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The Bolles of Haugh Pedigrees

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Here are the Bolle of Haugh pedigrees that were published based on the findings of the Heralds Visitations of Lincolnshire in 1563-64, 1592 and 1634.  Note that these published pedigrees were not actually drawn up by the Heralds.  These were drawn up by the authors of the various volumes using information from the Herald’s reports on the families’ ancestries.  These authors added currently (i.e. early 1900’s) ‘known’ details about the families which were never in the Herald’s reports so the claims in the pedigrees have to be viewed with caution.  

The Bolle Pedigree as Published in 1881

The following pages were published in The Visitation of the County of Lincolnshire in 1563-1564, edited by Walter C. Metcalfe, F.S.A, London, 1881

Note: The Visitation of 1563 contains two completely seperate Bolle genealogies.  The second is still the basic one used ever since and is well supported by references in patent rolls, close rolls, common pleas, wills, inventories and probates and much of it can be cross-referenced with other family genealogies.  However, the Bolles pedigree No. 1 seems to have been totally fabricated.  None of the marriages in it can be supported by any source references that I could find and cannot be matched with the histories of any of the families mentioned.  It ends with a completely innacurate statement of the origin of Richard Bolles of Haugh who is correctly documented in the second pedigree.  It's interesting that the second pedigree is the only one that appears in the later (1903) edition of the Herald's Visitation.

The Heralds Visitations also included many pedigrees of other Lincolnshire families who had inter-married with the Bolles.  See Other Pedigrees With Bolles Connections in the Herald's Visitations of Lincolnshire

The Addition of the Gosberton Branch Published in 1882

The following pedigree was published in The Visitation of the County of Lincoln 1592, edited by Walter C. Metcalfe, F.S.A, London, 1882:

p. 11

The Bolle Pedigree as Published in 1903


From Lincolnshire Pedigrees, edited by The Rev. Canon A. R. Maddison, London 1903; Volume 1.


Note: this pedigree has a detail added since the 1882 edition stating that the William that died in 1326/27 was the Escheator of Lincolnshire.  However the correct William Bowles, who was Escheator of Lincolnshire from 1388 to 1404, was of Wellingore and it's not known yet whether or not he fits into the Swineshead/Haugh line at all yet.

With an addition in Maddison’s Volume IV, Supplementary


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