Bueles) and wife Alice in Staffordshire 1268

(Boeles) Alice widow of Hugh in Staffordshire in 1269 and Rushale specifically in 1272


Still to come 18 more pages on the Boeles of Rushall (note to self: De Boeles Line document)


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