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The Bowles of Myddelton House Family Tree
See also The Bowles of Myddelton House for more information on this family.

Thomas Bowles b. ca. , a print publisher in London 1691   (See The Bowles Families of London: Printers and Publishers)
 m. Anne (possibly Anne Blackwell Feb. 14, 1681 London but not confirmed)
(first known publication was a broadside dated 1683)

1.  Hacchman/Hachman? (or Harrhman)     Bowles b. & bp. Mar. 1, 1682/83 & bur. July 28, 1686 St Gregory by St Paul
(there was a Hackman family in this parish but I don't know of any connection)

2.  Rebecca Bowles b. & bp. Oct. 12, 1685 & bur. Nov. 1, 1685 St Gregory by St Paul, London

3.  Elizabeth Bowles b. & bp. Oct. 17, 1686 St Gregory by St Paul, London
m. Samuel Okye of St Mary Hill parish Nov. 18, 1704 St Gregory by St Paul (an Anabaptist per their son’s baptismal record)


(a Samuel Okey, son of Thomas Okey of St Buttolphe Aldgate parish, Apothecary, was apprenticed to Henry Clerke, hatbandmaker, for a term of 7 years from April 4, 1692)

3.1 Samuel Okye b. ~ Dec. 1706, bp. Feb. 20, 1706/07 St Gregory by St Paul (at 11 weeks old) d. 1711 

3.2  Samuel Okey b.aft. 1711

(in 1736 he gave his occupation as ‘mariner’; later he became a hatbandmaker like his father, he was admitted to the Company of Hatbandmakers and granted Freedom of the City on Apr. 3, 1744; his application for admission to the company was signed by Thomas Bowles, Joyner) (thumb of doc goes here)

m. Mary Atterbury Aug. 18, 1736 Collegiate Church of St Katherine by the Tower


3.2.1  Samuel Okey Jr. bp. Feb. 24, 1738/39 St Stephen Coleman Street, London (died young)

3.2.2  Samuel Okey Jr. bp. Apr. 17, 1741 St Stephen Coleman Street, London (died young)

3.2.3  Samuel Okey Jr. b. Feb. 21, bp. Mar. 12, 1742/43 St Margaret Lothbury, London

3.2.4  Thomas Okey b. Oct. 6, bp. Oct. 25, 1744 St Margaret Lothbury, London
3.2.5  John Okey b. July 24, bp. Aug. 9, 1747 St Dunstan in the West
Samuel Okey Sr. d. Dec. 1767 (Will dated 1767 without a specific date or witnesses but Henry Atterbury, Gent swore to it to be genuine on Dec. 7, 1768; Will proved at London on Dec. 12, 1768)
(a Thomas Okey, son of Samuel Okey of Fleet Street, printseller (so his father was possibly working for Thomas Bowles in 1759) was apprenticed to Thomas Field, Stationer, for a term of 7 years from June 12, 1759)
(a Samuel Okey Jr. is described in the Dictionary of National Biography as a mezzotint engraver in London (1765-1780) who produced a few fair engravings; in 1773 Okey and a Mr Reaks also appeared as ‘print sellers and stationers on the Parade, Newport, Rhode Island’)
A Samuel Okey from Long Alley was bur. July 7, 1711 at Bun Hill (a burial ground largely used by dissenters, St Leonard Shoreditch parish

4.  Thomas (II) Bowles b. Dec. 9, bp. Dec. 23, 1688 St Gregory by St Paul, London (ancestry.com; Baptisms,Marriages & Burials, 1538-1812)

Operated a publishing company in St. Paul’s Churchyard, London (1712-63)

m. Bethia Stevens ~ 1711

4.1  Thomas (III) Bowles b. ~ 1712

Worked as a designer and engraver with his father.

m. Margaret

(she inherited Thomas II’s house in Stoke Newington in 1767 for one year after which it went to his daughter Bethia Squires who also inherited the remainder of his estate; possibly Margaret was living with him (Thomas II) after Thomas III predeceased his father and she was just given the one year to move out)

almost certainly no children

(there’s no mention of any children of Thomas (III) and Margaret in Thomas II’s Will and any male heir of theirs would have had first rights to the estate over Bethia.  Thomas II would certainly have mentioned such an heir in his Will if he had existed and probate would not have been granted so quickly if such an heir existed and wasn’t mentioned in the Will)

Thomas d. Dec. 23, 1762 bur. St Gregory by St Paul, London (ref. The Public Advertiser Dec. 27, 1762) ref. (predeceased his father)

Margaret m.(2) William Roberts of Cornhill, widower Feb. 11, 1773 St Michael, Cornhill (witness: John Bowles)

4.2  Bethia Bowles b. May 24, bp. June 12, 1726 St Gregory by St Paul, London

m. Mr. Squire

4.2.1  William Squire

4.2.2  Thomas Squire

Thomas (II) d. Apr. 8, 1767 Stoke Newington bur. Apr. 15, 1767 St Gregory by St Paul, London

(Will dated Jan. 31, 1766; proven in London May 15, 1767 by his brother John Bowles; Thomas (II)’s line ends here with no male heirs)


5.  Dorothy Bowles b. Apr. 3, bp. Apr. 8, 1692 St Gregory by St Paul, London

6.  John Bowles b. & bp. Apr. 29, 1694 St Gregory by St Paul, London (must have died young)

7.  Sarah Bowles b. Nov. 3, bp. Nov. 17, 1695 & bur. Dec. 1, 1695 St Gregory by St Paul, London

8.  Sarah Bowles b. Dec. 8,  bp. Dec. 16, 1696 & bur. Dec. 20, 1696 St Gregory by St Paul, London

9.  Baron Bowles b. Sept. 3, bp. Sept. 16, 1698 St Gregory by St Paul, London

         (Bernard Baron was one of the artist/engravers that worked with Thomas II and with John Bowles)

10. Henry Bowles b. May 17, bp. May 26, 1700 St Gregory by St Paul, London

Henry bur. Mar. 3, 1700/01 St Gregory by St Paul, London 

11. John Bowles (I) b. Apr. 22, bp. May 9, 1702 St Gregory by St Paul, London

(of St Gregory parish in 1722)

Operated a publishing business at Mercer’s Hall, Cheapside (1725-33) and Cornhill (1734-1779); with his son Carington from 1754-1764

m.(1) Mary Carington (Henry of Charles Square, St Leonard Shoreditch) of St Stephen Coleman Street Aug. 7, 1722 St John at Hackney, Middlesex 



11.1  Carington Bowles b. Apr. 1, 1724 Cornhill

(Started his publishing business at Cornhill (1754-64), took over his Uncle Thomas’ business at #69 St. Paul's Churchyard (1764-1793) with son, Henry Carington)

 (he inherited the bulk of his grandfather Henry Carrington’s estate in 1757)

m. Anne Field (b. ~ 1725 (73 at death in 1798); Joseph) Apr. 8, 1752 Hitchin St. Mary Parish (ref. Parish Register)

(a marriage agreement by Henry Carrington for his grandson Carrington Bowles son of John Bowles marriage to Anne Field dated Mar. 26, 1752 is referred to in Henry Carington’s Will)

11.1.1  Mary Bowles bp. Jan. 16, 1753 Aldermanbury Postern, London

(probably the Mrs Mary Bowles of Paternoster Row bur. Jan. 14, 1775 Bunhill Field's Burial Ground; it was the custom at that time to register the burials of unmarried woman as Mrs)

11.1.2  Henry Carington Bowles b. Aug. 31, 1763

Carried on publishing business as Bowles & Carver (1793-1830)

m. Anne Garnault  Feb. 27, 1799 St. George the Martyr, Queen’s Square, Holborn (ref: Times Mar. 1, 1799 and parish reg.)

(member of wealthy Huguenot family connected to the New River Company)

(she inherited Bowling Green House from brother Daniel in 1809; they tore it down and built Myddelton House, Waltham Cross, Hertford in 1818)  Anne Sarah Carington Bowles b. Jan. 17, bp. Feb. 13, 1800 St Gregory by St Paul, London

m. Edward Treacher (b. Feb. 1792; John Treacher, Elizabeth Sharpe)

Aug. 2, 1823 Church of St. Mary Magdalen & St. Gregory  (ref: Times Aug. 4, 1823)  Garnault Bowles Treacher b. ~ Dec. 1825 d. June 3, 1828  (age 2 yr. 6 mos.)  Henry Carington Treacher b. June 30, 1830

(assumed name Henry Carington Bowles Bowles in order to inherit Myddelton House; was JP co. of Middlesex and Governor of the New River Company)

m. Cornelia Kingdom (b. ~ 1830 Ireland; George Kingdom) Sept. 1856 Stroud, Glos.  Henry Carington Bowles b. 1857 bp. Dec. 11, 1857 Enfield Jesus Chapel  (add) (died young?)  Henry Ferryman Bowles  b. Dec. 19, 1858 Enfield bp. Feb. 8, 1859 Enfield Jesus Chapel

(JP for co. Middlesex and MP for Enfield, Middlesex 1889-1905, 1918-22; Major of 7th Batt. Rifle Brigade)

 m. Florence “Dolly” Broughton  Mar. 1889

(Gained the title of 1st Baronet Bowles of Forty Hall, Enfield)  Wilma Mary Garnault Bowles

m. Eustace Parker (b. July 5, 1884; Rev. Algernon Parker, Emma Kenyon)  June 11, 1913

(assumed the additional surname Bowles by Royal License Aug. 14, 1920)  Derek Henry Parker-Bowles

b. Dec. 18, 1915

m. Ann de Trafford (b. July 14, 1918) Feb. 14, 1939 Andrew Henry Parker-Bowles

b. Dec. 27, 1939

m. Camilla Rosemary Shand

(b. July 17, 1947 London; Bruce Shand, Rosalind Cubitt)

 July 4,1973 Guard’s Chapel, London

Andrew Henry div. Camilla 1995

Camilla m.(2)  Prince Charles

Derek d. Feb. 4, 1977

Ann d. 1987  Daphne Wilma Kenyon Parker-Bowles

b. Dec. 4, 1917

m.(1)  Mr. Poole

m.(2)  Algernon George William Heber-Percy


Wilma d. Oct. 10, 1928

Eustace d. Nov. 15, 1952

Henry Ferryman Bowles d. Oct. 14, 1943  John Treacher b. 1860

d. 1887 (tuberculosis)   Edward Augustus “Gussie” Bowles b. May 14, 1865 Enfield

(inherited Myddelton House in 1918; He was a member of the Royal Horticultural Society Council and has been described as 'the greatest amateur gardener of this country, and the most distinguished botanist and horticulturist serving the Royal Horticultural Society')

Gussie d. May 7, 1954 Enfield  Medora (Dora) Bowles b. 1868 Enfield

d. 1887 (tuberculosis)


Henry Carington (III) d. Feb. 1, 1918

                    Mary Ann Francisca Treacher  Ellen Treacher


Edward d. 1863  Henry Carington (II) Bowles b. Feb. 25, bp. Mar. 25, 1801 St Gregory by St Paul, London

Inherited from his father in 1830 but he had no children so the estate passed to his nephew Henry Carrington Treacher who adopted the name Henry Carrington Bowles Bowles in order to inherit the estate which was entailed to the male Bowles line.

Henry Carrington (II) d. 1852  Jane Mary Bowles b. July 8, bp. Aug. 3, 1802 St Gregory by St Paul, London

m. Reeves Esq. of Danemore Park, Speldhurst, Kent (William-John, Anne)  Francisca Bowles b.
m. Henry Treacher (b. Feb. 19, 1804; John Treacher, Elizabeth Sharpe) July 15, 1829 Enfield  John (III) b. July 11, bp. July 22, 1808 St Gregory by St Paul, London

John (III) d. May 25, 1853 Heron-gate, Brentwood  Garnault Bowles b. Feb. 11, bp. Mar. 12, 1812 St Gregory by St Paul, London

Garnault d. July 4, 1819 Bull's Cross, Enfield (The Gentleman's Magazine, and Historical Chronicle, for 1819)

Henry Carington Bowles d. June 30, 1830, bur. July 12, 1830 Hertford All Saints, Hertfordshire

 Will proven at London Aug. 20, 1830*  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6


Carington Bowles d. June 20, 1793 Kensington Gore bur. June 27, 1793  Bunhill Fields Burial Grounds (non-conformist)

Anne d. May 15, 1798 Kensington Gore (ref: The Times May 17, 1798) bur. May 22, 1798 Bunhill Fields (Carrington and Anne are listed as ‘nonconformists’


11.2  Mary b. spring 1723 or betw. 1725 and 1730 (living in 1779)
m. Sir Richard Frome Oct. 19, 1743 Mercers Hall Chapel, Cheapside non-parochial, London
(marriage settlement for Henry Carington’s grand-daughter Mary Bowles daughter of John Bowles to Richard Frome  dated Oct. 18, 1743 is referred to in Henry Carington’s Will in 1757)


11.2.1  John Frome b. Aug. 27, bp. Sept. 23, 1744 Aldermanbury Postern, London (living in 1757, mentioned in Henry Carrington’s Will that year)

11.2.2  Henry Frome b. Nov. 22, bp. Dec. 22, 1745 Aldermanbury Postern, London (living in 1757, as above)

11.2.3  Richard Frome bp. Feb. 8, 1747 Aldermanbury Postern, London (not mentioned in 1757)

11.2.4  Mary Frome b. Mar. 4, bp. Mar. 17, 1748 Aldermanbury Postern, London

11.2.5  Carington Frome bp. Aug. 31, 1752 Aldermanbury Postern, London (living in 1757, as above)

m. Anne (per Aunt Margaret Eade’s Will)

11.2.6  George Frome George Frome bp. Oct. 10, 1756 Aldermanbury Postern, London (living in 1757, as above)



Mary Carington Bowles d. ca. 1730 (almost certainly  the Mary Bowles bur. June 28, 1730 St Gregory by St Paul's)

(John Bowles and Mary Carrington, married in 1722, had the one child Carrington in 1724 and a daughter Mary.  Mary Carrington's father, the original Henry Carrington, does not mention her in his Will in 1757 but he does refer to a marriage settlement he made in 1743 for his granddaughter Mary and describes her as the daughter of John Bowles.  There is a large gap between John's son Carrington born in 1724 and his next two children who were born in 1751 and 1753.  All four are verified to be John's children by the detail given in his Will and the baptismal entries for all 4 give their parent's names as John and Mary.)

For these references see Henry Carrington's Will of 1757

There is quite the mystery at this point.  There was a Thomas Bowles from a wealthy Bowles line who settled in Frederic county, Maryland, USA and raised a family which would become very influential over the upcoming generations.  The most colorful and historically significant would be Chief William Augustus Bowles of the Creeks and Cherokees.  Almost contemporary sources ('The Authentic memoirs of William Augustus Bowles, esquire, ambassador from the united nations of Creeks and Cherokees, to the court of London', Benjamin Baynton, London, 1791  and 'Public Characters 1801/02, William Augustus Bowles', London 1802; transcribed by The Works Progress Administration for the State of Florida, 1930) state him to be the son of Thomas Bowles of Maryland and that Thomas was the son of the famous London printer John Bowles and his wife Mary Carington.  Certainly the name Carington appears in the Maryland Bowles line and there is no reason to doubt that connection except that there is no substantiating reference yet found for such a child having been born to John Bowles.

Please see The Thomas Carrington Bowles of Maryland Mystery for some speculation on Thomas' origin and for a further account of the amazing Chief Bowles.

John m.(2) Mary Field of Hitchin, Herts. Aug. 27, 1745 St Michael Bassishaw, London 

(the register has her name as Married Field which must be a typo as their Marriage license was issued 'by the Faculty Office' on Aug. 26, 1745 to John Bowles and Mary Field; note: John’s son Carrington Bowles married Anne Field of Hitchen, co. Hartford in 1752 )


11.3  Mary b. May 23, 1748 Stepney, Bull Lane (Independent) Church (living in 1779)



11.4  Margaret bp. Sept. 23, 1751 Stepney, Bull Lane (Independent) Church

m. Jonathan Eade June 6, 1770 St Michael Cornhill, London

(a minor in marriage record; both living in 1779)

11.4.1  Jane Eade m. Joseph Scales (widow in 1824)

11.4.2  Eliza Eade m. Edward Vaux

11.4.3  Harriet Eade m. John Shaw

11.4.4  Alice Eade m. Ponsonby Shaw

11.4.5  Joseph Eade b. ~ 1788 d. 1828 bur. Dec. 20, 1828 St Mary Stoke Newington

11.4.6  William Eade

11.4.7  Jonathan Bowles Eade bp. Apr. 21, 1772   

d. betw. 1811 and 1824 (in father’s but not mentioned in mother’s Will)

11.3.8  Mary Anne Eade m. Pett  Samuel Pett  Francis Pett

11.4.9  Margaret Eade m. John Bond Dec. 29, 1796 St Mary Stoke Newington

(Predeceased her mother)

11.4.10  Sophia Eade m. James Hilton Dec. 11, 1812 St Mary Stoke Newington

(Predeceased her mother)

Jonathan d. 1811 bur. Oct. 3, 1811 St Mary, Stoke Newington (Will dated Apr. 28, 1807; proven Oct. 3, 1811)

Margaret d. 1824 bur. Jan. 23, 1824 St Mary, Stoke Newington (Will dated June 4, 1823; proven Jan. 28, 1824)

11.5  John (II) Bowles bp. Oct. 2, 1753 (66 in 1819) Bull Lane (Independent), Stepney, London


(He apparently was not a businessman and lost his portion of the family's fortune.  When his father died in 1779, his considerable fortune was divided between his children but John's was to be paid in small allowances to avoid: "his submitting again to be gulled preyed upon and exhausted by those Monsters in imposture cruelty and wickedness who have already drained him of an handsome ffortune and regardless of the Misery and ruin they bring upon him are ready to assail him entising with diabolic artifice and to bubble him out of any bequest I might bestow." (Will, probate 11/1056/335) He is not mentioned in grandfather Henry Carrington Will of 1756 which refers to very generous marriage settlements that he made to his elder brother Carrington Bowles and their sister Mary Bowles; his younger sister Margaret Bowles is not mentioned either. While perhaps not a businessman, he was a noted political author. (see accompanying bio)  In 1811 he was one of a group of High Church Tories called the “Hackney Phalanx” who planned and formed the National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church.)


m. Jane Foskett (bp. June 7, 1765 Old Jewry Presbyterian, London; Joseph, Jane Moore) Aug. 14, 1787 St Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex ref.

John (II) d. Oct. 30, 1819 bur. Abbey Church, Bath

(Will dated May 13, 1817 with codicils May 29, 1817 and Sept. 17, 1817; his Will was not witnessed but acquaintances and his brother-in-law came forward to examine the Will and to attest to its authenticity; probate in London on Dec. 4, 1819)

Jane d. 1843 Blackheath, Kent bur. Abbey Church, Bath with her husband

(Will dated June 29, 1842; proved at London Apr. 28, 1843; has bequests to her Foskett nieces and to her 4 nieces, daughters of her late husband’s sister Margaret Eade; does not mention any children of her husband’s or the children of Carrington Bowles or Mary Frome)


  (Jane lived at Dacre Park, Lee near Blackheath, Kent after her husband died; the memorial to John Bowles in the Bath Abbey Church displays the joint arms of the Bowles and Fosketts)



Mary predeceased John

John d. 1779 bur. Aug. 9, 1779 St John the Baptist, Clerkenwell (Will dated June 3, 1779; proven Aug. 16, 1779)



Thomas d. 1720 bur. May 17, 1720

"a citizen and joiner of St Gregory by Paul's" and "haveing left off trade and being out of business for some time before his death’" (inventory, CLRO, common serjeant's book 6, box 47, fol. 57b)

A Thomas and Anne Bowles w. son Thomas and daug. Elizabeth are in the 1695 Index of London Inhabitants


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